Qyral co-founder Hanieh Sigari’s new MLM company Ellie MD has had its business operations halted by court order.

Following Ellie MD’s launch last month, on June 7th Qyral co-founder and Sigari’s estranged husband, Dariusz Banasik, filed for a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO).

In his TRO motion, Banasik (right) argued Sigari launched Ellie MD “to destroy the limited liability company she and Defendant jointly created.”

Her conduct is nothing less than a massive breach of her fiduciary responsibilities to Defendant and Qyral’s creditors, and, absent issuance of a TRO, her actions will unquestionably cause irreparable harm to Qyral.

The court granted Banasik’s motion the same day it was filed. As per the TRO, Ellie MD is prohibited from (quoted verbatim)

  • marketing and selling the same products marketed and sold by Qyral, including Compounded Semaglutide and Tirzepitide weight loss products;
  • communicating with and/or soliciting Qyral consultants to perform consulting services for Ellie MD; and
  • communicating with and/or soliciting Qyral vendors to perform services for Ellie MD

Sigari has also been ordered to account for funds she allegedly transferred out of Qyral’s account after the appointment of a Receiver, and “refrain from using, sharing or selling” Qyral IP.

After the TRO was granted and later still on June 7th, Sigari filed a motion seeking dissolution of the TRO.

In her motion, Sigari claimed;

The Temporary Restraining Order immediately threatens the livelihood of a substantial portion of the 1,300 consultants who currently depend on EllieMD, LLC (“Ellie MD”) for their livelihood, thereby preventing them from earning a living and supporting their families.

To the extent that any of these consultants left Qyral LLC (“Qyral”) for Ellie MD, the reason is obvious. Defendant Darius Banasik (“Defendant”) destroyed Qyral through illegal acts for which he is currently enjoined and on trial for contempt, ignoring the Court’s orders forcing Qyral’s Receiver to advise both Ms. Sigari and Defendant that he was shutting down the Company.

Ms. Sigari has not received one paycheck from the Receiver and Qyral has not paid her for weeks.

To now grant a TRO stopping Ms. Sigari from going to work at a new company where she and approximately 1,300 consultants can make a living (one they cannot from Qyral, which has not paid its employees and consultants for weeks) is to reward Defendant for his inequitable behavior.

Sigari goes on to argue that Qyral and Ellie MD are “not competing businesses”. This is based on Ellie MD “primarily offer[ing] products and services that are not available on Qyral”.

Further, Ellie MD secured agreements with consultants and vendors without interfering with Qyral’s business, and such consultants and vendors are free to do business where they so choose.  And no Qyral intellectual property or resources were used in the creation or ongoing operation of Ellie MD.

The outcome of a scheduled June 12th Status Conference between the parties remains pending.