After news of Qyral founder Hanieh Sigari’s lawsuit against husband Dariusz Banasik broke, Banasik, through the “Qyral Corporate” account, sent out a “legal update” email.

The update provides insight into Sigari’s alleged fiduciary breaches, which Banasik accused her of on March 22nd.

While we intend to keep the initial investigation confidential, please be aware that certain aspects might become public at some point, depending on their legal ramifications.

This includes instances of Qyral leadership inappropriately administering Qyral Rx grade products (e.g. Semaglutide/Tirzepatide) to consultants or customers in public settings (with other consultants/customers present), which constitutes practicing medicine without a license and jeopardizes the well-being of those involved.

As you can imagine, this jeopardizes the health and safety of not only those involved, but also the company and all of your livelihoods.

Other alleged instances may include Qyral leadership enlisting potential consultants to create Qyral Consultant accounts and “share the commissions” with Qyral Leaders.

Effectively using consultant accounts to personally pay Qyral Leaders outside of the bounds of the company.

Qyral leaders creating dummy consultant accounts to pay themselves through is news to me. It perhaps explains Banasik naming Hanzel Corella, Elisa Kurzban, Brittany Buckley and Maureen LeBau, when he removed Sigari from the company.

As for the “injection marketing”; while I can’t question the legality, I can’t help but feel this would have been quietly dealt with had Sigari and Banasik not been in the middle of a messy divorce.

That brings us to emails that have been widely circulated among Qyral consultants.

I want to make it clear that BehindMLM isn’t following Sigari’s and Banasik’s divorce. Typically that would fall well outside the scope of our reporting.

Here however we have questionable motive for Sigari’s termination, a federal lawsuit that cites the divorce, and emails between effected parties discussing the divorce that are by now in the public domain.

The email exchange is between Dariusz Banasik (right) and Suzanne Lehman.

I don’t know who of the two decided to “leak” the emails but I’ve had multiple people contact me about them (I was able to rule out these all coming from the same person).

The first email is from Suzanne Lehman and dated December 17th, 2023. In the email Lehman discloses to Banasik an alleged affair between Sigari and Suzanne’s husband, Steve Lehman.

For context, Steve Lehman (right) is in his 70s and has been married to Suzanne for 42 years. I don’t know how old Sigari is but Suzanne states she is her daughter’s age.

Note I’m not going to quote the entire email out of respect of privacy.

Hi Darius,

My name is Suzie Lehman and I am Steve Lehman’s wife. I just found out he and your soon to be ex wife have been having an affair.

I am devastated. We have been together 42 years since I was 18 and she is my daughter’s age.

I guess I am reaching out, because I feel so betrayed and it’s my way of getting a little bit of justice.

I have told Steve that we are over, but he also needs to be totally done with your company.

Since these emails started circulated Steve Lehman appears to have disappeared off social media. I don’t know his role within Qyral.

Banasik replied to Suzanne Lehman’s email twenty hours later she sent it (again, not the full email).

Hi Suzie,

I received your email this morning and didn’t actually think it was real. As I reread it multiple times during the day it continued to weight [sic] my heart with a sorrow that I’ve never felt before.

I initially thought that today would be enough time for me to formulate my thoughts and share them, but it it’s not.

I am utterly crushed and distraught beyond belief at what is happening, and am still at a point of disbelief.

I find myself with 3 and 5 year old boys that are my life, and a wife that has now tallied 4 confirmed overlapping affairs in 5 years and possibly 2 more I cannot confirm.

What follows in the exchange are emails discussing family histories and piecing together at least one instance of Sigari and Lehman hooking up (at least as far as corroborating dates go).

To say things are messy as far as the future of Qyral goes is an understatement. Having personally researched Qyral, I can attest to Hanieh Sigari being the face of the company (although as noted, Qyral did a poor job of presenting her on its website).

Banasik appears to be an unknown throughout the field, likely leading to him not wanting to step into Sigari’s shoes. As per email communications I’ve seen, Banasik wants Qyral consultant leaders to be the face of the company.

The problem I’m seeing is your wife having an affair probably isn’t grounds to terminate her. As far as Sigari’s lawsuit goes, I can’t speak on the requested ex-parte injunction but I think the case itself will come down to:

  • when the alleged “alleged fiduciary breaches” took place;
  • when Banasik found out about them; and
  • when he acted on them

If Sigari’s and Banasik’s divorce proceedings muddy up that timeline, things could get even messier.

Personally I don’t know what the company culture is like inside Qyral (consultants have been strangely quiet), but from the sidelines it’s certainly an interesting case to follow.

Whether Qyral survives the next few months and what it looks like as a company remains to be seen.