The latest chapter in the ongoing Qyral saga is the granting of a Temporary Restraining Order against Dariusz Banasik.

Hanieh Sigari filed for an ex-parte TRO against her husband earlier in the week, after he ousted her from Qyral on March 22nd.

Sigari was granted her requested TRO by court order on March 26th.

On March 29th, Sigari filed an ex-parte application accusing Banasik (right) of contempt.

In her application, Sigari accuses Banasik of violating the terms of the granted TRO.

This Court filed a Temporary Restraining Order on March 26, 2024 requiring Banasik to immediately restore Sigari control of the various accounts with service providers such as Google, Shopify, and others; and requiring Banasik to account for and return the stolen funds, and not take any further money.

Banasik has had actual notice of the order since at least March 27, 2024 at 2:26 p.m., when Sigari’s  counsel emailed Defendant a courtesy copy of what was served.

Banasik flouted the authority of this Court and continued disrupting business operations and siphoning money– he even unlawfully borrowed $200,000 against the Shopify earnings in what appears to be a cash-out effort using the company’s credit.

In an exhibit filing, Sigari provides what appears to be an account statement from Shopify showing a $200,000 withdrawal Banasik allegedly initiated in her name (click to enlarge):

This matter was reported to the FBI and local police, neither of whom have done anything so far.

Despite actual notice of the T.R.O., Banasik has not restored any accounts or the company I.T. assets to Sigari’s rightful control.

Banasik has started making unusually large purchases on his and Sigari’s joint American Express card, which Sigari has had to cancel in order to protect herself.

Examples of his transactions at American Express include numerous restaurants and stores, as well as Amazon Marketplace orders.

Banasik continues to send emails and sow discord within Qyral, prompting several “legal update” emails from other staff who are trying not to get in the middle of this dispute.

Contrary to the T.R.O., Banasik has not accounted for or returned any funds.

Sigari claims she’s also filed a for a Domestic Violence Temporary Restraining Order in ongoing divorce proceedings, related to the same alleged conduct.

Another interesting tidbit from Sigari’s application filing is the assertion that Banasik begun planning his hostile takeover last November.

Banasik appears to have had this scheme in the planning stages since approximately November 2023, when he hired a law firm to prepare over $36,000 of legal documents for him at company expense and sent the bill to Qyral.

As for Qyral itself, an internal email exhibit dated March 28th reveals Qyral staff are unable to process

  • resignation requests
  • account management
  • commission questions
  • commission payments and
  • requests for consultant support

A Show Cause hearing has been scheduled for April 4th. That same day a Status Conference on Sigari’s requested preliminary injunction will also be heard.


Update 5th April 2024 – Hanieh Sigari filed an Amended Complaint on April 3rd. The Amended Complaint essentially incorporates allegations made in Sigari’s contempt application.

Following a Status Conference held on April 4th, the court continued the contempt matter to May 23rd.

The previously granted TRO remains in place, with the court specifying it expects “compliance therewith”.


Update 11th April 2024 – An application to modify the TRO, filed by Sigari, has led to a request for the appointment of a Qyral Receiver.