Two months after initiating legal proceedings to take back Qyral from husband Darius Banasik, Hanieh Sigari has abandoned the company.

In an email sent out to Qyral distributors on May 24th, Sigari advised she had

made the difficult decision to step aside and resign from all of my roles in management for Qyral, including, but not limited to CEO and Manager effective Friday, May 24, 2024 at 5PM PST.

Sigari abandoning Qyral coincides with the pending launch of Ellie MD.

Sigari and Banasik co-founded Qyral in 2019. Amid allegations of infidelity, Sigari’s and Banasik’s marriage appears to have broken down sometime last year.

Things further escalated when Banasik removed Sigari as Qyral CEO in March 2024. At the time Banasik alleged Sigari had engaged in fiduciary breaches.

This prompted a lawsuit from Sigari. A Qyral Receiver was appointed in April. The outcome of Sigari’s lawsuit remains pending.

A second hearing on Sigari’s requested preliminary injunction and contempt motion against Banasik (right) is scheduled for June 12th.

Getting back to Sigari’s May 24th email;

This decision did not come easily. After deep consideration, prayer and reflection I believe it is the right and only realistic course of action.

Qyral was built over five years with all my love, care, drive and dedication. I started this company with a vision.

A clear vision to help people age well, live well, and inspire others through a unique, personalized platform incorporating telehealth and pharmaceutical/ non-pharmaceutical products.

We sought to bring a fresh perspective to the network marketing space, grounded in trust and a commitment to supporting women’s causes through our giveback program and philanthropy.

This was created to truly make an impact personally and professionally on those who shared my vision.

Trust, commitment, ethical behaviors and integrity are just a few of my core beliefs. Recent events have deeply challenged the core values upon which Qyral was founded.

The irreparable damage done to our Qyral brand by a few is extremely painful. My heart has been crushed by the terrible financial and emotional pain it has inflicted on our consultants.

Over the past few weeks, I have poured my heart and soul into rectifying these wrongs, mending broken relationships with vendors and customers, fixing website damage, fulfilling orders, supporting our staff, and searching tirelessly for a way to move forward without continuing to disrupt the lives of our consultants and their families.

Sometimes victoriously and other times to no avail. My daily responsibilities have shifted from creating new, innovative solutions to merely addressing the fallout from these recent challenges and it has reached the point, for a variety of reasons, that my remaining at Qyral is no longer sustainable.

What isn’t mentioned in Sigari’s email is Ellie MD.

Ellie MD operates from the website domain “”, privately registered on April 26th, 2024.

As far as I can tell, Ellie MD is set up as a clone of Qyral.

Products offered by Ellie MD will include weight management, prescribed by “nationally licensed board certified physicians” after applicants complete a quiz.

“HortonRX” might have been Ellie MD’s originally planned company name;

At HortonRX, we unite as a vibrant community of women entrepreneurs dedicated to mutual support and empowerment.

Rooted in the diverse experiences of our founder, Hanieh, who brings both nursing home expertise and a background in biochemistry, our mission is clear: to champion longevity and enhance the quality of life of women the world over.

Sigari is cited as CEO of Ellie MD on its website;

This coincides with Sigari appearing in offsite Ellie MD marketing material, which I believe is being directed at Qyral distributors.

Details of Ellie MD’s MLM opportunity aren’t public but I can confirm there is an attached “consultant” opportunity:

Given everything else about Ellie MD mirror Qyral, I can’t imagine its MLM compensation plan will be all that different too.

Needless to say Sigari ditching Qyral to go off and launch Ellie MD puts a big question mark on Qyral legal proceedings. Notwithstanding the appointment of a Receiver, also the future of Qyral itself.

Pending further updates, we’ll keep you posted.


Update 28th May 2024 – Qyral distributors are being onboarded into Ellie MD for $1. Because of this, Ellie MD isn’t paying “Fast Start” bonuses on recruitment.

Ellie MD is supposed to launch on Wednesday May 29th but this is subject to change.


Update 8th June 2024 – Ellie MD’s business operations have been halted as per a granted June 7th Qyral TRO.