At a June 12th hearing held after Qyral secured an ex-parte Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) against Ellie MD, the parties have agreed on new terms.

The new terms, part of a yet to be confirmed superseding TRO, allow Ellie MD to recommence business operations and compete against Qyral.

As per the new agreed on TRO terms;

  1. Qyral consultants will be free to choose between Qyral or Ellie MD;
  2. neither Qyral or Ellie MD are permitted to specifically solicit consultants of either company;
  3. Qyral and Ellie MD are not permitted to sell pharmaceutical products manufactured from the same pharmacy (I’m assuming existing contracts take precedent here).

Qyral’s and Ellie MD’s attorneys have been ordered to confer and file a joint proposed superseding TRO, which the court will then sign off on.

Outstanding motion hearings, including Qyral’s requested preliminary injunction, Hanieh Sigari’s contempt motion against Dariusz Banasik and Sigari’s motion to dissolve the original Qyral TRO, have been continued to August 21st.

Prior to that hearing a Joint Status Report has been ordered filed by August 9th.

Ellie MD reopening remains pending on finalization of the proposed superseding TRO. I’ll check back on the weekend for a status update, failing which early next week.


Update 25th June 2024 – A June 20th order has put the agreed upon terms in the superseding TRO on the record.

A preliminary injunction hearing has been scheduled for August 21st.