Dragon Global Finance might be being rebooted as EQT Bank.

The transition appears to be a work in progress, with EQT Bank only providing login functionality at this time.

BehindMLM readers tipped me off to EQT Bank on February 24th.

Anthony Norman, owner of the Dragon Global Finance Ponzi scheme, incorporated EQT Group PLC in the UK on February 16th, 2022.

EQT Group PLC is a shell company. We’ve covered UK shell company fraud extensively and so EQT Group PLC isn’t of interest in and of itself.

What it does correspond to is EQT Bank, recently set up on the domain “eqtbank.com”.

As above, EQT Bank’s website is currently set to “technical difficulties”.

With a bit of poking around though, we establish EQT Bank’s website is a WordPress front-end.

The login link leads to a non-WordPress subdomain, presumably hooked up Dragon Global Finance’s backend if it hasn’t been already.

So what is EQT Bank?

The domain was purchased in January 2022 for a few hundred dollars.

A visit to Dragon Global Finance’s website redirects to EQT Bank’s non-functional domain.

This change was enacted on January 29th, around the time Norman purchased the EQT Bank domain.

Dragon Global Finance is also referenced in EQT Bank’s website terms and conditions:

This introduces us to Mbakey Export and Finance Limited, an FCA registered company that, at one time, appears to have been the base of Norman’s financial fraud.

And so we fall down another Anthony Norman shell company rabbit hole.

  • Mbakey Export and Finance Limited was registered with the FCA in January 2015
  • Mbakey Export and Finance Limited is tied to a UK shell company bearing the same name, incorporated by Mbakey Sowe and Ndey Yassin Sowe
  • Mbakey Export and Finance Limited is only registered with the FCA, meaning some paperwork was filed and they got a rubber-stamp
  • Mbakey Export and Finance Limited was tied to Dragon Global Solutions in January 2020
  • Dragon Global Solutions is a UK shell company that was registered with the FCA until August 2021
  • In addition to Mbakey Export and Finance Limited, Dragon Global Finance is also tied to Premier Payment Solutions Limited
  • Premier Payment Solutions Limited is another FCA registered company, with a corresponding UK shell company incorporation
  • Up until September 2019, Premier Payment Solutions went by Gambia Express Limited

Again I want to emphasize that these details aren’t likely important, as fraud is rampant in UK incorporations and the FCA itself.

I’ve included the above information as a papertrail for regulators in a competent jurisdiction to follow, should it ever come to that.

Meanwhile it is clear EQT Bank is intended to be the successor of Dragon Global Finance. Whether it’s a straight clone or modified Ponzi remains to be seen.

In an attempt to make due-diligence more difficult, Norman has created EQT Bank with the intention of hiding behind EQT Partners.

EQT is a multi billion dollar private equity firm operating out of Sweden. It has nothing to do with Anthony Norman or EQT Bank.

Still, we can see Norman’s intent to hide his new Ponzi scheme behind EQT Partners;

Dragon Finance Global is believed to have collapsed on or around December 2021.

Whether Norman continues with the EQT Bank reboot or rebrands again remains to be seen.


Update 2nd March 2022 – BehindMLM can now confirm EQT Bank is a reboot of Dragon Global Finance.


Update 30th April 2022 – EQT Bank and Universal Pickle have collapsed.