Universal Pickle was part of Anthony Norman’s EQT Bank Ponzi scheme.

EQT Bank itself was a reboot of Norman’s collapsed Dragon Global Finance Ponzi.

As per an undated update sent out to investors, Norman advised “both parties have agreed to discontinue the partnership in an amicable manner.”

Yes, that’s Anthony Norman superficially separating one component of his latest Ponzi from the other.

Rather than just admit EQT Bank and Universal Pickle are dead in the water, Norman trotted out a lengthy “haterz” exit-scam.

Initially we were pleased and overwhelmed by the positive response. The loyal following of the Pickle is a great crowd and we enjoyed working with you – however a small number of individuals started acting in a very unprofessional and unacceptable way.

This included threats to our staff and most importantly they were contacting the public companies we were promoting in very inappropriate manners, leading to EQT risking to lose some its key clients.

Such actions are of course not acceptable, and we have on each instance notified the relevant authorities.

We have always, and will continuously, apply a zero tolerance approach to such matters and we will not engage in a situation where we or our clients are subject to such behaviour that simple does not belong in the professional world.

The reason that we’ve been quiet is that we have been debating and evaluating where to go from here and we wanted to communicate in a precise and accurate manner given the time delays this spring.

Following this, we came to the conclusion that EQT and UPL have a strong future and could have a great synergy, but our views on the operational aspects are somewhat different, and the upside to EQT versus the operational risk and hassle is way too costly in the context of the size of the project, so both parties have agreed to discontinue the partnership in an amicable manner.

While it’s inevitable Norman has cultivated a large number of victims over the years, here’s the real reason he’s pulling the plug:

After just two months, the writing is on the wall. Norman made his money flogging UPL to gullible investors and it’s time to come up with something new.

EQT Bank’s website appears to have been abandoned. At time of publication it’s throwing up a security certificate error.

In an attempt to discourage investors from contacting authorities, Norman is dangling a refund carrot.

Those who have subscribed will receive an email with instructions next week and all funds will be paid out during the month of May as funds are being released back to us.

Cue the inevitable refund delays next month, Universal Pickle’s website going down and more excuses.


Update 3rd November 2023 – Anthony Norman has been arrested in Sweden.