There is no information on the Double Up Dollars website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The company’s website domain (“”) was registered on the 3rd of June 2013, however the domain registration is set to private.

Double Up Dollars appears to be an MLM business opportunity attached to a “private online institution” called Online Entrepreneurial Academy.

Buried in the Double Up Dollars Terms of Service Agreement is the following information on Online Entrepreneurial Academy’s registration:

The full name of Online Entrepreneurial Academy is Online Entrepreneurial Academy.

Online Entrepreneurial Academy is registered in Florida under registration number G13000042363.

Online Entrepreneurial Academy’s mailing address is:

Online Entrepreneurial Academy 1052 Montgomery Rd. #1009
Altamonte Springs, FL 32714

“Online Entrepreneurial Academy” is not registered as a corporation, trademark, LLC or LP. The company’s name however does have a listing as a “fictitious name”, registered on the 2nd of May 2013:


As per the registration above, “Vampire Training Network LLC” is listed as the owner of Online Entrepreneurial Academy.

Vampire Training Network LLC is registered as an LLC in Florida, using the same address as Online Entrepreneurial Academy. Two “managers” are listed in the Vampire Training Network LLC registration:



With Robert Gube-Zitrin and Hanna Gube-Zitrin (right) listed as the managers/owners of Vampire Training Network and Vampire Training Network listed as the owners of Online Entrepreneurial Academy, it would seem that Robert and Hanna are therefore the owners of Double Up Dollars.

A Double Up Dollars “official corporate video” uploaded by Robert Gube-Zitrin confirms this, with Robert crediting himself (as “Dr. Bob”) and Hanna Gube-Zitrin as CEOs of the company:


Why this information is not provided to the general public or prospective affiliates on the Double Up Dollars website is not clear.

Further research reveals that Double Up Dollars and Online Entrepreneurial Academy are rehashes of what used to be known as the “Quattro Education System”.

It appears as if Robert and Hanna Gube-Zitrin were affiliates in Quattro Education but then decided to create their own business. The following excerpt is taken from a Double Up Dollars affiliate and explains what happened:

What happened was that Joe, the president of QES was lending his QES software to Team Leaders to use and track their own teams in the QES business.

Remember, folks you are in business for yourself since you get paid DIRECTLY. Joe allowed team leaders to use the software, so DUD founded by Dr. Bob and Hanna was using QES software.

All of us signed up with QES software, but we were never under QES/Joe business. Since the business models are the same, there have been a lot of confusion as to the differences between QES and DUD.

Both are different companies using the same software.

Today Double Up Dollars apparently uses different software and has “cut all ties” with Quattro Education.

Read on for a full review of the Double Up Dollars MLM business opportunity.

The Double Up Dollars Product Line


Double Up Dollars bundle access to what they call

The Online Entrepreneurial Academy is a private online institution which educates individuals in advanced entrepreneurial skills enabling them to start and operate a home-based business.

This online university will show anyone how to simply and easily complete ANY task on a computer that will help the user to make money on and off line!

It teaches a beginner or an expert how to make money.

You will learn about networking and online marketing. We go over everything there is from blogging and Search Engine Optimization to effective advertising through classified, solo, banner ads and more.

We even teach stock, commodity, and Forex Trading and even Real Estate!

And this is over and above our normal marketing training.

We provide up to 30 hours per week of Live Interactive Webinar trainings

Most training sessions are archived and Free Individual mentoring is available when necessary

Mentoring and instruction are provided on a daily basis, 5 days per week, mornings and evenings. Everyone is given working tools allowing them to “earn while they learn”.

No information about who authors Double Up Dollars’ training material and/or where it is sourced from is provided.

Double Up Dollars charge $150 a month for access to the Online Entrepreneurial Academy.

The Double Up Dollars Compensation Plan

Double Up Dollars utilise a 2-up compensation plan, with affiliates passing up their 2nd and 4th monthly subscription sales commission to the affiliate who recruited them.

The $50 affiliate fee Double Up Dollars charge is non-commissionable, meaning the passups are restricted to the $150 Double Up Dollars charge for access to the Online Entrepreneurial Academy ($100 for affiliates).

Commissions are transferred 100% between affiliates, with the company only keeping the $50 additional affiliate fee charged to affiliates each month.

Joining Double Up Dollars

Affiliate membership to Double Up Dollars is $50 a month, with affiliates having to pay $100 a month for access to the Online Entrepreneurial Academy.

A feeder affiliate position is available for $25, with affiliates having to pay the full $150 for full affiliate membership once they recruit at least one other customer or affiliate.

Note that one section of the Double Up Dollars website refers to student subscriptions costing $125, with another mentioning $150. I’ve used the information quoted in Double Up Dollars’ Terms of Service Agreement to be accurate ($150).


As with all pass-up MLM compensation plans, the possibility of a gifting scheme between participants within Double Up Dollars exists.

The retail option with the company appears to be $150 “student” option, which provides access to the Online Entrepreneurial Academy but not the compensation plan.

That said, affiliate membership comes in at the exact same price, with affiliate are charged $100 for access to the Academy and a $50 admin fee.

Given this, it’s hard not to look at the “student” retail subscription as little more than a token effort at legal compliance. Mind you, when you’re forcing affiliates to buy a product each month (“mandatory autoship”), having affiliates pay each other 100% of the money they’re supposed to be purchasing said product with each month and charging affiliates $50 for nothing more than to participate in the compensation plan, legal compliance pretty much goes out the window anyway.

Putting that aside for now though, the ultimate legitimacy of Double Up Dollars lies in the company having more retail subscribers over affiliate subscribers to the Online Entrepreneurial Academy.

As far as retail customers go, value in the “education” provided in the Online Entrepreneurial Academy is going to be key. Retail students are barred from the compensation plan so that only leaves perceived value in the training material as the reason they pay Double Up Dollars $150 a month.

As stated earlier in this review, Double Up Dollars do not provide any information on their website as to who authors the material provided through the Online Entrepreneurial Academy.

Given that there are no other names attached to the company in an executive capacity, an educated guess would point to the material being provided by either Robert or Hanna Gube-Zitrin, or both.

And this is where things get problematic.

As per the Online Entrepreneurial Academy website,

The Online Entrepreneurial Academy is a private online institution which educates individuals in advanced entrepreneurial skills enabling them to start and operate a home-based business.

So what is the Gube-Zitrins idea of a home-based business?

Dating back to March 2012, the Gube-Zitrins have run the blog “Steady Cash Fast”. On the blog there’s a topic category called “The High Yield Investment Program Corner”, which details the HYIP adventures of Robert and Hanna from March of 2012.

Companies Robert and Hanna have been involved in as affiliates include

When confronted on the RealScam forum with his dubious past of investment in what can only be described as blatant Ponzi schemes, Gube-Zitrin wrote:

You are 10,000% right. We were brand new to the HYIP things at that time. We lost 10k in Zeek. Made a few bucks in Profitable Sunrise, lost in Add Wallet, gofun, sol-r.

We realize now what these things are, we no longer promote them. By the way, after Zeek we told everyone, risk money only, you could lose it all!

We made a mistake, we corrected our mistake.

But you are of course correct, we did promote these things, IN THE PAST, LAST DATE DEC 19, 2012 SIX MONTHS AGO.

We are now onto these programs.  We still play them ourselves, kind of like going to a horse race, but we no longer promote them to others.

At first what reads like an acknowledgement of past mistakes is then revealed to be an admission of ongoing involvement in horse races Ponzi schemes. But it’s apparently ok now, because the Gube-Zitrins have stopped recruiting people into them.

Well, at least that’s what Robert Gube-Zitrin is running around telling people. As late as March of this year on his Steady Cash Fast blog, Gube-Zitrin lamented the closure of Profitable Sunrise and what it meant for his recruited investors:

Yes it is true. We had a good run but Profitable Sunrise finally closes its doors.

We had a great run but it looks like it might soon be over. Fortunately all of our group is out in profit (as is the norm lately), as we get better and better with our research at finding the best times to enter and exit these High Yield Investment Programs.

Profitable Sunrise was definitely one of the better ones and everyone got paid (at least in our group), whenever they requested payment.

Don’t freak that it seems that it might be over, we have at least four possibly good ones in the wings. You can call us for info on the new ones if you like.

Urging readers to contact him regarding involvement in “four possibly good” similar Ponzi schemes, this train-wreck of a journey through the MLM world’s seediest of schemes only seems set to continue.

And the real kick in the nuts? By Robert Gube-Zitrin’s own admission, he severed ties with Quattro Education because he ‘felt it was being run a bit on the Ponzi side‘.



Now far be it from me to take issue with an individual’s choice to participate in Ponzi schemes big and small. Here at BehindMLM we routinely expose these schemes for what they are but when it comes to people’s finances and management of them, that’s on them.

The problem here though is that Robert Gube-Zitrin is charging people $150 a month for advice on how to start and operate a home-based business.

Looking at Gube-Zitrin’s home-based business track record and the current state of the MLM revenue-sharing Ponzi scheme niche, how the hell this is going to end anything but catastrophic disaster for any involved escapes me.

And retail customers paying $150 for this advice? Riiiiiiiiiiiight.

By all means enquire with your potential Double Up Dollars upline as to how many retail students vs. affiliate subscribers they have, but even on the offchance they have more students than affiliates subscribed, be aware of what you’re potentially getting yourself into here.


Footnote: Much of the research for this article was possible due to the massive 22 page long thread “Dr. Bob (aka Robert Gube-Zitrin) fraud or guru?” over at the RealScam forum.

With participation from Robert Gube-Zitrin himself in the thread, it’s strongly recommended additional reading for anyone considering the Double Up Dollars business opportunity.