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Daxio moves forward with Arctic Coffeehouse NFT grift

Following the collapse of its fourth reboot last June, Daxio has announced a fifth reboot. Presented as a “partnership proposal”, Daxio’s fifth reboot is tied to an “Arctic Coffeehouse” NFT grift.

Daxio’s fourth Ponzi reboot has already collapsed

Less than a month after telling Daxio victims to “get the fuck out”, new CEO Robert Malkvist is already feuding with founder Frode Jorgensen. Communications between the pair have broken down to the extent Malkvist is now publicly shaming and threatening Jorgenson on social media.

New CEO tells Daxio Ponzi victims to “get the fuck out”

Frode Jorgensen has appointed a new Daxio CEO. As Daxio’s new CEO, Robert Malkvist’s first order of business was to give Daxio victims the finger.

Frode Jorgensen flees Thailand, claims hitmen are after him

Following Daxio’s collapse, owner Frode Jorgensen has fled Thailand. In a recent update sent out to his victims, Jorgensen also claims hired hitmen are after him.

Daxio collapses, investor withdrawals “in limbo”

Frode Jorgensen’s Daxio Ponzi scheme has collapsed. Communications dating back to October 2022 reveal investor withdrawals are “in limbo”. And as of December 12th, Jorgensen is still stalling.

Daxio adds NFT metaverse grifts to securities fraud

Late last year Daxio launched an “automated sports trading” Ponzi scheme. No word on how many bajillionaires have been created so far. But now Daxio has gotten into NFT metaverse grifting. Oh and Daxio has also launched two shitcoins. Because of course it has.

Daxio sent pyramid scheme fraud warning from Norway

Daxio has received a pyramid scheme fraud warning from the Norwegian Gambling Authority (Lottstift). Lottstift issued its Daxio fraud warning via a May 20th letter addressed to “Daxio Norge”. Frode Jorgensen is identified as Daxio’s CEO.

Daxio adds SportsBot to its securities fraud offering

A reader recently tipped me off to an update to Daxio’s MLM offering. Daxio, as reviewed on BehindMLM in May 2020, is the fourth reboot of the Global Game Arena Ponzi scheme. Six months or thereabouts after that review was published, Daxio added “SportsBot” to its unregistered securities offering.

Algotech Review: Daniel Grenon back fronting Ponzi schemes

Algotech provides no information on its website about who owns or runs the company. In fact as I write this, Algotech’s website is nothing more than an affiliate login/registration form. Algotech’s website domain (“algotech.to”) was privately registered on August 17th. .TO domains correspond to Tonga and by default are private. This is likely an intentional [Continue reading…]

Daxio Review: Global Game Arena’s fourth Ponzi reboot

A few weeks ago BehindMLM published a BetPlay365 review. Today BetPlay365’s website is unresponsive. Further research reveals the company has been rebooted as Daxio: You can also confirm this in the FAQ section of Daxio’s website: Are you a licensed casino? Yes, all Daxio products and games are jointly operated by Global Game Arena LTD [Continue reading…]