Following the collapse of its fourth reboot last June, Daxio has announced a fifth reboot.

Presented as a “partnership proposal”, Daxio’s fifth reboot is tied to an “Arctic Coffeehouse” NFT grift.

An “Arctic Coffeehouse Daxio DAO Partnership Proposal”, uploaded to Tally on March 12th, pitches Arctic Coffeehouse as

a Norwegian coffee brand set to expand business globally.

With a strong focus on brand building and social influencing Arctic Coffeehouse believes the brand and its products will be well known around the world.

Arctic Coffeehouse operates from two known website domains:

  1. “” – first registered in 2020, private registration last updated on May 24th, 2024
  2. “” – first registered in March 2023, private registration last updated on February 7th, 2024

From what Wayback Machine we can see Arctic Coffeehouse’s website only went live sometime towards late March 2024:

Wayback Machine’s archives for Arctic Coffeehouse’s .NO domain also date back to late March 2024.

While its website is only recent, planning for Arctic Coffeehouse appears to have begun in late 2023:

A major red flag is Arctic Coffeehouse hiding who owns or runs the company.

This crucial due-diligence information isn’t provided on Arctic Coffeehouse’s website. Arctic Coffeehouse’s website domain registrations are also private.

All that’s disclosed is “Arctic CoffeeHouse AS has its head office and production in Bergen.”

In violation of securities law in Norway and elsewhere in the world, Arctic Coffeehouse is soliciting investment from the public:

This would constitute securities fraud by way of Arctic Coffeehouse failing to provide evidence it has registered with financial regulators.

Arctic Coffeehouse’s investment pitch revolves around NFTs:

Investors invest 0.5 ETH into Arctic Coffeehouse NFTs. This is done on the promise of passive returns paid as “royalties”.

Arctic Coffeehouse’s NFT royalties are purportedly made up of 10% of the company’s generated revenue.

Specific details of Arctic Cofeehouse’s NFT grift are presented on the previously cited Tally page:

5000 NFTS to be minted for 0.5 ETH

Benefits of these 5000 NFT holders is 10% Discount on all products worldwide and 10% Royalties from the Coffee Business worldwide.

(Royalties are calculated into each product sale of coffee and other products sold.)

So where does Daxio fit into this?

The Daxio Dao will receive 10% of the mint to share with the Daxio DAO.

The Daxio Dao will receive 10% royalties from the Coffee Business worldwide.

SDAX can be used to purchase the coffee and other products.

In a nutshell, Arctic Coffeehouse is being touted as a lifeline for Daxio Ponzi bagholders. This hinges on NFT investment (securities fraud) and people ordering Arctic Coffeehouse products.

While Arctic Coffeehouse doesn’t disclose who owns it, I think it’s pretty obvious the primary suspect is Daxio owner Frode Jorgensen (right).

Jorgensen could be working alone but I’m more inclined to think he’s working with a third-party

Last we heard Jorgensen was on the run from Daxio investors. That was March 2023, after which there haven’t been any substantial updates.