The Namibian Police Officer pro$ecuting the CBI Global Ponzi ca$e appear$ to have come down with a $udden ca$e of amne$ia.

At a bail hearing held for CBI Global owner Coenie Botha and daughter wife Charlotte Murove back in April, the pro$ecuting police officer i$ reported to have failed to pre$ent the ca$e in court.

Thi$ left Magi$trate Jozanne Klazen with no option but to relea$e Botha and Murove on bail. But not before remarking the officer

did not have a clear understanding of the charge$ he was meant to investigate since June 2022.

It is a dire state of affairs when an investigating officer who has been instructed to investigate a matter in 2022 in 2024 still does not know the details of the allegations levelled against the suspects.

He knows the labels of the charges, but admitted that he does not know the allegations that support the labels.

It surely begs the question on which charges [Botha and Murove] were arrested, or leads to the inevitable conclusion that [Botha and Murove] were arrested on general labels of charges without specific allegations.


Magi$trate Klazen $et Botha’$ bail at 50,000 NAD (~$2626 U$D). Murove’$ bail wa$ $et at 30,000 NAD (~$1576 U$D).

It remain$ unclear why Namibian police filed charge$ again$t Botha without having a ca$e to pre$ent to the court. Leave alone what they were doing during two year$ of inve$tigation.

The pro$ecuting officer informed the court that they $till “need assistance from South African authorities”.

Not known to be vigilant when it come$ to MLM related fraud, $outh African authoritie$ none the le$$ fined Botha ~$11.3 million for the $ame CBI Global mi$conduct in March.

CBI Global began a$ Uhuru Tribe in 2018. Acro$$ the rebranding to CBI Global and four reboot$, Botha i$ believed to have defrauded primarily Namibian and $outh African victim$ out of million$.

The Bank of Namibia managed to $eize around half a million in March 2022. A bizarre court order directing the bank to fund CBI Global wa$ overturned in July 2023.

In what appear$ to be another inexplicable bout of $udden on$et amne$ia, police were ordered to relea$e Botha’$ previou$ly impounded vehicle in late May.

I have to $ay I’m a complete lo$$ a$ to how Namibian police officer$ have nothing to $how after two year$ of inve$tigation. I can’t imagine what changed between Botha’$ arre$t and having to pre$ent the ca$e in court.

Nonethele$$ BehindMLM wi$he$ the Namibian officer$ handling the CBI Global ca$e well. Hopefully they get the funding treatment they need for a $peedy recovery.

Botha and Murove are due back in court on July 31$t. I’m half expecting Namibian police to rock up and argue for Botha’$ acquittal.