The public face of the CashFlow NFT is Swedish resident Daniel Wood.

The actual founder of the Ponzi scheme however is career scammer Micah Theard.

You won’t find Micah Theard’s name anywhere on CashFlow NFT’s website though.

Despite having launched and begun soliciting investment, CashFlow NFT’s website is still just a signup form.

The only public connection you’ll find between Theard and CashFlow NFT, is a crypto shill event held in Texas back in June:

To confirm Theard is in fact CashFlow NFT’s founder, we turn an unlisted video on Miracle Cash&More’s YouTube channel:

Hi, my name is Micah. I am the founder of CashFlow NFT.

It seems in addition to founding the company, Theard has made himself Vice President.

This tracks with Daniel Wood (right) being the public face of the company.

Miracle Cash & More is a crypto wallet company, run by CEO Hakan Törehan. CashFlow NFT runs its Ponzi scheme through Miracle Cash & More’s wallet services.

Both Torehan and Wood have ties to Cyprus, a scam-friendly jurisdiction… for the most part.

Back in 2017 Torehan was arrested in connection with an “illegal gambling ring” and association with “organized crime”. Specifically, Torehan was charged with “providing financing for illegal online gambling sites”.

Torehan was released on bail in February 2018 and, as I understand it, hatched a plan to avoid reporting to authorities through a fake doctor’s certificate.

When that fell through Torehan disappeared in June. He surrendered himself to authorities in September.

Torehan maintains he was kidnapped by Osman Aydeniz, who at the time was on Interpol’s red notice and the UK’s “most wanted” lists for drug trafficking and theft.

Aydeniz maintained Torehan

came of his own free will, he is a family friend. We don’t have any bad blood between us.

Beyond that I was unable to trace what happened. Even outside of MLM Cyprus is a known dodgy jurisdiction, they play loose with the law.

Case in point, in January 2021 Torehan resurfaced as a crypto bro.

6 Turkish Cypriots came together and created a cryptocurrency called “Miracle”.

Hakan Törehan, one of the founders of the company, which started to serve in Nicosia, Famagusta and Girne in the TRNC, said that their goal is to create the bank of the future, and that they are the first and only licensed company.

Miracle as a cryptocurrency doesn’t appear to have gone anywhere but it did lead to Miracle Cash & More, launched on or around December 2021.

Since BehindMLM tied Miracle Cash & More to CashFlow NFT on August 4th, Miracle Cash & More’s website has been disabled:

Not sure what the story is there. Anyway, it appears that Torehan has gone from “financing illegal gambling sites” to “financing illegal MLM crypto Ponzi schemes”.

That leads us to Micah Theard, CashFlow NFT’s founder.

Before he got into Ponzi scamming, Theard worked in the textile industry.

I believe Theard’s first major MLM scam was Flexkom (circa 2013/2014).

Flexkom’s was a pyramid scheme hidden behind a merchant network. It was run by Turkish scammers.

After Flexkom Theard began promoting the notorious OneCoin Ponzi scheme.

Around this time someone going by “micah” showed up on BehindMLM, claiming to have “checked” OneCoin’s non-existent blockchain.

After OneCoin Theard got involved in Circle Society:

Circle Society was a $100 million crypto Ponzi scheme run by David Saffron. Saffron was arrested by US authorities in June 2022.

It seems Theard finally realized running Ponzi schemes is where the money is at. And so we have CashFlow NFT.

As at June 2022, CashFlow NFT was busy flogging $5000 NFT positions to gullible investors in Spain:

After Spain CashFlow NFT has been trying to flog similar NFT investment positions to UK residents.

A source tells me that last week, Daniel Wood claimed “the selling of these NFT’s has really slowed down.”