Batched investors are purportedly being funneled into Micah Theard’s CashFlow NFT Ponzi scheme.

Specific details are sketchy but, throughout April 2023, behind-the-scenes information suggests CashFlow NFT acquired Batched.

BehindMLM reader Ray has been keeping us up to date.

April 5th:

Update: so apparently Oscar has found a new company willing to invest in his technology.

The telegram group has now been unblocked and everyone on there was asked to email Kathy directly if you want to go with this new company or opt out.

If you opt out, it just means that you can claim that you lost your investment for tax purposes, and you can always choose to file what may be a class-action law suit against Oscar’s former partner for scamming everyone and taking off.

If you opt in, then you will be onboarded with the new company. However, zero details have been released about who the new company is and what that means for all previous Batched Node holders.

Given the timing, I originally thought the unnamed acquiring company was NextGen.

In late March at a marketing event held in Cyprus, NextGen announced it had white labelled Batched’ payment processing platform.

April 15th:

Here is the latest update by the Telegram group leader, which is very vague by the way, but this is what it said:

Hi guys updates coming soon ..I already had an introduction zoom with some hand picked leaders and Micah co owner of new company and will coordinate with Micah to have another zoom in the next 2 weeks ..Only small groups at a time.

Once I confirm a date and time I will start direct messaging you on date and time ..Thanks for your patience!

April 28th:

So I wasn’t able to get into the zoom meeting to hear about this new company that wants to buy/invest in the Batched (Uulala) technology and of course the Telegram Chat group was once again locked and only the moderator (Kathy keen) has access to post, so that’s preventing people from chatting about the zoom meeting.

BUT…. when I tried to join the group the zoom stated that the host was in fact: Micah Theard.

Go read a few posts earlier, this is whom I figured was going to be the new big investor in Batched.

Following on from this initial Zoom webinar, CashFlow NFT held a public webinar on April 29th.

The earlier webinar was confirmed by Theard early on;

We did do a sneak peek to a smaller group … sometimes we will let our core group, those who’ve really come in behind us have some privileges.

And I did have (the) privilege of getting the information that everyone’s going to see today, a little bit early.

At [53:19] into the webinar, Theard covers CashFlow NFT’s new acquisition.

We have acquired new technology. We have a nodes system coming.

Every day you run your nodes, you receive rewards. And the nodes are there to validate transactions.

These nodes will be for sale and are basically money printing machines.

That’s pretty much the pitch for Uulala’s “validation node” investment scheme.

Owner Oscar Garcia merged Uulala into Batched in late 2021.

As opposed to the “money printing machine” Theard makes it out to be, Batched collapsed in late 2022 amidst an ongoing SEC investigation.

At time of publication Batched’s website is no longer accessible:

So with the acquisition of Batched by CashFlow NFT all but confirmed, what are investors getting into?

CashFlow NFT launched in mid 2022. The company is operated by Micah Theard and Hakan Törehan.

Both Theard and Törehan reside in Cyprus. This tracks with Garcia being in Cyprus in March for NextGen’s marketing event.

Micah Theard, a US national, has been promoting MLM scams for years. Of note are Flexkom and the notorious OneCoin Ponzi scheme.

Hakan Törehan was arrested in 2017 in connection with an “illegal gambling ring” and ties to organized crime.

In early 2021 Törehan reinvented himself as a crypto bro with Miracle Cash & More.

CashFlow NFT’s marketing pitch saw affiliates invest in $5000 or $10,000 NFTs.

There was some nonsense about profiting off real-estate too but that seems to have been quietly abandoned.

As revealed by Theard on the April 29th webinar, here’s how CashFlow NFT is going:

Delayed pyramid recruitment commissions and no NFT payouts.

Despite that, Theard is still stringing CashFlow NFT investors along with promises of riches:

Based on Theard’s representations, CashFlow NFT is going to launch a new Phoenic token soon.

CashFlow NFT plans to pay outstanding commissions with Phoenic (which are generated on demand out of thin air).

Investors are being discouraged from cashing out Phoenic on the usual “number go up” marketing.

[51:11] Our Phoenic token will be part of everything that Miracle does, and it will be similar function but actually more functionality than the Binance Coin.

And anyone who knows about the Binance Coin, there were people who were invited in to purchase that as an ICO for pennys, if not less.

The first public price for that was 10 cents and today it’s trading around $335.

We’re expecting that our Phoenic token will have a similar journey up.

Batched allowed clients to create shitcoins on a whim…

…and “node system marketing” suggests Phoenic will be launched as part of the Batched acquisition.

Marketing aside, the reality is CashFlow NFT is on its last legs:

One can probably attribute CashFlow NFT’s March website traffic growth to Batched investors. Of note is SimilarWeb tracking 100% of Cashflow NFT’s website traffic originating from the US.

This potentially puts CashFlow NFT itself within the sights of the SEC. Due to Batched’s and Garcia’s heavy baggage, action from the CFTC is also a possibility.

Looking forward, CashFlow NFT is holding a marketing event in Florida across July 7th and 9th.

The event is part of Marc Accetta’s “A View From the Edge” brand.

Tickets to the event will set you back $599.

For the first time, Miracle Cash&More presents our newly appointed Director of Training, Marc Accetta’s world-renowned event, A VIEW FROM THE EDGE!

As above, Accetta was recently appointed CashFlow NFT’s Director of Training.

On his personal website Accetta, a resident of Texas, claims to have “over 30 years of network marketing experience and wisdom”.


Update 26th February 2024 – The partnership between CashFlowNFT and Oscar Garcia ended with both parties claiming the other side failed to deliver.