Following a hearing on December 11th, BitClub Network co-creator Matthew Brent Goettsche’s bond has been set at $20 million dollars.

Goettsche’s bond has been secured with approximately $8.6 million in valued properties. Eight of those properties are in Colorado, one is in Las Vegas, Nevada.

As above, there’s no mention of cash so I’m not sure where the outstanding $11.4 million will be sourced from.

The waiving of Local Criminal Rule 46.1(d)(3) allows for property outside of New Jersey to be offered as surety.

As per his conditions of release, Goettsche will be released into the custody of Danielle Goettsche and Victoria Landerman.

Dannielle is Goettsche’s wife. Victoria Landerman appears to be a relative.

Goettsche (right) will be subject to home incarceration in Colorado with electronic location monitoring.

Additionally he will

  • have to surrender all passports and travel documents to Pretrial Services, including that of his wife and three children;
  • submit to substance abuse testing and/or treatment if required;
  • refrain from possessing a firearm, dangerous device or any other dangerous weapon;
  • have no contact with BitClub Network victims (includes any potential witnesses);
  • have no contact with his BitClub Network co-defendants;
  • be prohibited from using the internet and/or use of computers or any connected device;
  • be prohibited from owning or using a cellphone; and
  • have to inform PTS if he and/or his wife spend $5000 a month on a single transaction.

Looking forward, Goettsche rejected a plea deal in September 2020. His case will thus continue to trial throughout 2021.


Update 8th March 2021 – On February 26th Matt Goettsche’s case was designed “unusual or complex”. This is primarily due to “voluminous discovery”.

As a result of this, Goettsche’s case has been continued till July 16th.


Update 24th July 2021 – Goettsche case has been suspended again, this time until September 30th, 2021.