The unsealing of the BitClub Network case docket confirms that, as of December 20th, co-founder Russ Medlin is still on the run from authorities.

We first learned of the DOJ’s $722 million dollar Ponzi fraud case against BitClub Network on December 11th.

At the time three defendants were named, Matthew Goettsche, Jobadiah Weeks and Joseph Abel.

Two other defendants remained under seal. It was believed they are BitClub Network co-founder Russ Medlin and programmer Silviu Catalin Balaci.

Balaci (right) has since been confirmed as the fourth named defendant. He is believed to have been arrested in Germany sometime between December 11th and the 15th.

As per Balaci’s LinkedIn profile, he runs EvoBits Information Technology SRL and is the CTO of Bitchain GmBH.

Balaci is believed to be a Romanian national but as per his LinkedIn profile is based out of Frankfurt, Germany.

It’s worth noting that EvoBits is based out of Romania, so it seems Balaci spent his time between both Romania and Germany.

BitClub Network is conspicuously absent on Balaci’s resume. Since his arrest, Balaci’s personal website has been pulled offline.

Last we heard Russ Medlin was hoping to get his Crypto Societi Ponzi reboot off the ground.

On December 20th the New Jersey District Court unsealed the case against BitClub Network and its operators.

As per the order to unseal, the original arrest warrants and unredacted indictment are to remain under seal until “Defendant Two’s” arrest.

Defendant Two is strongly believed to be Russ Medlin.

As at the time of publication, a redacted copy of the indictment, naming Balaci but redacting Medlin, was made public on December 20th.

The original arrest warrants and unredacted indictment remain under seal, confirming Medlin is still on the run.

On December 15th, the Daily Beast outed Medlin as a “convicted sex offender for child pornography and sexual assault of a minor under 14”.

Crypto Societi is currently being promoted across Africa. Russ Medlin’s current status and whereabouts are unknown.


Update 16th June 2020 – BitClub Network’s Russ Medlin has been arrested in Indonesia.