Less than 24 hours after declaring he “sees things with positivity”, and believed Beurax was resume paying returns on April 1st, Silvio Fortunato has had quite the remarkable change of heart.

Nothing like some scammer meltdown flavored popcorn to finish off the week…

Silvio Fortunato popped up on BehindMLM’s radar as a prominent promoter of the recently collapsed Beurax Ponzi scheme.

Mere hours after BehindMLM showcased his cognitive dissonance, Fortunato set about distancing himself from Beurax.

This started with anyone in his MSI Masters scam group being instructed to “imidiatlly delete” any footage of Fortunato talking about Beurax.

Having just watched the same video we did, naturally this raised questions within Fortunato’s Beurax downline.

When asked for an “explanation”, Fortunato stated:

I just want to protect myself not having media with me talking about Beurax out there on the internet.

So if you copy any video where I’m in talking about Beurax, please delete it ASAP

When we published our March 5th article, Fortunato was still promoting Beurax through his MSI Masters scam group.

As per the screenshot above (full credit to BehindMLM reader Tony Amos), Fortunato has since taken down his Beurax MSI Masters funnel.

Fortunato is based out of Portugal. Together with his partner in crime Paulo Barroso, Fortunato claims he “earned a lot of money” in Beurax.

His victims? Not so much.

Definitely one of the more amusing scammer backflips we’ve seen of late. Cheers Silvio!