Indian authorities have filed for seizure of almost $6 million in property assets tied to the GainBitcoin and GB21 Ponzi schemes.

Although it’s a start, $6 million is a far cry from the $523 million authorities believe GainBitcoin and GB21 investors lost.

Another $1 million is believed to have been laundered through one of Raj Kundra’s businesses. The case is in the public eye owing to Kundra’s marriage to a local actress.

Kundra denies having anything to do with GainBitcoin or owner Amit Bhardwaj, but has so far not explained how the money wound up in his business.

Bhardwaj himself was arrested a few months ago in Thailand, following his escape from Dubai after feigning a heart attack.

After being apprehended, Bhardwaj was extradited back to India where he remains in custody.