Alcor Trade owner Aleksey Zhirovkin has announced the launch of ANTd token.

Zhirovkin made the announcement in a September 7th video.

In the video Zhirovkin explains ANTd is being launched to replace Antares Trade’s dANT token.

Both ANTd and dANT are ERC-20 shit tokens. ERC-20 tokens can be created in a few minutes at little to no cost.

dANT token was launched through Antares Trade last December and flopped.

After emptying out the ~$92,000 that remained in the smart-contract on July 3rd, Zhirovkin pulled the plug on dANT on July 18th.

Antares Trade collapsed three weeks later.

Now that we have a lot of experience and a different vision, we decided to create another token.

Zhirovkin’s pitch for ANTd is that it will “hit the $2000 mark within a year”.

Our new token will start selling at $1.

What does this mean for you, Antares and Alcor users?

Everything is very simple here. You are a springboard for the growth of the token rate: from $1 to $2000 within a year.

And it is you who will earn a fortune on the growth of the rate.

While everyone else is still thinking about buying, you will make millions of dollars.

The reality is ANTd is just as worthless as dANT. Probably more so once the general distrust of Antares Trade victims is factored in.

That’s on top of the ALD Ponzi points Alcor Trade already solicits investment into, on the promise of a daily 2.3% ROI.

Since it launched last month, Alexa traffic estimates reveal Alcor Trade is attracting victims from Egypt (26%), Madagascar (13%) and Saudi Arabia (8%).

Zhirovkin intends to recapture confidence in his Ponzi scheme, by using newly invested Alcor Trade funds to make token repayments to Antares Trade victims.

A lot of people are disappointed in Antares, because the money they invested has been frozen.

Pretending invested funds were frozen was part of Zhirovkin’s Antares Trade exit-scam narrative.

Still, over time, when people start receiving their deposits back the trust will increase.

And the ANTd token, issued by Antares [sic], will also be an indicator in the growth of confidence in Antares [sic].

You just need to wait a little.

How long it will take for new victims signing up to lose money in Alcor Trade, before payments are made to existing Antares Trade victims, is unclear.