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Barnes shows cause with ignorance and disease

With a July 2nd show cause deadline looming, Troy Barnes has written to the court in an attempt to explain himself. Barnes fell foul of  the court for having thus far failed to participate in the SEC’s civil case against him. As such a warning was issued directing Barnes to show cause by July 2nd. In [Continue reading…]

Kristine Johnson pleads guilty to wire fraud conspiracy

Following the pleading the fifth in the SEC’s civil case against Achieve Community a few weeks ago, news today that Kristine Johnson, one of the co-founders of Achieve Community, has plead guilty to wire fraud conspiracy.

Achieve Community SEC case status update (June 2015)

As part of the civil case against her, Kristi Johnson was required to hand over detailed accounting records to the SEC. Johnson refused, citing the fifth amendment which permits her to ‘not act as a witness against herself in any proceeding involving a fine, penalty, or forfeiture‘. Last week both Johnson and Troy Barnes filed their [Continue reading…]

Kristi Johnson wheeling and dealing in Achieve criminal case

Revealed in a recently filed motion in the SEC’s case against Achieve Community reveals that Kristi Johnson is the subject of a DOJ criminal investigation in North Carolina. But it’s not the confirmation of an investigation that’s interesting about the motion, so much as what it’s asking for.

Serial scammer claims Achieve Community Ponzi ignorance

Whenever there’s a Ponzi scheme bust up you always get three type of scammers. Those who made a pretty-penny and slink off into the darkness, hoping they are over-looked. Those who immediately move onto reload scams and try to drag their downlines with them. And those who throw their hands up in the air, pretend [Continue reading…]

Pleading the fifth in the Achieve Community Ponzi case

As reported yesterday, February 24th saw a hearing on the issue of preliminary injunctions against Kristi Johnson, Work With Troy Barnes and Achieve Community International LLC take place. If granted, the injunctions would see the continuation of the asset freeze in place, as well as barring the defendants from committing and further acts of fraud. Yesterday [Continue reading…]

Achieve Community preliminary injunction granted

We reported on the 20th of February that the SEC, Troy Barnes and Kristi Johnson had all filed stipulation agreements requesting a preliminary injunction be granted. The SEC filed this action to halt an ongoing Ponzi scheme. The injunction would replace the current temporary ex-parte injunction, maintaining the fund freeze the temporary injunction granted. Barnes [Continue reading…]

SEC shut down $3.8M Achieve Community Ponzi scheme

Following a statement from Achieve Community co-owner Troy Barnes claiming that the SEC was on his tail, comes the expected news today that the agency has indeed shut down Achieve Community. In a complaint filed on the 12th of February in a District Court of Colorado, the SEC claim that Kristi Johnson, Troy Barnes, Work With Troy [Continue reading…]

Achieve Community shut down, criminal charges pending

I wasn’t sure if this was going to go down till next week, but it seems things have escalated in the last 24 hours and Achieve Community is no more. As per an update published by Achieve Community owner Troy Barnes sometime in the last few hours:

Michigan AG’s Office investigating Achieve Community

In order to get to the bottom of allegations I’d received that Michigan’s Attorney-General Office had been in contact with Achieve Community’s owners, I reached out to them via email a few days ago. I received a reply today, which informed me that my email had been turned into a Freedom of Information Act request. [Continue reading…]