achieve-community-logoWith a July 2nd show cause deadline looming, Troy Barnes has written to the court in an attempt to explain himself.

Barnes fell foul of  the court for having thus far failed to participate in the SEC’s civil case against him.

As such a warning was issued directing Barnes to show cause by July 2nd. In his response, the court expected Barnes to explain why he was not present at a June 3rd status conference, and why he should not be held in contempt.

In a handwritten letter dated June 22nd, Barnes submitted his response.

The exact nature of care Barnes’ son receives is unclear, but his hospitalization on May 5th is cited as the primary reason Barnes failed to appear.

Barnes claims his son has Asperger’s Syndrome and MoyaMoya disease, with brain surgery performed three years ago affecting his mental health.

Barnes’ doesn’t clarify how exactly his son’s hospitalization prevented him from attending the June 2nd hearing, but he does lay out his current predicament:

I don’t have counsel and can’t afford it.

I would like to explain that I am guilty of being ignorant in this case. Please I want to do what’s right.

It (sic) hard to do anything when you don’t understand anything of the law and have no counsel.

Thank you and I will do everything I can to move forward in helping this case.

I would prove that I am very guilty of being ignorant but still I want to do the right thing.

Ignorance as a defense? That’s probably not going to go down well.


In a missive penned by Barnes back in January, Achieve Community investors were told:

Let’s keep Achieve to ourselves. If you have been put in an Unofficial group or page please take yourself OUT of them and if they are bad report them.

The Achieve Community is going to pay out Millions and we will all be enjoying our families and friends In style soon.

Please stay off of Facebook and the social media when it comes to our Community. Karma will take care of all those bad people and you will have Opportunity to watch them eat their words.

A month later the SEC shut Achieve Community down.

As far as I know a previously scheduled hearing is still set to take place on July 7th.

Presumably Barnes will be in attendance. Stay tuned…


Footnote: Our thanks to Don@ASDUpdates for providing a copy of Troy Barnes’ June 22nd handwritten show cause letter.