Articles under ‘regulation’:

Default entered against Matt Lloyd and MOBE related entities

Following a Motion for entry of clerk’s default by the FTC on February 1st, default has been entered against Matt Lloyd, MOBE and several MOBE related entities.

Lyoness loses second Norway appeal, permanently banned nationwide

The Norwegian Gaming Board has rejected Lyoness’ second appeal, resulting in the Ponzi scheme being permanently banned in Norway.

Fabio Wanzeler claims addendum added to his TelexFree settlement

Fabio Wanzeler, brother of TelexFree owner Carlos Wanzeler, is unhappy with his TelexFree settlement. The settlement saw Wanzeler surrender two properties to the TelexFree Trustee, to settle $633,578 Wanzeler received as a TelexFree net-winner. Wanzeler signed off on the settlement last November but now claims the Trustee added an addendum, which he never agreed to.

SEC files for default judgment against DFRF Enterprises

In what is essentially a continuation of litigation prior to the 2015 case freeze, the SEC has filed a renewed default judgment motion against DFRF Enterprises. In their February 1st motion the SEC argues that DFRF Enterprises is in default, because Daniel Filho filed a response to their original compliant on behalf of the company.

FXTrading Corp investment fraud warning issued in Spain

Spain’s National Securities Market Commission has added FXTrading Corp to its list of illegally operating companies.

Skyway Capital & Five Winds investment fraud warnings from Slovakia

The National Bank of Slovakiahas issued investment fraud warnings against Skyway Capital and Five Winds.

Todd Spencer dragging feet on Zhunrize settlement

Of the scammers behind the Zhunrize Ponzi scheme, only Todd Spencer remains as an active defendant. Spencer was sued by the Zhunrize Receiver, as part of a $2.8 million clawback lawsuit filed against Vodaware. Through Vodaware, Spencer is believed to have received upwards of $350,000 in stolen Zhunrize investor funds. In a Status Report filed [Continue reading…]

QNet a threat to Indian national security, govt corruption exposed

QNet has come under fire in India, following an investigation into unpaid commissions owed to more than 200,000 affiliates.

Eric Pinkston’s lawyers want out, Judge denies motion to withdraw

Eric Pinkston’s lawyers have had enough and want out. Unfortunately for them though Pinkston doesn’t appear to have consented, meaning his lawyers are stuck until replacement representation has been found.

LuLaRoe a pyramid scheme alleges Washington AG lawsuit

Whereas regulation of the MLM sector came mostly to a standstill thanks to Trump’s shutdown, in some corners government employees are still active. One such corner is the Washington state AG’s Office, who are suing LuLaRoe for being a pyramid scheme.