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Quaestor Solutions tries to pair shitcoin with boxing, awkwardly fails

In an attempt to create usability for Quaestor coins, back in February Quaestor Solutions owner Svend Rasmussen came up with “Quaestor Fight Night”. Earlier this month Rasmussen’s plans came crashing down, following public revelation his partner is a convicted serial rapist and fraudster. Awk-ward!

Skyway Capital continues investment fraud with tokens & CryptoUnits

The Skyway Capital Ponzi scheme might be running low on cash, prompting Skyway to announce both Skyway tokens and CryptoUnits. Communication seems to be a problem at Skyway Ponzi HQ though, as both reload scams have been announced simultaneously. This naturally caused confusion, prompting Skyway to issue clarification that they aren’t one and the same. [Continue reading…]

Traffic Monsoon claims tied to SCOTUS writ, clawbacks authorized

A case docket remark has tied approval of the claims process to Scoville’s intention to file a writ of certiorari with the Supreme Court.

FutureNet scam warning issued in Poland, prosecutors investigating

Poland’s Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK), has issued a pyramid scheme warning for FutureNet and associated companies.

Nui co-founder behind The Digital Vault and RevvCard?

As I was doing my research for our article yesterday on Nui’s arguably pointless CompChain, I came across a corporate blog post that piqued my interest. Titled “ATTN: Important Clarifications for Nui Members”, here’s an update Nui pushed out to affiliates on March 11th; The Digital Vault Is Not Associated with Nui You may have [Continue reading…]

Nui launches CompChain with pyramid recruitment & COCO altcoin

Another day, another excuse to ram crypto buzzwords down the throats of the MLM community. Why Compchain? Compchain is changing the scope of networking as we know it. Built on immutable blockchain technology, Compchain allows you to lock in your network for life, and tap into new products and opportunities as they’re added to the [Continue reading…]

DFRF defendants ghost their attorneys, try to shirk SEC lawsuit

At a scheduling conference held on January 31st, the attorneys of DFRF Enterprises defendants Wanderley Dalman, Gaspar C. Jesus and Eduardo N. Da Silva, informed the court they ‘could not locate or communicate with their clients‘. All three defendants have filed outstanding motions to dismiss, which the court gave until February 28th to either withdraw [Continue reading…]

€400,000 EUR OneCoin tax fraud recovery sought in Romania

OneCoin affiliates in Romania have attracted the attention of authorities, who are looking to recover €400,000 in unpaid taxes.

MOBE fraud tops $318 million, FTC moves for default judgment

The FTC initially estimated MOBE scammed people out of at least $125 million. Based on ongoing forensic accounting efforts by the Receiver, that figure has now jumped to $318.5 million.

Affiliate treats fever with Nu Skin juice, dies of organ failure

It’s an open secret that MLM nutritional supplements are marketed throughout Asia using all sorts of spectacular (and completely unfounded) health claims. For the most part regulators aren’t interested and so long as money flows in, MLM companies themselves turn a blind eye. It is in this regulatory environment and company culture that a woman [Continue reading…]