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OneCoin scammer fined another 1800 EUR in Germany

A resident of the town of Meissen has been ordered to compensate victims he lured into the OneCoin Ponzi scheme. This is the second civil case the man has lost, on top of a criminal case filed by Bielefeld Prosecutors.

Infinity2Global criminal trial now scheduled for July 2019

Last we checked in the scheduled January 2019 Infinity2Global criminal trial had been postponed. As per a November 5th order, a new jury trial date has been scheduled for July 22nd, 2019.

Sener Trader scammers arrested in Japan ($73M bitcoin Ponzi)

Japanese authorities have arrested eight individuals, who they claim are behind the Sener Trader Ponzi scheme. Sener Trader launched in 2017 on the heels of Eagle Gates Group’s demise. The latter Ponzi collapsed in February 2017, with Sener Trader emerging a few months later in May.

Daniel Filho’s DFRF Enterprises fraud indictment dismissed

Daniel Filho’s long-running criminal case saga has come to end, following the dismissal of his indictment. DFRF Enterprises launched in mid 2014 and was primarily pitched to TelexFree Ponzi victims. The SEC shut DFRF Enterprises down in July 2015. The DOJ were pursuing a criminal case in tandem, which led to the arrest of owner [Continue reading…]

FTC sues Redwood Scientific Technologies over consumer fraud

The question of why Redwood Scientific Technologies stalled on providing the FTC with requested documents for over a year has been answered: Redwood knew a regulatory lawsuit would follow. In hindsight I can’t say I blame them really. Turns out consumer fraud is just the tip of the Redwood iceberg… Prepare to be disgusted.

Redwood Scientific Technologies satisfies FTC’s CID

Although their position appeared particularly precarious at times, Redwood Scientific Technologies has finally satisfied the FTC’s Civil Investigation Demand.

FirstCoin Club collapses, investor alleges $245 million in fraud

FirstCoin Club was an MLM crypto Ponzi scheme launched mid 2017. FirstCoin Club affiliates invested real money for worthless FRST, an altcoin launched by the company. A monthly ROI in FRST was paid out, which affiliates could realize by selling their FRST to new gullible bagholders. Despite all Ponzi schemes inevitably collapsing, a disturbing number [Continue reading…]

Charles Scoville pleads guilty to attempted child sexual abuse

On top of the Traffic Monsoon Ponzi civil case, Charles Scoville was arrested and criminally charged back in June. Scoville’s criminal case stems from alleged child sexual abuse in 2007. Specifics of the case are unknown and have not been made public. In any event rather than defend the charge, Scoville has pleaded guilty to [Continue reading…]

SEC sues Eric J. Dalius over Saivian Ponzi fraud ($165+ million)

Three years. If you’re wondering how long it might take the SEC to catch up with your multi-million dollar MLM Ponzi scheme… three years. Eric J. Dalius launched the Saivian Ponzi scheme in 2015. Likely due to his past indictment and conviction for wire and mail fraud, for the first year of Saivian’s operation Dalius [Continue reading…]

AWS Mining served securities fraud cease and desist in Texas

AWS Mining has been served a securities fraud cease and desist by the Texas State Securities Board. Named as respondents to the notice are AWS Mining and AWS Elite co-founders Daniel Beduschi and Alexandre Campos Jessica Nunes Sivirino, cited as an executive of AWS Mining Josiah Kostek, cited as CMO of AWS Mining MyCoinDeal, cited [Continue reading…]