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Scoville wants to take Traffic Monsoon appeal to the Supreme Court

Having been destroyed in two lower courts, Charles Scoville now wants to take his Traffic Monsoon Ponzi fight to the Supreme Court. Yeah, not kidding. This is happening…

Trudy Gilmond receives securities ban from SEC

The SEC’s interest in pursuing Trudy Gilmond has come to an end, following acceptance of a tendered settlement offer.

Extended USFIA claim deadline results in low quality claims

Despite the best intentions behind extending the USFIA victim claim deadline, unfortunately it appears to have been mostly a waste of time and money. In light of the extension, the USFIA Receiver reports he’s received “low quality claims” that will be “time-consuming” to sort through.

Jeunesse RICO settlement appeal hits $70,000 roadblock

The cost of appealing what has been condemned as a “paltry” settlement that ‘will inevitably result in the vast majority of (Jeunesse victims) receiving nothing‘, has been set at $70,000.

Sloan’s TelexFree trial delayed again due to attorney hospitalization

Faith Sloan’s TelexFree trial looks set to be delayed for a second time. The first delay occurred due to President Trump’s government shutdown. Now a second delay looks likely due to Sloan’s attorney being hospitalized for medical complications.

Quaestor Solutions demands new investors, returns held hostage

Quaestor Solutions is demanding its existing affiliates recruit new investors, failing which the company has threatened to stop paying. In a very cult-like email, Quaestor Solutions CEO Svend Rasmussen has called on affiliates to demonstrate “their commitment to the Quaestor [sic]”.

Eight TelexFree condos recovered from Carlos & Priscilla Costa

As per an agreed settlement, Carlos Costa and his wife are set to surrender eight condominiums to the TelexFree Trustee.

Default entered against Matt Lloyd and MOBE related entities

Following a Motion for entry of clerk’s default by the FTC on February 1st, default has been entered against Matt Lloyd, MOBE and several MOBE related entities.

Lyoness loses second Norway appeal, permanently banned nationwide

The Norwegian Gaming Board has rejected Lyoness’ second appeal, resulting in the Ponzi scheme being permanently banned in Norway.

Fabio Wanzeler claims addendum added to his TelexFree settlement

Fabio Wanzeler, brother of TelexFree owner Carlos Wanzeler, is unhappy with his TelexFree settlement. The settlement saw Wanzeler surrender two properties to the TelexFree Trustee, to settle $633,578 Wanzeler received as a TelexFree net-winner. Wanzeler signed off on the settlement last November but now claims the Trustee added an addendum, which he never agreed to.