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Jeunesse RICO settlement challenged

Back in August it was announced Jeunesse had settled a lawsuit alleging RICO violations for $2.5 million. Through an amicus curiae brief filed on December 7th, Truth in Advertising (TINA) has opposed the settlement. According to the consumer advocacy organization, Jeunesse’s settlement ‘provides no meaningful benefit to‘ victims and permits ‘Jeunesse to continue unfettered with [Continue reading…]

5Linx’s Jeb Tyler sentenced to 14 months prison for fraud

Following a conviction earlier this year, 5Linx co-founder Jeb Tyler has been sentenced to fourteen months in prison.

OneCoin scam warning issued in New Zealand

New Zealand’s Financial Markets Authority is claiming OneCoin has “the characteristics of a scam”. The FMA issued a consumer warning against OneCoin following information received regarding

OneCoin tells Norway it has no information on local affiliates

One of the recurring themes in OneCoin circles is a lack of transparency. What’s left of the company rarely communicates with what’s left of its affiliate investor-base. And when announcements are made, they inevitably lead to more questions, most of which go unanswered. The good news is it’s not just affiliate investors being kept in [Continue reading…]

MOBE’s Russel Whitney dead, Susan Zanghi’s $318M settlement

Lawyers for top MOBE affiliate Russel Whitney have confirmed Whitney passed away on November 20th. The revelation was made seeking an extension of time for Whitney to reply to the FTC’s lawsuit. The motion was granted, staying Whitney’s response in favor of a joint notice or motion detailing a proposed course of action.

5Linx’s Craig Jerabeck sentenced to 14 months in prison for fraud

Former 5Linx owner Craig Jerabeck was arrested on fraud charges back in mid 2017. Following a guilty plea entered six months ago, Jerabeck was sentenced to fourteen months in prison late this week.

LuLaRoe owes supplier $49 million, Stidhams threaten a runner?

If a recently filed lawsuit by their supplier Providence Industries MyDyer is to be believed, LuLaRoe’s owners are sitting on hundreds of millions of dollars. MyDyer and other suppliers are owed tens of millions, which Mark Stidham has told them he has no intention of paying.

USI-Tech likely to be permanently prohibited in Ontario after hearing

Seemingly more procedural than anything at this stage, the Ontario Securities Commission is seeking an order that would permanently ban USI-Tech.

Omnia Tech mining collapses, now pushing crypto trading Ponzi

After just under a year and a half of paying out, last month Omnia Tech advised its mining ROI scheme has collapsed.

Unifii enters securities fraud territory with VIP Global FX

Unifii launched in mid 2018 and through its Prosperity U product, provides affiliates with trading signals. Despite Unifii representing returns of 157% over a few months, apparently that wasn’t good enough. Now the company has launched its own passive forex trading service.