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Affiliate claims World Ventures will sue Norway

Following an investigation and court-approved declaration that World Ventures is a pyramid scheme, the company was forced to shutdown operations in Norway. This, claims affiliate Steinar Husby, has cost World Ventures “many millions in Norway and abroad”. Husby, credited as the official spokesperson for World Ventures in Norway, joined the company back in 2010. Desperate to [Continue reading…]

World Ventures under investigation in Jamaica

Following regulatory action against World Ventures in Norway last year and Malaysia declaring it an “illegal business” a few months ago, now news that World Ventures is under criminal investigation in Jamaica.

WorldVentures an “illegal business” in Malaysia

Prior to a regulatory investigation into the company in late 2014, WorldVentures in Malaysia boasted a purported 20,000 strong affiliate-base. Things began to unravel in September though, when local Malaysian media began to investigate the scheme. A reporter from The Rakya Post attended a World Ventures recruitment meeting, with around fifty other people in attendance. [Continue reading…]

World Ventures lose Norwegian Trial Court appeal

Last February the Norwegian Gaming Board found World Ventures to be an illegal pyramid scheme. This was met with an appeal, in which World Ventures declared: WorldVentures considers both a number of the factual and legal aspects of the Gaming Board report as unfounded and associated with failure. Through filing their appeal, World Ventures was able [Continue reading…]

World Ventures cease business operations in Norway

Following the rejection of World Ventures’ appeal in Norway last week, the company continues to push plans to sue the Norwegian government. Speaking with Levangeravisa on Monday, Norwegian World Ventures spokesperson Steinar Husby said We will now go to court to keep operations running while the case continues. We will ask for a temporary injunction to [Continue reading…]

World Ventures lose Norway appeal, still a pyramid scheme

The story so far: May 2013 – Norwegian Gaming Board announces investigation into World Ventures. The company is suspected of operating a pyramid scheme. Feb 2014 – Norwegian Gaming Board finds World Ventures to be a pyramid scheme. The Gaming Board concludes that World Venture’s activities in Norway are an illegal pyramid game because revenues almost [Continue reading…]

WorldVentures threaten travel blogger, demand censorship

If one Googles the term “WorldVentures” today, above is typical of the results returned. In first position is WorldVenture’s own website, second is another corporate website run by WorldVentures’ Marketing dept and third is a review by “Twenty-something Travel”. Owned by Stephanie Yoder (right), she claims she wrote the review after she attended ‘a coworking event [Continue reading…]

World Ventures still pyramid scheme, enforcement pending

Initially declaring World Ventures to be a pyramid scheme back in February, it wasn’t until late April that the the Norwegian Gaming Board issued a directive ordering World Ventures to “stop all activity” in the country. The Norwegian Gaming Board’s decision came after a nine month investigation, which revealed conclusive evidence that World Ventures was operating as [Continue reading…]

World Ventures a pyramid scheme in Norway

Whilst it’s true that World Ventures don’t directly financially compensation you for bringing others to the business itself, you still have to bring others to the Rovia business to get anywhere in the compensation plan. And this, despite being a third party recruitment is still recruitment dependent MLM. –BehindMLM World Ventures Review, March 2011 Just [Continue reading…]

Swedish Gaming Board file World Ventures report

I’m not sure when exactly the Swedish Gaming Board began investigating World Ventures, but it appears that they’ve recently concluded an investigation into the company. The verdict? A report has been filed with the “Police Authority” in Stockholm.