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USI-Tech enters third generation of scamming with Tech Coin ICO

With forex recruitment all but dead and their bitcoin package ROI liabilities spiraled out of control, USI-Tech’s latest ploy to raise investment revenue is an ICO. Tech Coin will be another entry into the burgeoning MLM underbelly ICO market. Offering nothing new to the cryptocurrency space, Tech Coin is likely just another script-generated altcoin. Ultimately [Continue reading…]

USI-Tech investor alert issued in Manitoba, Canada

Following an investigation by the Manatoba Securities Commission, USI-Tech has been compared to that of Ponzi and pyramid schemes.

USI-Tech investor alert issued in Nova Scotia, Canada

Another day, another regulatory condemnation of USI-Tech’s Ponzi scheme. The latest warning is from the Canadian province of Novia Scotia. On December 21st Novia Scotia’s Securities Commission published a warning cautioning investment in USI-Tech.

USI-Tech fraud alert issued in New Brunswick, Canada

USI-Tech can’t seem to catch a break this week, following its third run in with securities regulators in as many days. Hot on the heels of a similar warning issued by the British Columbia Securities Commission on December 18th, today New Brunswick’s Financial Consumer Services Commission issued their own USI-Tech investor warning.

USI-Tech securities fraud emergency cease and desist issued in Texas

The Texas Securities Board see USI-Tech as a “bitcoin promoter” offering an investment opportunity. Following an internal investigation into USI-Tech and two US promoters, the board presented gathered evidence of securities fraud to the Securities Commissioner. In an attempt to stop promotion of the USI-Tech Ponzi scheme throughout Texas, the Securities Commissioner issued an emergency [Continue reading…]

USI-Tech investor warning issued in BC, Canada

As USI-Tech struggles to convince investors of its legitimacy, now regulators are starting to take notice. On December 15th the British Columbia Securities Commission officially added USI-Tech to its Investment Caution List.

Analysis of USI-Tech’s ethereum mining pool (external ROI revenue?)

With a large percentage of the MLM underbelly on board, in order to survive the next few months USI-Tech needs to convince regular investors to get on board. This has seen the company forced to try to address the question of where its ROI revenue comes from. Since May USI-Tech has been promising proof of [Continue reading…]

Genesis Mining denies USI-Tech partnership, Omnia Tech C&D

Desperate to provide evidence of an external source of revenue, about a week ago USI-Tech affiliates began circulating footage of “a new data center in Iceland”. It didn’t take long for people to realize that USI-Tech’s “new data center” looked identical to that of Genesis Mining’s facility, also in Iceland. This prompted speculation that USI-Tech [Continue reading…]

USI-Tech lied about $70 million dollar BitFury contract?

Not content with spreading lies about registering their Ponzi scheme with the SEC, USI-Tech and their affiliates are spreading porky pies about a contract with BitFury. For those unfamiliar with the company, BitFury claim to be a “full service Blockchain technology company”. The Bitfury Group develops and delivers both the software and the hardware solutions [Continue reading…]

Legal opinion claims USI-Tech’s unregistered securities legal in the US?

In what is shaping up the be the latest MLM attorney blunder, the law firm Hart & David have purportedly put their stamp of approval on USI-Tech. For those unfamiliar with the company, USI-Tech initially combined pyramid recruitment with an automated forex trading platform. USI-Tech affiliates deposited €600 EUR on the promise of an entirely [Continue reading…]