Despite management claiming to have never had a problem in the USA and Canada, further evidence of USI-Tech’s non-compliance with US regulators continues to surface.

The latest is confirmation the company failed to respond to a North Carolina securities fraud cease and desist.

Following an internal investigation, North Carolina issued USI-Tech with a securities fraud cease and desist on February 16th.

On February 22nd USI-Tech’s attorneys at Hart David Carson accepted service of the cease and desist.

On March 11th, the same cease and desist was served on USI-Tech PO Box address in Dubai.

Despite their lawyers being made aware of the notice, USI-Tech failed to make any response to the cease and desist notice.

USIT has failed to request a hearing, failed to file a responsive pleading, and failed to make any other submission to the Administrator.

This prompted a final order, issued on April 6th. The order was only made public by the regulator yesterday.

As per the final order, the Securities Division has confirmed USI-Tech violated North Carolina securities law.

The company and it’s affiliates have been permanently prohibited from operating in North Carolina.

One of USI-Tech’s top promoters, Frank Calabro Jr., is based out of North Carolina.

On March 8th Calabro was issued with a separate securities fraud cease and desist.

Calabro is facing felony charges and as of April 8th, the North Carolina Securities Division’s investigation is ongoing.