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OneCoin investors arrested in Kazakhstan

According to an April 14th news report from Kazakhstan’s Tengri News, officers of the Economic Investigation Service in Astana have arrested several OneCoin investors.

Jeunesse will not stop selling Instantly Ageless without court order

Despite being cut off by their supplier, Juenesse has vowed to continue selling Instantly Ageless unless a court order prohibits them from doing so. The announcement was made in an April 12th statement provided to BehindMLM, which I’ve reproduced below in full.

Instantly Ageless terminate Jeunesse contract over unpaid royalties

One of Jeunesse’s most recognizable products is Instantly Ageless. Marketed as an anti-aging “micro cream”, Instantly Ageless is manufactured by Anti Age Technologies LLC. Following allegations that Jeunesse has “committed several uncured material breaches of the Agreement” between the two companies, on April 3rd, 2017, Anti Age Technologies wrote to Jeunesse to advise they were terminating [Continue reading…]

Germany freeze OneCoin’s bank accounts, issue cease and desist

German authorities began investigating OneCoin mid last year. In the immediate aftermath of the investigation announcement, OneCoin lost its Deutsche Bank account. The conclusion of the investigation, led by the country’s top financial services regulator, saw remaining known bank accounts in the name of IMS International Marketing Services GmbH ordered frozen on the 17th and 20th [Continue reading…]

William Apostelos’ wife pleads guilty to money laundering

With her husband already having plead guilty to wire fraud two months ago, it was only a matter of time before his wife Connie Apostelos buckled. While William Apostelos is credited as the mastermind behind Genesis Acquisitions, federal prosecutors alleged his wife was also involved. In a thirteen page guilty plea, Connie Apostelos acknowledges her involvement [Continue reading…]

Daniel Filho declared mentally incompetant

Daniel Filho’s mental health issues, which appear to have only sprung up after he was arrested, have been stalling criminal proceedings for some time now. Filho was arrested back in July of 2015 and criminal proceedings have been pending since. Unfortunately the delays look set to continue, with a US Judge ruling Daniel Filho is officially [Continue reading…]

Beep XCoin Review: Beep Xtra launches cryptocurrency mining

Beep Xtra initially launched back in late 2013 as an e-commerce platform and funnel into the Karatbars International pyramid scheme. The concept flopped and in an attempt to reinvigorate the business, Beep Xtra began offering unregistered securities to affiliates in mid 2014. That worked for a while, but by early 2016 Beep Xtra dwindled and all [Continue reading…]

$314,228 Canadian Zeek net-winner’s $2800 settlement offer rejected

Beverly Trca-Kitchen stands accused by the Zeek Receiver of stealing $314,228 from Zeek Rewards victims. In the wake of Paul Burks receiving jail time for masterminding the scheme, Trca-Kitchen approached the Zeek Receiver with a $2801 settlement offer. Seeming not impressed, the Receivership rejected the offer. In a letter dated March 23rd, Trca-Kitchen has asked the [Continue reading…]

MMM Reunited Review: 100% a month ROI MMM Global clone

MMM Reunited provide no information on their website about who owns or runs the business. The MMM Reunited website domain (“”) was privately registered on January 29th, 2017. Alexa currently estimate that the US (53%) and Nigeria (25%) are the top sources of traffic to the MMM Reunited website. This suggests that whoever is running [Continue reading…]

Traffic Monsoon investor claims he can put Scoville away “for life”

In the aftermath of the preliminary injunction granted against Traffic Monsoon and owner Charles Scoville, donations to Scoville’s legal fund appear to have tanked. As per the “Scoville Legal Defense Fund” website, $1520 has been donated as of March 31, 2017. Legal costs for February, 2017 were $4840. Legal costs for March have not been disclosed. [Continue reading…]