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$498 million default judgement awarded in Changes Trading case

Last year the CFTC filed a lawsuit against Changes Trading and co-owners Timothy Baggett and Kimball Parker. Negotiations between Parker and the CFTC are ongoing but Baggett has thus far failed to make an appearance in the case. In November the CFTC filed for an entry of default against Changes Trading and Baggett. This was granted [Continue reading…]

Wakaya Perfection counterclaim details Youngevity vendetta, infidelity

On January 18th Wakaya Perfection filed their answer to Youngevity’s lawsuit. For the most part the company denies the claims laid out against it. Individuals identified herein and other distributors of Wakaya’s products neither are agents of Wakaya nor speak for or on behalf of Wakaya, that Wakaya’s compensation plan speaks for itself, and that [Continue reading…]

William Apostelos’ trial delayed till April, 2017 (Genesis Acquisitions)

William Apostelos, the man behind the Genesis Acquisitions Ponzi scheme, was scheduled to face trial on February 6th. Citing the need for ore ‘time to adequately prepare this complex case for trial‘ and ‘review a government document recently presented‘, Apostelos asked for a continuance on January 23rd.

Brazil indicts twenty-two TelexFree scammers

While the sentencing of James Merrill next month will see the criminal side of TelexFree proceedings in the US wind up, down in Brazil they’re just just getting started. Following a three year investigation by Brazilian Federal Police, last Thursday twenty-two Brazilian TelexFree scammers were indicted.

OneCoin’s Chris Principe also promoting Skyway Capital Ponzi scheme

In his own words, when Chris Principe ‘first heard about OneCoin, (he) thought it was either a scam or a pyramid scheme‘. That quickly changed  after OneCoin paid Principe to run a fluff-piece in his Financial IT publication. In addition to paying an undisclosed amount of money to change Principe’s opinion of the scheme, OneCoin [Continue reading…]

StemTech files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Stemtech International was founded in 2005 by Christian Drapeau and Ray Carter. The company is currently based out of Florida and operates in the nutrition MLM niche. BehindMLM reviewed StemTech in 2012 and found the company had a strong focus on autoship affiliate recruitment. Over the last eight months Alexa traffic estimates for the StemTech website [Continue reading…]

Nerium lawsuit against Modere uncovers alleged corporate sabotage

On December 30th, 2016, Nerium International filed a lawsuit against Modere. Nerium claims the lawsuit, which also sought a Temporary Restraining Order, was an attempt to stop two of its high-ranking salespeople and a paid Nerium consultant from raiding Nerium’s salesforce and customers, in direct violation of their non-competition and non-solicitation agreements, for a competing [Continue reading…]

Nerium AD causes chemical burns & disfigurement, lawsuit alleges

Nerium’s flagship product Nerium AD has come under fire, following the filing of a new lawsuit in Missouri As per BehindMLM’s Nerium review (2014), the company claims Nerium AD (“Age Defying”) contains the most effective ingredients available, including our exclusive, patented NAE-8 extract, which has powerful antioxidant properties that help reduce the appearance of many signs [Continue reading…]

WCM777 victim claims will be paid “within the next week or so”

Good news for victims of the WCM777 Ponzi scheme, with the Receiver revealing allowed claims will be paid out “within the next week or so”. The Receiver’s announcement was made as part of her twelfth Interim Report.

Clawback amount process for Zeek Rewards net-winners approved

Following a proposal submitted last month by the Receiver, an order has established how much Zeek’s Rewards’ net-winner class will have to pay back. The order makes no amendments to the Zeek Receiver’s initial proposal, which had already been signed off on by attorneys representing the 9000 strong net-winner class.