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Frank Calabro Jr. agrees to stop securities fraud, continues anyway…

Rather than clear his name with evidence he isn’t a serial scammer, Frank Calabro Jr. has agreed to stop committing securities fraud in North Carolina.

David Wood vows to “entirely destroy” World Ventures after termination

Following a series of reported non-payment of owed commissions, David Wood issued World Ventures with multiple deadlines. World Ventures appears to have responded in kind by terminating David Wood as an affiliate sometime in the last 24 hours. Unless World Ventures reverse the termination by 10 am Wednesday, June 13th, Wood has vowed to “entirely [Continue reading…]

Charles Scoville hospitalized for aberrant, paranoid & manic behavior

One of the assets attributed to Scoville’s use of Traffic Monsoon investor funds is a £290,000 flat and parking space in Manchester, UK. The use of investor funds to purchase the property in 2015 means the asset belongs to the Traffic Monsoon Receivership estate. The Receiver has keys to the property but was unable to file [Continue reading…]

MOBE Receiver claims Matt Lloyd in hiding

On June 5th a Florida District Court Judge appointed a temporary MOBE Receiver. The Receiver has taken control of MOBE’s assets and will work towards an eventual distribution of losses to Matt Lloyd’s victims. In the meantime Lloyd himself appears to be in hiding.

BitClub Network investor alert issued in North Carolina

A BitClub Network investor warning has been issued by the North Carolina Securities Division.

TVizion claim ignorance of free PPV pirated streams

If someone offered you free access to an advertised pay per view broadcast in your home, you’d assume it was pirated – right? Not TVizion, who claim complete ignorance the “free” PPV streams they offered in promotions were pirated.

MOBE’s “entire business model is a fraud”, FTC’s TRO granted

The FTC’s request for a Temporary Restraining Order against MOBE is supported by over 4557 pages of evidence. This includes: declarations from multiple MOBE victims (168 complaints were filed with the FTC) citations from MOBE’s 2016 case against Digital Altitude evidence collected from transcripts of communications between undercover FTC agents and MOBE staff evidence collected via [Continue reading…]

FTC claim MOBE a $125 million “fraudulent business education” scam

After the FTC busted Digital Altitude earlier this year, inevitably people began asking “What about MOBE?” So similar are MOBE’s and Digital Altitude’s “high-ticket marketing education” business models, that MOBE actually sued Digital Altitude in 2016. Having won an injunction against Digital Altitude and the scam all but shut down, now the FTC have filed [Continue reading…]

Nerium quietly pays off burns and skin damage lawsuit plaintiff?

Our last update on Christina Swiatek’s lawsuit against Nerium International and Nerium Skincare detailed settlement with the latter defendant. Nerium International were still holding out, however it appears they’ve since settled with Swiatek.

MOBE admins confirm FTC investigation, beg for legal defense funding

Following our announcement yesterday, BehindMLM can now confirm an FTC investigation into MOBE. That investigation is directly responsible for the MOBE website being offline and suspension of business operations.