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SwissGolden scammers arrested in Nigeria, $601,600 recovered

SwissGolden was a cycler Ponzi we here at BehindMLM reviewed back in 2014. While the company traded in euro and represented it was operated out of the UK, British Virgin Islands and Hong Kong, turns out a Russian and two Nigerians were behind it.

Top USI-Tech promoter Justin Verrengia sends FBI after critic?

Justin Verrengia was one of USI-Tech’s top US-based investors. After USI-Tech collapsed in the US, Verrengia, who is based out of Florida, began scrubbing the internet of his association with the Ponzi scheme. Most of Verrengia’s promotion of USI-Tech, primarily through his “Crypto Alchemy” Facebook group, has since been made private or deleted. I did [Continue reading…]

Redwood Scientific Technologies under investigation for FTC Act violations

BehindMLM recently reviewed RengaLife on April 13th. While I didn’t personally come across any suspect marketing claims as part of my research, it has emerged RengaLife’s parent company, Redwood Scientific Technologies, is being investigated for suspected violations of the FTC Act.

BitConnect investor alert issued in Ontario, Canada

Three months after its collapse, the Ontario Securities Commission has issued an investor warning against BitConnect.

Preliminary injunction entered against Chandler, Gatto & Dluca

In yet another example of the “scam people and play dumb when caught” defense not working, a preliminary injunction has been granted against Scott Chandler, Louis Gatto and Thomas Dluca. The three defendants were sued by the FTC last month as top earners in the Bitcoin Funding Team, My7Network and JetCoin scams.

USI-Tech permanently banned in North Carolina for securities fraud

Despite management claiming to have ‘never had a problem in the USA and Canada‘, further evidence of USI-Tech’s non-compliance with US regulators continues to surface. The latest is confirmation the company failed to respond to a North Carolina securities fraud cease and desist.

Tecademics co-founder conflict leads to IQup sell off

Tecademics launched in 2016 and pitched itself as a “college of internet marketing”. Despite not being recognized as a college by any authoritative body, Tecademics charged up to $10,000 in “tuition fees” for two-year courses. Less than two years from launch (meaning not one person had time to complete a $10,000 course), Tecademics has been [Continue reading…]

Scott Chandler and Louis Gatto defy court order to disclose assets

As we edge closer to a decision on a preliminary injunction in the FTC vs. Scott Chandler, Louis Gatto, Thomas Dluca and Eric Pinkston, objections and responses have been filed. Last we checked in Chandler, Gatto and Pinkston essentially argued they knew nothing of the nature of the scams they promoted. With respect to Scott Chandler and [Continue reading…]

Harendar Kaur’s son arrested in India (Speak Asia)

Balwinder Singh, son of Speak Asia’s Harendar Kaur, was arrested by Indian authorities at Chennai International Airport earlier this week.

Woking Council pushing Lyoness Ponzi onto unsuspecting residents

Back in 2015 a Town Councillor attempted to push Lyoness onto residents of Hailsham, a town in East Sussex, England. Upon other members of Hailsham council learning of the Lyoness AU investment Ponzi scheme, the project was suspended indefinitely. Two years later, a Town Councillor in another English town has pulled the same ruse.