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MTI leader Joel Santiago has an epic meltdown

A recording of a late December Mirror Trading International leaders zoom meeting has emerged. In the wake of MTI’s collapse, top US investor Joel Santiago has an epic meltdown.

New MTI leak blows open Ward’s “we are victims” lies

A new Mirror Trading International data leak has blown open claims the Marks family are Ponzi victims.

Listen as Ulrich Roux lavishes praise on MTI Ponzi scheme

In announcing their withdrawal as Mirror Trading International’s attorneys, the law firm Ulrich Roux and Associates stated it made it clear from the outset that we were in no position to provide potential clients with financial advice as to whether they should invest with MTI, as we are not financial advisors, nor are we specialists [Continue reading…]

MTI announcement throws CEO and wife under the bus

Mirror Trading International’s collapse continues to follow the BTC Global Team playbook. In the latest update, Cheri Marks spins quite a story.

Mirror Trading International’s attorneys withdraw

The South African law firm Ulrich Roux and Associates has announced it has dropped Mirror Trading International as a client.

MTI CEO Johan Steynberg now “missing”

Less than twenty-four hours after claiming CEO Johan Steynberg was abroad working on servers, Mirror Trading International now claims they haven’t heard from him since December 14th. The revelation was made via an email sent out to MTI affiliates a few hours ago.

MTI CEO Johan Steynberg flees South Africa

In a video update published earlier today, Mirror Trading International affiliates have confirmed CEO Johan Steynberg has fled South Africa.

Cheri Marks accuses FSCA of lying about criminal investigation

Suspected MTI co-owner Cheri Marks has accused the FSCA of lying about a Mirror Trading International criminal investigation.

FSCA: Mirror Trading International is an “illegal operation”

South Africa’s Financial Sector Conduct Authority has bluntly stated: MTI and its senior management are conducting an illegal operation, misleading clients and have contravened several laws. The statement was published as part of a December 17th press-release, updating the public on the status of the FSCA’s investigation.

Mirror Trading International an illegal company in Canada

Quebec’s Autorite des Marches Financiers has added Mirror Trading International to its list of illegal websites and companies.