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Johann Steynberg spent 2021 banging a Brazilian mistress

Following Mirror Trading International’s collapse in late 2020, CEO Johann Steynberg fled South Africa for Brazil. Authorities eventually caught up with Steynberg and arrested him late last month. Steynberg managed to evade authorities on account of him having at least three fake IDs. We now also now Steynberg spent 2021 living on stolen bitcoin and [Continue reading…]

Mirror Trading International’s Johann Steynberg arrested in Brazil

Brazilian authorities have arrested Mirror Trading International CEO Johann Steynberg. Steynberg was picked up Goiania on an international arrest warrant issued by Interpol.

Mirror Trading International liquidators to validate victim claims

In the absence of regulatory action, the Mirror Trading International liquidation process continues. The latest is a confusing series of events that saw victims claims universally rejected.

Mirror Trading International pyramid hearing delayed to 2022

The hearing to decide official classify Mirror Trading International as a pyramid scheme has been delayed. What was a relatively straight-forward case, albeit slow-moving, has since devolved into a circus.

US investigation into Mirror Trading International confirmed

Mirror Trading International’s liquidators have confirmed the existence of a US investigation into Mirror Trading International. The news follows months of inaction by South African authorities.

FSCA announces they “might” fine MTI $6.9 million

Seven months after raiding Mirror Trading International’s South African offices, the FSCA has announced its intent fine the company. Oh my god just do it already…

Another 8000 BTC tracked down by MTI liquidators

Mirror Trading International’s liquidators have tracked down another 8000 bitcoin.

Mirror Trading International final liquidation granted

In the absence of regulatory action against the Mirror Trading International Ponzi scheme, civil liquidation proceedings continue. The latest update is a final liquidation order, granted June 30th.

Clynton Marks claims MTI was “a club”, wants liquidation stay

If you get caught running a multi-million dollar Ponzi scheme in South Africa, all you have to do is claim it was “a club”. That’s the legal strategy being employed by Mirror Trading International owner Clynton Marks.

EndoTech, CashFX Group & MTI warnings from Belgium

Belgium’s Financial Services and Markets Authority has issued securities fraud notices against EndoTech, CashFX Group and Mirror Trading International. As per the FSMA, EndoTech, CashFX Group and MTI are offering what they refer to as “expert advisors” schemes.