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Nerium seek to stop former Master Distributors from raiding for Jeunesse

One of the more disturbing allegations in Mark and Tammy Smith’s lawsuit against Nerium, was the calculated poaching of Prepaid Legal distributors. When Nerium founder Jeff Olson first approached the Smiths, they claim they were in the midst of a “successful career” with PrePaid Legal. Olson nonetheless eventually convinced the Smiths to jump ship to [Continue reading…]

Master Distributors sue Nerium International for over $100 million

Mark and Tammy Smith aren’t just top earners in Nerium International, they’re the top earners. As Master Distributors of the company, Mark and Tammy Smith were held up as posters of Nerium’s success. As of late 2014, Ted Nuyten’s BusinessForHome clocked the Smith’s at $9 million career earnings and around $2.4 million in commissions annually. That [Continue reading…]

Nerium Skincare and Christina Swiatek enter confidential settlement

Late last year Christina Swiatek filed suit over the product Nerium AD allegedly causing “chemical burns and permanent skin damage”. Named defendants in the lawsuit include Nerium International and Nerium Skincare. As per a joint stipulation of dismissal filed on November 21st and a subsequent November 22nd order, Swiatek’s claims against Nerium Skincare have been [Continue reading…]

Nerium Skincare unable to resolve legal dispute through mediation

While I’ve been unable to accurately follow the Nerium Skincare legal dispute due to sealed filings, a few recently unsealed filings reveal Nerium Skincare and Nerium International attempted mediation in mid October.

Nerium Skincare accuse Jeff Olson of running “illegal financial schemes”

Nerium is involved in so many lawsuits at the moment that I’m finding it difficult to keep track of them all. There’s the Dennis Windsor lawsuit, the Modere lawsuit, the “chemical burns & disfigurement” lawsuit…. One that slipped through the cracks update wise was the Nerium Skincare lawsuit, filed in August, 2015.

Nerium lawsuit against Modere uncovers alleged corporate sabotage

On December 30th, 2016, Nerium International filed a lawsuit against Modere. Nerium claims the lawsuit, which also sought a Temporary Restraining Order, was an attempt to stop two of its high-ranking salespeople and a paid Nerium consultant from raiding Nerium’s salesforce and customers, in direct violation of their non-competition and non-solicitation agreements, for a competing [Continue reading…]

Nerium AD causes chemical burns & disfigurement, lawsuit alleges

Nerium’s flagship product Nerium AD has come under fire, following the filing of a new lawsuit in Missouri As per BehindMLM’s Nerium review (2014), the company claims Nerium AD (“Age Defying”) contains the most effective ingredients available, including our exclusive, patented NAE-8 extract, which has powerful antioxidant properties that help reduce the appearance of many signs [Continue reading…]

Windsor’s Nerium lawsuit heads to mediation, 2018 trial date set

After claiming to have spent ‘six years developing, co-founding, and co-leading Nerium’s record breaking global sales which has topped four hundred million dollars ($400,000,000.00) annually‘, in March Dennis Windsor was terminated as company President. A lawsuit followed in April, through which Windsor is seeking $22 million dollars in damages. In addition to damages, Windsor is claiming [Continue reading…]

DOUBLE WHAMMY: Nerium sued by product supplier

Yesterday we reported on Dennis Windsor, co-founder of Nerium, suing the company for $22 million dollars. Today we cover another lawsuit filed against Nerium, this time by their product supplier.

Co-founder sues Nerium for $22 million dollars

According to Dennis Windsor, back in 2009 Jeff Olson began discussing with him plans to launch two network marketing companies. Windsor (right) claims to have been involved in MLM for over 36 years, spending over 17 years in the field as a top distributor building large global sales organizations and over 19 years in Founder [Continue reading…]