In the lead up to his resignation as “captain” of OneCoin on April 1st, Simon Le claims to have “many sleepless nights”.

Details of what he was worried about are revealed in Le’s leaked OneCoin resignation letter.

Shortly after being appointed captain in late 2019, Le states that on December 4th he

had a chance to sit down officially with the current company management team to raise issues and (propose) a check-list of action plans that need(ed) to be focus(ed) on.

Le claims that meeting provided him with “more insights” into OneCoin that he “did not know before”.

Supposedly OneCoin’s latest marketing ploy is a new 250 billion coin blockchain. And Le thought this was a terrible idea.

It will greatly damage the trust of the members as Dr. Ruja mentioned in June 2016 London event, with the launch of new blockchain with 120 billion ONEs over the retired blockchain of 2.1 billion ONEs, (that it) will be the last increase in coin quantity.

It is a breach of trust to the community if we increase and change the coin quantity with every upgrade in our blockchain.

It’s worth pointing out that OneCoin has in fact never had a blockchain. This has been confirmed by Ruja Ignatova’s brother Konstantin.

In addition to trust issues, Le also expressed concern about OneCoin selling another 130 billion coins.

Our sales performance (slid) drastically from 2018 to present.

With our current network state, I cannot imagine how do we and how long it takes for us to sell another 130 billion coins in this competitive market which is do different from 2014-2017.

Moving away from OneCoin’s non-existent blockchain, Le also expressed dismay at a lack of communication.

I have raised a huge concern to improve the communication between me/King (network representatives) with company’s management team such as weekly conference call to speed up the progress update.

However, this request was not really welcomed (more or less, (it was) only (a) one-way desire from the Captain team).

On the management front Le states he was “shocked”

to find out the management has appointed Alex to be the puppet CEO of the company.

Alex refers to Angel “Foxi” Boyadzhiyski, who in addition to being OneCoin’s puppet CEO is also puppet owner of several connect companies.

Money wise with new investment plummeting after ROI payments were stopped in January 2017, OneCoin is in dire straits.

(OneCoin) has a Cash Account liability of approximately 650 million Euro.

This Cash Account is deserving bonuses earned through hard work in promoting and selling (OneCoin’s) product.

Our networkers have not be(en) able to withdraw cash for more than 2 years through backoffice withdrawal.

Even (if) the company agree(d) to set aside 50% of new sales for cash withdrawal purposes, hwo to take care (of) the huge amount like this in the current situation?

Le’s OneCoin resignation was tended on April 1st. It later emerged that he registered the domain (“onelinknetwork”) on March 5th.

Le launched OneLink as a OneCoin Ponzi clone within weeks of his resignation. Preparation for the launch however clearly began while he was still at OneCoin.

Since launch OneLink appears to have flopped. OneCoin still chugs along courtesy of faceless management in Bulgaria.