On February 8th Mark Scott was served a grand jury subpoena, requesting “a wide variety of documents” related to OneCoin.

Whatever evidence is in those documents, Mark Scott doesn’t want a grand jury seeing them.

We don’t know the specifics of what information the grand jury has requested from Scott, but we do know it was requested from Scott in his capacity as custodian of MSS International Consultants.

MSS International Consultants is one of the many shell companies OneCoin used to launder investor funds.

Through MSS International Consultants and other shell companies, the DOJ allege that Scott helped OneCoin launder over $400 million dollars.

On February 15th Scott’s attorney informed the DOJ that ‘Scott would assert his Fifth Amendment privilege in response to the subpoena‘.

Subsequently Scott’s attorney asked he be released from the subpoena.

The DOJ refused, on the grounds Scott doesn’t ‘have a Fifth Amendment privilege as custodian‘.

Scott has now turned to the District Court to resolve the matter.

If the District Court rules in his favor, Scott won’t have to provide the grand jury with the requested evidence – presumably on the grounds of self-incrimination.

Bear with me here, because things get a little complicated and I’m just thinking out loud… (updates below if anyone can point out something I’ve missed).

Mark Scott was indicted by a federal grand jury last August.

As I understand it he can’t be indicted again on the same charges, so that means this new grand jury pertains to someone else.

Supporting this is Scott being subpoenaed as a custodian, rather than as a defendant.

Apologies if my legal terminology is off, but what I’m getting at is Scott isn’t the subject of this unknown grand jury proceeding. He’s merely been compelled to provide evidence as custodian of MSS International Consultants.

So who is the subject of the current grand jury proceedings?

In Scott’s attorney’s filing, he states;

The subpoena calls for Mr. Scott to determine which if any documents “pertain to” the listed individuals and companies.

The documents referenced is the evidence Scott has been compelled to provide. The unknown individuals and companies referred to are related to OneCoin.

The obvious suspect is Sebastian Greenwood, who was arrested in Thailand and extradited to the US last November.

Greenwood’s status since extradition is unknown. But if it’s not him, then I don’t have any idea who the DOJ are currently going after.

Scott’s attorney’s filing is accompanied by a sealed copy of Scott’s subpoena. I can only assume the reason for the sealing is that the subpoena would give away who the current grand jury proceedings pertains to.

We’ll keep you updated on any developments but either way, looks like the prosecution of OneCoin executives has begun in earnest.