zukul-logoZukul Gold was initially announced earlier this year but quickly vanished.

Earlier this month it appears to have resurfaced and is being touted as an entirely new opportunity.

Today we take a look at Zukul’s latest offering. Read on for a full review of the Zukul Gold MLM opportunity.

The Zukul Gold Product Line

Zukul Gold has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market Zukul Gold affiliate membership itself.

Jeremy Rush claims Zukul Gold is an “independent affiliate” of a third-party gold company. Rush claims Zukul has “100% backing of the (gold) company”.


A Zukul Gold marketing presentation presented by Jeremy Rush repersents IGR, refinery based out of Turkey, as the gold company.

The Zukul Gold Compensation Plan

When I began researching Zukul Gold it wasn’t long before I was hit with a strong sense of deja vu.

Zukul Gold’s compensation plan is identical to that of Eagle Aurum Team.

The slide that confirmed this beyond a reasonable doubt was the matrix cycler tiers:


I recognized the Spanish names used, as I’d translated them to English in BehindMLM’s Eagle Aurum Team review.

I’d reviewed Eagle Aurum Team back in September, so it was still fresh in my mind.

Sure enough when I compared Zukul Gold’s cycler fees, they matched up perfectly with Eagle Aurum Team.

In a nutshell, Eagle Aurum Team operate a seven-tier matrix Ponzi cycler.

Recruitment commissions are paid out separately through a ten-level deep unilevel compensation structure, adding an additional pyramid layer to the scheme.

For a complete run-down of Eagle Aurum Team’s compensation plan see BehindMLM’s Eagle Aurum Team review.

Joining Zukul Gold

Zukul Gold affiliate membership is tied to the purchase of a €40 EUR matrix cycler position.


jeremy-rush-founder-zukulZukul Gold is basically Jeremy Rush (right) signing up as an Eagle Aurum Team affiliate and then recruiting Zukul affiliates under him.

That’s literally all that’s happening here.

It’s not a separate opportunity, Zukul Gold itself is just piggy-backing onto another MLM underbelly scheme.

No doubt Rush has likely secured himself a healthy backdoor deal which sees him paid a bonus per Zukul affiliate who signs up too.

Seeing as the same is true for Zukul Gold, here’s BehindMLM’s conclusion from our Eagle Aurum Team review;

As with all Ponzi schemes, once recruitment of new affiliates dies down so too does the rate of new funds entering the scheme.

This will see Eagle Aurum starved of cash and unable to meet it’s ROI obligations.

Being a matrix-based compensation plan, Eagle Aurum affiliates will be able to spot a pending collapse by way of matrix cycling taking longer and longer.

Eventually the matrices will stall altogether, at which point Eagle Aurum will have collapsed entirely. At that point anyone who hasn’t withdrawn more than they have spent on matrix positions loses out.

Mathematically, this is guaranteed to be the majority of Eagle Aurum affiliates.

One additional aspect I noted in Zukul Gold was Rush’s mention that Zukul affiliates can pay to fill their matrices up.

Referred to as “lead selling”, Herbalife is a good example of regulatory pressure forcing them to can the practice in 2013.

But hey, when you’re flippantly marketing Ponzi fraud, what’s a bit of lead selling on the side.

Zukul itself launched in 2014 and began life as a subscription-based pyramid scheme.

Earlier this year co-founder Jeremy Rush launched Zukul Ad Network, which added an adcredit Ponzi scheme layer to the opportunity.

Through Zukul Ad Network, affiliates invest in ten-tiers of adcredit packages which pay out a 120% to 150% ROI.

Alexa traffic estimates for the Zukul Ad Network website suggest affiliate recruitment may have stalled over the past few months.

With increasing ROI liabilities owed to the existing Zukul affiliate-base, this has likely prompted Rush to work out a partnership with Eagle Aurum Team.

Unfortunately all he’s doing is adding to Zukul’s existing ROI liabilities. Some of it will be offset through whatever backroom deal Rush has worked out with Eagle Aurum Team, but otherwise as long as Zukul Ad Network runs the Ponzi ROI liabilities will continue to spiral out of control.

What’s also interesting to note is Zukul Gold appears to have been first announced shortly after the launch of Zukul Ad Network.

BehindMLM’s Zukul review was published in January 2016, with claims Zukul Gold was launching materializing the following month in February.

Initially Zukul Gold appears to have been tied to Karatbars International, however as evidenced by the current reboot, that doesn’t seem to have worked out.

Zukul gold went belly up within weeks as accounts were locked due to non compliance. Gold has never been mentioned since.

For the record, Karatbars International is yet another gold-based European pyramid scheme.

In any event, what does all of this mean for you as an existing or potential Zukul Gold affiliate today?

Well if you’ve never heard of Zukul up until Zukul Gold, know that you’re signing up into Zukul’s third (technically fourth) scam layer. You’ve got the original pyramid scheme affiliates and then the Zukul Ad Network affiliates ahead of you.

They’ve already pre-loaded their positions under Rush in Eagle Aurum Team and can’t wait to take your money.

If you’re an existing Zukul affiliate you’ve either bought into Zukul Gold in the hope of recouping some of your losses (unless you’re one of Jeremy Rush’s buddies), or you’ve realized you’ve been scammed and moved on.

Whatever the case Zukul Gold remains a Ponzi scheme, through which the majority of participants are mathematically guaranteed to lose money.