Zukul returned to my radar recently, as a result of owner Jeremy Rush promoting Boris CEO Ponzi schemes.

Zukul was initially reviewed on BehindMLM in February 2016. Zuku’s first incarnation was a pyramid scheme, verging on the launch of an ad-credit Ponzi scheme.

In November 2016 BehindMLM revisited Zukul as “Zukul Gold“.

Jeremy Rush (right) was using Zukul Gold to funnel Zukul affiliates into Eagle Aurum Team, a matrix cycler Ponzi.

By December 2016 Zukul losses were mounting, prompting victims to air their grievances on social media.

At the time Rush claimed he’d initiated legal proceedings against unnamed individuals on Facebook.

To the best of my knowledge no legal action was ever taken.

Zukul continued to decline and all but collapsed going into 2017.

In early 2018 Rush rebooted Zukul as a trading bot Ponzi scheme.

Initially going by Zukul Trader, as reviewed on BehindMLM, the scheme appears to have been renamed Zukul Trading at some point.

A visit to Zukul’s website reveals a pitch of “proven trading bots earning daily on autopilot”.

On offer are five trading packages:

Curiously there’s no MLM business opportunity detailed. I’m not sure if that’s removal of the MLM business or if it’s just hidden.

An attempt to suss out the current status of Zukul Trading reveals the following:

  • Alexa traffic analysis for Zukul’s website is pretty much flatline
  • Zukul Trading’s official Facebook page has been deleted
  • Zukul Trading’s official Twitter account was abandoned in July 2018
  • Zukul Trading’s official LinkedIn account was abandoned in 2018

A few of Zukul Trading’s social media profiles simply link to Jeremy Rush’s social media profiles.

The company’s YouTube channel is an example of this. Clicking through to Zukul Trading’s YouTube channel reveals Jeremy Rush promoting a ton of MLM crypto Ponzi schemes.

Rush’s latest squeeze is a TRON smart-contract Ponzi going by Jonny Blockchain.

Rush can barely contain his excitement at the prospect of recruiting “earlybirds”.

The takeaway here of course is that Zukul Trading’s bot are and always were bullshit.

If they remotely worked as promised, Rush wouldn’t be pitching one scam after another.

Zukul Trading was a Ponzi scheme that collapsed in 2018/2019. Jeremy Rush is still the scammer he always was.

He’s just been downgraded from “launcher of Ponzi schemes” to “just another shill”.

After realizing launching scams is far more profitable then promoting them, scammers typically travel this road in reverse.

Rush never struck me as the sharpest tool in the shed.