true-vision-global-logoGathering information on True Vision Global is a bit of a challenge.

As best I’ve been able to make out, the company was set to launch earlier this year but this has been delayed. The “” domain  currently redirects to “”.

This domain has a big “coming soon” banner at the top, implying that the opportunity hasn’t yet launched.

One domain mentioned on the site though is “”, which appears to be some sort of customer orientated website.

As far as information about the company goes, the preregistration website is mostly useless. It does however provide a corporate address, belonging to “McQuinn Enterprises”, in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan.

lois-mcquinn-co-owner-president-true-vision-globalThe TVG-Connect website however names a “Sister Lois McQuinn” (right) as the President and co-founder of the company.

Additional co-founders include Charles Andrade, Gustavo Zaldivar and William Anderson Jr.

On the social network Better Networker, Quinn identifies herself as an affiliate with ACN ($499 entry fee to market third-party products and services).

In late 2013, McQuinn joined and was actively promoting Penny Matrix. Penny Matrix relied heavily on religious-themed marketing, charging participants $7 to qualify to earn commissions on the recruitment of new members.


Charles Andrade meanwhile was one of the co-founders of MMO Cashout, a failed MLM opportnity that sought to monetize the trading of digital items in online games.

Promotional videos on Andrade’s YouTube channel reveal was also involved in Penny Matrix, as well as Lucrazon Global, 60 Second Millionaire, The Legends Network and Spinding.

On a training video for True Vision Global hosted by Andrade, a Skype popup box appears suggesting he was also an investor in Worldwide Solutionz:


Gustavo Zaldivar was involved in eCosway circa 2011 (prior to the US relaunch). He was also an affiliate in the Ponzi scheme ROI Unlimited.

Finally, William R. Anderson Jr. was again an affiliate with Penny Matrix and Spinding.

There’s some observable overlap here, so it’s likely that the four co-founders of TVG have been working together in past opportunities they’ve been in.

Read on for a full review of the True Vision Global MLM business opportunity.

The True Vision Global Product Line

At the time of publication, it appears True Vision Global has no retailable products or services.

The TVG-Connect website does have a customer section, however the products on display are all marked “coming soon”:


Of note are that the products depicted on the TVG-Connect site do not belong to True Vision Global. They are all provided by third-party merchants (with whom TVG or its owners no doubt have affiliate agreements with).

True Vision Global themselves appear only to market paid affiliate membership to the opportunity itself.

The True Vision Global Compensation Plan

The True Vision Global compensation plan revolves around affiliate signing up and purchasing either Silver ($9.95 a month) or Gold ($29.95 a month) membership.

Retail commissions on the sale of third-party products and services offered through True Vision Global are also offered.

Retail Commissions

Should a True Vision Global affiliate manage to sell any third-party products or services through True Vision Global to a retail customer, they are paid a percentage commission of the sale.

How much of a percentage depends on their total retail sales revenue for that month:

  • up to $100 – 2.5%
  • up to $250 – 2%
  • over $250 – 3.5%

Matrix Commissions

True Vision Global’s two membership levels have a company-wide 3×9 matrix attached to them.

A 3×9 matrix places an affiliate at the top of a matrix, with three positions directly under them (level 1):


In turn, these three positions branch out into another three positions each (level 2). This process repeats itself again for level 3, continuing all the way down 9 levels.

Positions in the matrix are filled via the recruitment of new affiliates.

Affiliates themselves can purchase additional positions in their own matrix by purchasing what True Vision Global refer to as a “fundraising account”.

Fundraising accounts cost $10 a month and pay out commissions, however they do not have an additional matrix attached to them.

Commissions in the matrix are paid out of the monthly membership fees paid by affiliates, with how much of a commission paid out determined by how much an affiliate spends on their own membership and what level filled positions fall on.

Silver Affiliate Commissions

  • level 1 – 70 cents per member
  • level 2 – 77 cents per member
  • level 3 – 42 cents per member
  • levels 4 and 5 – 28 cents per member
  • levels 6 to 9 – 21 cents per member

Gold Affiliate Commissions

  • level 1 – $2.00 per member
  • level 2 – $2.20 per member
  • level 3 – $1.20 per member
  • levels 4 and 5 – 80 cents per member
  • levels 6 to 9 – 60 cents per member

Although not specified in the True Vision Global compensation plan material, I believe Gold affiliates earn the same commission on recruited affiliates irrespective of whether they join as Silver or Gold.

Matching Bonus

A Matching Bonus is paid out on the matrix earnings of recruited affiliates, payable down XX levels of recruitment.

How many levels and what Matching Bonus percentage is paid out is determined by the recruiting efforts of the qualifying affiliate:

  • no recruited affiliates – a Matching Bonus is paid out down five levels of recruitment (no percentage is provided in the True Vision Global compensation plan documentation)
  • recruit 1 affiliate – earn a 25% Matching Bonus paid out down seven levels of recruitment
  • recruit 3 affiliates – earn a 50% Matching Bonus paid out down nine levels of recruitment
  • recruit 9 affiliates – earn a 100% Matching Bonus paid out down nine levels of recruitment

Note that an affiliate can self-fund referrals by purchasing $10 a month Fundraising Accounts. Each Fundraising Account qualifies as a personally recruited affiliate for the life of the account.

Income Bonus Pool

For an additional $100 fee, True Vision Global affiliates can become Founder members.

Founder members receive a share in an Income Bonus Pool, which is made up of “2.5% of monthly membership” fees charged to affiliates.

Executive Business Distributor Affiliate Ranks

I’m mentioning this more an aside as I was unable to find any further specific information on it.

There’s a slide on the True Vision Global website that suggests there are three affiliate ranks beyond Gold:


No clues other than the mention of an “external program” are provided as to what these ranks are, what they provide access to or how an affiliate qualifies for them.

“Additional fees as per External Program” suggests that these ranks might act as a feeder to other income opportunities and/or components of the True Vision Global that have yet to be made public.

Joining True Vision Global

Affiliate membership with True Vision Global is either $9.95 a month for Silver membership or $29.95 a month for Gold.

The primary difference between these two levels of affiliate membership is income potential via participation in the True Vision Global income opportunity.

Founder positions are also available for an additional $100 fee, which qualifies an affiliate to earn in the revenue-sharing component of True Vision Global’s compensation plan.

I also saw mention of an “annual admin fee” mentioned on the True Vision Global website, however no specifics were provided. The company does state however that Founder Members have this fee waived.


Under the guise of helping charities, churches and missionaries and heavily religious-themed marketing, True Vision Global operate a simple two-tier recruitment-driven pyramid scheme.


The scheme revolves around the same of Silver and Gold memberships, which in turn fund matrix commissions, the Matching Bonus and the Income Bonus Pool.

The matrix reward those who recruit the most (directly or indirectly), ditto the Matching Bonus.

The Founder positions offered are of particular concern, as they resemble that of an unregistered security.

True Vision Global affiliates who opt for Founder membership essentially pay $100 on the promise of a share in a 2.5% revenue-sharing pool. That the pool is funded by revenue generated via recruitment, which True Vision Global directly compensate affiliates for, only compounds the problem.

There’s also a “pay to play” element to the scheme, with matrix commission percentages tied directly into how much an affiliate pays in fees each month. The more they pay, the higher their commission payout per recruited affiliate and Matching Bonus percentage.

All the mumbo-jumbo about helping people and changing the world is just smoke and mirrors for what is otherwise a straightforward matrix-based recruitfest.

The only reason True Vision Global are targeting charities, churches and missionaries, is the hope that their owners and/or leaders get involved and then start marketing the opportunity to those under them.


Leaders in these positions are in positions of authority, which True Vision Global are hoping they abuse to recruit those who trust them into the company.


The products offered through TVG-Connect (or not offered as is currently the case), are touted as eventually being available for retail purchase.

I suspect that if a product is sold to a retail customer, the third-party merchant who owns the product/service will pay True Vision Global a commission, which the company will then share with the affiliate who made the sale at a rate of 2.5% to 3.5%.

Of note is the fact that discounts are touted as a benefit of Silver and Gold True Vision Global affiliate membership, which I believe is just the recycling of some of the monthly fee these affiliates pay.

I base this on the fact that the company advertises Gold affiliates are given deeper discounts, which as I can see is for no other reason than paying more in monthly fees each month (allowing True Vision Global to recycle a larger portion of their fees towards the discount).

Retail customers would appear to have to pay full price for the products and services offered, raising the question of why would they buy other company’s products and services through True Vision Global?

In any event, one can safely ignore whatever products are eventually offered through TVG-Connect and just focus on the recruitment of affiliates. And this is likely how anyone reading this review was pitched, on the income opportunity rather than access to products and services readily available elsewhere.

Co-founder Charles Andrade gives the game away in his own June 2014 official corporate True Vision Global presentation:

[24:03] For a $29.95 a month investment, you will be able to earn over potentially $17,813.

[25:02] The sales team, if you only have around 15 people or less, not including direct referrals, you will be able to break even on your $29.95 investment.

Invest $9.95 or $29.95 a month, recruit a bunch of people and get paid – straight from the horse’s mouth.

Make no mistake, the co-founders of True Vision Global have come from MLM opportunities that have purposefully targeted charities and religious groups before.

Here just some of the nonsense touted when Lois McQuinn was being courted to join Penny Matrix:

Tracy Davison , a man who is in Zeek Rewards – assembled in 220,000 people, the MLM millionaire and founder of “Pinoy Recuiters “, namely the company that makes a team of experienced MLM marketers who are specialized in MLM livelihood.

An agreement was reached with Tracy Davison about turning over 279 million potential members through humanitarian organizations in Penny matrix.

The project triggered by Lois McQuinn & William R. Anderson Jr., missionaries from Canada who will include members instead of donations.

279 million people in the matrix over 2014 years!

279 million potential members?! Exactly how daft you have to be to take such numbers seriously is unclear, yet this was widely being touted by Penny Matrix affiliates around January this year.

According to an affiliate update published in May, this is how the agreement between Davison, McQuinn and Penny Matrix turned out:

We were expecting thousands coming in by Tracy Davison’s Pinoy Recruiters and then the Missionaries from Lois McQuinn.

All of that seems to have gone quiet on that front, so we soldier on and build the matrix ourselves.

279 million potential members became thousands, and even that never eventuated.

With mountains of experience between them, these people know exactly what they’re doing and who they’re targeting.

If you want to contribute to charity great, do so via a reputable, recognized and registered organizations. Don’t waste your time with nonsense like True Vision Global.