There is no information on the MMO Cashout website indicating who owns or runs the business. The company does have an “About” page, however only the following vague marketing copy is provided:

MMOCashout is the brainchild of Las Vegas, NV-based Peak Venture Group Inc, featuring an extraordinary executive and management team with extensive experience in network marketing, the gaming industry, information technology, sales, and operations.

Note that there is a Peak Venture Group using the website “”, however this does not appear to be the same Peak Venture Group behind MMO Cashout.

On the Peak Venture Group website, they state that

Peak Venture Group was founded in 2000. We are registered with US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as a 501(c)(3), focusing on education to the benefit of the entrepreneurial community in the Colorado Springs region.  We are also registered with the Colorado Secretary of State as a non-profit.

The MMO Cashout Peak Venture Group Inc. however doesn’t appear to have a web presence. Corporation Wiki lists an entry for them in Nevada, registered as a corporation in September 2012. A David B. Tiffany and Steven M. Tiffany are listed as the group’s Director and President respectfully.

David Tiffany’s name pops up as the owner of the MMO Cashout website domain (“”). Peak Venture Group also features in the listing, with a provided corporate address of “somewhere street” in Nevada.

Whilst David Tiffany and presumably the rest of Peak Venture Group’s executive management are behind MMO Cashout, the exact nature of the company’s corporate structure is currently unknown.

I did try to research any MLM history for either Peak Venture Group Inc. or David Tiffany, but didn’t turn up anything. Presumably MMO Cashout is the group’s first MLM venture on the executive side of things.

Read on for a full review of the MMO Cashout MLM business opportunity.

The MMO Cashout Product Line

Affiliate membership to MMO Cashout provides access to an online gaming e-commerce platform. Called “MMO BuyIt”. The idea behind MMO BuyIt is that affiliates can list items from online games in replicated storefronts.

If you are a Video Gamer, you get to buy and sell items of your liking in our online store – powerful swords, valuable items, rare game merchandise, gold… you name it.

The MMO Cashout Compensation Plan

The MMO Cashout compensation plan includes replicated storefront commissions and both direct and residual affiliate recruitment commissions. Top tier paying affiliates also qualify for a share in a bonus pool and advertising revenue.

MMO BuyIt Commissions

MMO BuyIt hasn’t actually launched yet so details on the exact commission structure are sketchy. The MMO Cashout website mentions direct “percentage-share” commissions on virtual items sold through an affiliate’s replicated MMO BuyIt store.

Presumably MMO Cashout affiliates will list items in their stores and then earn a cut of the sale price as a commission.

Recruitment Commissions

MMO Cashout affiliates are paid commissions on the recruitment of new affiliates. How much of a commission is paid out depends on how much the recruited affiliate elects to pay in monthly affiliate membership fees:

  • Peasant – $2 per month
  • Squire – $10 per month
  • Royal – $20 per month

Matrix Commissions

Recruitment commissions in MMO Cashout are paid out using a matrix compensation structure. The exact nature of the matrix is not specified, but it appears to be a 2 by something.

What is known is that affiliates must recruit new affiliates in order to get paid.

In order to qualify for the first 62 of yourkingdom, one has to invite just 2 Kindred’s to join MMOCashout (save for the free account).

The next 2046 will then be open once you have invited a third Kindred to join your Kingdom in MMOCashout. Adding fourth kindred would open 65,534.

To get the full 2,097,150, and get the most benefits, invite an additional 3 Kindred’s more. You will need in total of 7 personally invites or what we call Kindred in your Kingdom in order to get the full benefits in the unique and powerful kingdom of MMO Cashout.

MMO Cashout have swapped out traditional MLM terminology for MMO gaming themed terminology, but the basic idea is that you sign up as an affiliate and then recruit other paid affiliates to qualify for commissions.

Matrix commissions are paid out according to how much an affiliate themselves pays for membership, and how much is paid by recruited affiliates in their matrix:

  • Peasant ($10 a month) – 25 cents per Peasant, Squire or Royal
  • Squire ($50 a month) – 35 cents per Peasant and $1 per Squire or Royal
  • Royal ($99 a month) – 40 cents per Peasant, $1.50 per Squire and $3.50 per Royal

Bonus Pool and Advertising Revenue

No specifics are provided but Squire affiliates qualify for ‘a % share for items sold on MMO BuyIt‘. This would appear to be some sort of bonus pool with revenue generated via the sale of items through MMO BuyIt replicated storefronts.

In addition to the above, Royal affiliates also qualify for a share of MMO Cashout’s advertising revenues. Again, at the time of publication no further specific information was provided.

Joining MMO Cashout

Affiliate membership in MMO Cashout is available in four options:

  • Squatter – free (no recruitment or matrix commissions)
  • Peasant – $10 a month
  • Squire – $50 a month
  • Royal – $99 a month


MMOCashout is a revolutionary income opportunity for not only video gaming enthusiasts, but for non-gaming network marketing professionals as well.

Despite the gaming terminology used, MMO Cashout can be boiled down into a simple affiliate storefront bundled with your basic recruitment driven pyramid scheme.

The MMO BuyIt side of the business model is perfectly fine. Affiliate list items they’ve acquired or purchased in various online games, and then sell said items to buyers (who can be other MMO Cashout affiliates or retail customers).

The only issue I can see with that is certain gaming companies objecting to items and various other virtual properties being traded for cash (some gaming companies claim intellectual property rights over all ingame content).

Major red flags exist in the matrix and recruitment commissions, with the latter serving as the most basic of recruitment driven pyramid schemes. Affiliates by in for either $10, $50 or $100 a month and are then directly compensated based on how many paid affiliates they recruit.

Commissions are monthly and paid out as long as the affiliate receiving the commission and the affiliate whose fees the commission is being paid from, both continue to pay their monthly MMO Cashout affiliate fees.

The matrix also requires affiliate recruitment in order to generate commissions, but unlike the direct recruitment commissions they can be generated either via direct or indirect recruitment (the recruitment efforts of an affiliate’s up and downlines).

Given all of this, I’d predict it’s highly unlikely that any significant revenue is going to be generated via MMO BuyIt, with the bulk of revenue and subsequently commissions being generated and paid out of affiliate membership fees.

Once the recruitment of new affiliates slows down, those at the bottom of the scheme will stop paying their monthly membership fees. This results in those affiliates above them not receiving commissions, so they too stop paying their monthly fees. Eventually this trickles up all the way to the top of the scheme, which then triggers a pyramid scheme collapse.

Of note is that in his marketing campaign, affiliate Jamie Strickland (“dopplermkt”), is claiming that MLM attorney Kevin Thompson has “vetted” the MMO Cashout opportunity:



Kevin has confirmed that we are 100% compliant, legal, and our company will last long term, stable, and keep on growing!!!

In fact, Kevin even helped to write the TERMS and CONDITIONS for MMOCO and Buy IT and the rest.

Given MMO Cashout’s business model and compensation plan, I found their claims somewhat surprising. I’ve approached Thompson for comment on MMO Cashout affiliate claims and will update when I hear back.


Update 3rd February 2014 – Here’s Kevin Thompson’s response to MMO Cashout affiliates using his name to market the scheme:

I never endorse any of my client’s companies. Clients are informed of this when they retain me.

MMO Cashout is a client of Thompson’s but the endorsement is pure fiction.