traffic-hurricane-logoThere is no information on the Traffic Hurricane website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The Traffic Hurricane website domain (“”) was registered on August 16th, however the domain registration has been set to private.

Further research reveals top Traffic Monsoon investors Sharon James naming Ernest “Ernie” Ganz as the owner of the company:


Like James, Ganz (right) was a top earner in Traffic Monsoon. Two weeks after the SEC shutdown Traffic Monsoon for being a $207 million dollar Ponzi scheme, Ganz was tied to Traffic Monsoon Plus.

Traffic Monsoon Plus was launched as a Ponzi clone of Traffic Monsoon. Ganz denied he had any official involvement in the scheme but it appears the same cannot be said of Traffic Hurricane.

On the business model side of things, Traffic Hurricane is literally a 1:1 clone of Traffic Monsoon.

Traffic Hurricane affiliates invest $50 on the promise of a $55 ROI, which is paid out of subsequently invested funds.

Affiliates who generate new invested funds via recruitment are paid 10% of the funds recruited affiliates invest.

Tying all of this together are pseudo-compliance advertising credits, which the SEC recently reaffirmed are irrelevant when newly invested funds are being used to pay off existing investors.

Following the regulatory fallout of Traffic Monsoon, a number of scammers who had previously been enjoying a regular income are now looking to continue scamming their victims.

Enter sites like Traffic Monsoon Plus and Traffic Hurricane.

Run by those who have already stolen millions from Traffic Monsoon victims, these shameless hucksters are positioning themselves for a repeat performance.

Marketing from former Traffic Monsoon affiliates suggests Traffic Hurricane may have been set up using the Traffic Monsoon affiliate database.

Considering the database now belongs to the Traffic Monsoon Receiver, who obviously didn’t authorize Ernie Ganz to use it to create a new scam, the Traffic Hurricane website might be subject to seizure.

When it was shut down, Traffic Monsoon had generated a ROI liability of over $812.35 million.

ernie-ganz-customer-service-support-traffic-monsoonWith only $207 million having been invested into the scheme and much of that already paid out to top investors such as James and  Ganz (right), there is no way known Traffic Monsoon could have met its ROI obligations.

Not without creating even more of a ROI liability, which only emphasizes the flawed mathematics behind a Ponzi scheme.

Traffic Hurricane will play out no differently to Traffic Monsoon, with the added bonus of reload scams never being as successful as their original iterations.

Once the veneer of illusion has been peeled back and the reality behind such schemes exposed for what it is, serial scammers are typically only able to dupe a small percentage of the original affiliate-base.