Relationships between scammers are fickle at best. Throw in a bit of Ponzi greed, potentially millions of dollars and a list of people who’ve bought into math-breaking ROI lie, and all bets are off.

As a result of the SEC lawsuit against Traffic Monsoon last year, owner Charles Scoville had his assets frozen. Rather than get an honest job to support himself in the meantime, Scoville sought out donations to fund his legal defense.

In the immediate aftermath of the SEC shutdown, Ernie Ganz launched Traffic Monsoon Plus.

Ganz (right) was Scoville’s right-hand man in Traffic Monsoon such to the extent Scoville named him as someone he “trusted with his life”.

In the event of Scoville’s demise,  Ganz and Dave Barker were ‘selected as individuals who would take over‘ Traffic Monsoon.

The pair had access to everything, including the Traffic Monsoon Ponzi script and affiliate-base.

After the court appointed a Traffic Monsoon Receiver, technically everything to do with Traffic Monsoon belonged to the Receivership.

In a February 28th Facebook post, Scoville revealed his initial reaction to Traffic Monsoon Plus;

When we found out that TM was taken down by the receiver, I told Ernie at the time I don’t think this is a very good idea.

I told Ernie this really looks bad on me and I think he should take it down. He insisted nothing can be traced back to me and not to worry…

So the site was there but people got upset their account info was on there… so he took it down because of the back-lash.

In the meantime, despite pleas from top Traffic Monsoon investors and Scoville’s family, collections for his defense fund were slow.

We were struggling to get donations to help with the legal defense fund.

Allegedly, this is when Ganz came up with the idea of funding Scoville’s defense with the same Ponzi business model the SEC shut Traffic Monsoon down for using.

So Ernie had this idea. He said people aren’t donating because they aren’t benefiting from their donation.

We all agreed that helping pay attorneys to defend TM and bring it back would indeed benefit everyone who donated.

Ernie believed people didn’t see it that way, and felt that if people could buy adpacks and get involved in a new business to help them earn money, then people would go for it.

He was talking about using company profits from the sales of ad services in a new program would go towards the legal defense fund to support TM attorneys.

Ernie changed the name of to traffic hurricane and removed account details (mostly) and relaunched, and said it has nothing to do with TM because of legal reasons – he didn’t want it to be connected with Traffic Monsoon because then it would be tied into the same lawsuit TM is facing.

He also knew I couldn’t have anything to do with it because I was under a restraining order.

He said TH is my site, and when I win this lawsuit TH will be handed over to me.

TH is for my benefit, for TM, and for all the members. It was a place people could go and earn in the meantime.

Company profits would go straight into paying the attorneys and we wouldn’t have to worry about whether or not we could afford attorneys.

The website is exactly the same. A few minor modifications and possible site optimizations, but anyone with eyes can see it’s the exact same thing.

A copy of TM because it actually is the exact same script just renamed. All the work I put into the site is there.

Ernie intended on this, because people already knew how to use TM and felt it would be a good way to help people jump back into business while at the same time raise funds for the legal defense.

The Traffic Monsoon script legally is the property of the Receiver, who I’m sure hasn’t authorized Ernie Ganz to use to create new Ponzi schemes.

The Traffic Monsoon Receiver did subpoena Ganz last September, but as of yet nothing has come of it. At least not publicly.

In any event, despite the “noble” intentions Ganz professed when setting up Traffic Hurricane, according to Scoville he’s since gone rogue.

The intention for traffic hurricane was said to help raise funds for TM because people weren’t donating towards the cause.

Ernie felt that if people got involved in traffic hurricane, they could help raise the needed funds to pay for TM’s legal expenses.

Ernie did donate some money to TM at the beginning of this lawsuit.

I just wanted everyone who thinks TrafficHurricane is helping me, helping with legal defense funds, or benefiting TM in anyway– that it’s not.

Seems to me that Ernie has changed his mind.

It sure looks like TM was stolen from me and rebranded.. leading me to believe it was all for me.. all to support me.. all to support the members… all to help TM cover legal fees.. but in the end, we’re struggling to meet legal expenses.

TrafficHurricane moves on… Ernie is happy with “his” business, leaving me in the dust to sort all this out on my own without TrafficHurricane’s help..

For his part Ganz was recently in Belgium schmoozing with Traffic Hurricane’s top investors (most, if not all, of whom were in Traffic Monsoon).

For reasons that one day we’ll probably one day read about in regulatory legal filings, Ganz’s schmooze list included Firoz Patel, the Canada-based Executive Vice President of Payza.

Randomly showing up at various MLM underbelly events from time to time, Patel seems intent on positioning himself as the next Arthur Budovsky.

Ganz meanwhile has since returned to the US and is believed to be residing in Florida.

Scoville, Traffic Monsoon and the SEC have been in a legal standoff since last November, pending a decision on the SEC’s request for a preliminary injunction.

Stay tuned…