google-wallet-cool-million-logoThere is no information on the Google Wallet Cool Million website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The Google Wallet Cool Million website is hosted on a subdomain of the Ignite Riches domain (“”).

There’s no information about the owner of the opportunity on the Ignite Riches website.

The Ignite Riches domain registration lists “Carl Rich”, with a PO Box address in the US state of Illinois also provided.

I wasn’t able to find any additional information on Carl Rich in connection with Google Wallet Cool Million or Ignite Riches.

Kaschmiere-Rich-owner-google-wallet-cool-millions-ignite-richesA YouTube video featured on the Google Wallet Cool Riches website is hosted on a YouTube account bearing the name “Kaschmiere Rich” (right).

In addition to performances that appear to have been filmed inside a church, Rich’s YouTube channel features copious marketing material for MLM underbelly schemes.

Rich’s Facebook page is also full of dubious marketing claims, such as “$100 PER DAY STARTING WITH A BUCK!!”, “$430 Easy in 5 Days” and “IGNITE YOU BUSINESS $200 PER DAY WITH NO PROMOTING”.

Most of these schemes are of the matrix cycler and cash gifting variety, with this likely being the precursor to Rich launching Google Wallet Cool Million.

Why Kaschmiere Rich put Carl Rich in the Ignite Riches domain registration (or vice-versa on his YouTube channel) is unclear.

Read on for a full review of the Google Wallet Cool Million MLM business opportunity.

The Google Wallet Cool Million Product Line

Google Wallet Cool Million has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market Google Wallet Cool Million affiliate membership itself.

The Google Wallet Cool Million Compensation Plan

The Google Wallet Cool Million compensation plan sees affiliates purchase positions in a twelve straight-line cyclers.

A cycler sees an affiliate pay a fee for a position in a cycler queue, with subsequent position purchases then generating a commission payout.

Google Wallet Cool Million use a 5×1 straight-line queue cycler model, with five position purchases required for a commission payout.

The corresponding twelve cycler queues and their respective commission payouts are as follows:

  • Queue 1 (positions cost $5) – pays out $5 and enters into queue 2
  • Queue 2 (positions cost $20) – pays out $60 and enters into queue 3
  • Queue 3 (positions cost $40) – pays out $120 and enters into queue 4
  • Queue 4 (positions cost $80) – pays out $340 and enters into queue 5
  • Queue 5 (positions cost $160) – pays out $480 and enters into queue 6
  • Queue 6 (positions cost $320) – pays out $960 and enters into queue 7
  • Queue 7 (positions cost $640) – pays out $1920 and enters into queue 8
  • Queue 8 (positions cost $1280) – pays out $3840 and enters into queue 9
  • Queue 9 (positions cost $2560) – pays out $7680 and enters into queue 10
  • Queue 10 (positions cost $5120) – pays out $15,360 and enters into queue 11
  • Queue 11 (positions cost $10,240) – pays out $30,720 and enters into queue 12
  • Queue 12 (positions cost $20,480) – pays out $102,400

Joining Google Wallet Cool Million

Affiliate membership with Google Wallet Cool Million is free, however affiliates must purchase at least one $5 cycler position to participate in the income opportunity.

The purchase of additional positions effectively adds to the initial cost of Google Wallet Cool Million affiliate membership.


Google Wallet Cool Million is accurately described as a scheme within a scheme.

Hosted on the Ignite Riches domain, it’s a feeder scheme for Ignite Riches, which itself a downline builder for owner Kaschmiere Rich.

The Ignite Platform is revolutionizing network marketing by allowing members to work within multiple streams of income.

Each of our dynamic systems is currently creating wealth at an unimaginable rate of speed.

Further research reveals Ignite Riches marketing material promoting affiliate membership with a number of suspect schemes.

These include 4 Corners Alliance Group (pyramid scheme), TVC Matrix (also known as MCA, another pyramid scheme), National Wealth Center (cash gifting), All In One Profits (cash gifting), Ingreso Cybernetico (pyramid scheme) and Paycation Travel (recruitment).

A common factor in all of the above schemes is commissions paid on the recruitment of new affiliates. That unfortunately is also the core of Google Wallet Cool Million.

Affiliates sign up for $5, which qualifies them to receive $5 gifting payments from subsequently recruited affiliates.

The basic math behind the scheme is pretty bad, with 32,777 five dollar payments required to generate a single $163,885 payout (the total paid out across all twelve cycler queues).

Needless to say the only positions that might come anywhere near that the preloaded ones that belong to Kaschmiere Rich, with everybody else losing out.

And that’s on top of a business model that sees Google Wallet Cool Million operate as a cash gifting scheme.

One final note is the name of the scheme, Google Wallet Cool Million.

“Google Wallet” is an actual product offered by Google, with any momentum Google Wallet Cool Million gains likely to result in legal action taken against the scheme.

Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s Rich’s intended out once recruitment of new Google Wallet Cash Million affiliates dies down. It’s not like any of the suckers who buy into this are going to be able to prove otherwise.


Update 7th July 2016 – After this review was published Kaschmiere Rich changed the name of Google Wallet Cash Million to Cool Million Club.

The scheme now operates from “” with the same compensation plan.