digital-altitude-logoDigital Altitude provide a corporate address in Delaware on their website, however according to Founder Michael Force’s Digital Altitude corporate bio;

Michael resides in California with his wife and two young daughters. They love to travel and spend summers in France.

Further research reveals the Delaware address actually belongs to Harvard Business Services Inc., who provide incorporation services in Delaware.

Thus it appears Digital Altitude exist in Delaware in name only, with the business actually run out of California.

michael-force-founder-digital-altitudeMichael Force (right) first popped up BehindMLM’s radar as an affiliate of Wealth Masters International and Carbon Copy Pro.

In late 2010 or early 2011 it appears Force left or was terminated from Wealth Masters International, over his decision to promote Automatic Millionaire.

In 2013 Wealth Masters International filed a lawsuit against Force and others, claiming the former affiliates “gutted” the business.

He has trained tens of thousands online and has been a 7-figure producer in top tier high ticket sales over the last 15 years and has consulted many of the leading companies in the high ticket arena.

In addition to his MLM history, Force is also heavily involved in non-MLM online marketing.

Read on for a full review of the Digital Altitude MLM opportunity.

The Digital Altitude Product Line

Digital Altitude has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market Digital Altitude affiliate membership itself.

Digital Altitude affiliate membership is a monthly subscription that is bundled with Aspire, an online marketing course that promises to ‘kick your success into high gear with automation, sales funnels, community, tools, resources, and a whole lot more‘.

Other courses and products Digital Altitude affiliates can purchase include:


  • Base – “shortcuts, tools and resources to fast track your digital business’ success” ($797)
  • Rise – “provides you with the key mindsets and concepts developed by top marketers for success, along with traffic, tools and resources to fast track your digital business’ growth” ($1997)
  • Ascend – “a 3-Day all-inclusive retreat for two, is your opportunity to learn one-on-one from the world’s top business thought leaders” ($9997)
  • Peak – “a 5-Day all inclusive retreat for two that brings the world’s top thought leaders in business success, management, and leadership directly to you” ($16,997)
  • Apex – “a 7 day retreat for two where youll learn the art of wealth building, real estate and asset management from the undisputed champions of these industries” ($27,997)

Note that the Ascend, Peak and Apex events are held once a year.

The Digital Altitude Compensation Plan

A Digital Altitude affiliate’s income potential is determined by how much they pay in affiliate fees each month.

  • Walker affiliates pay $37 a month and earn 40% on purchases by their personally recruited affiliates (level 1)
  • Hiker affiliates pay $67 a month and earn 50% on purchases by their personally recruited affiliates and 10% on level 2
  • Climber affiliates pay $127 a month and earn 60% on purchases by their personally recruited affiliates, 10% on level 2 and 5% on level 3

Note that a Digital Altitude must purchase any products they wish to earn a commission on.

If a Digital Altitude affiliate sells a product they haven’t purchased to their downline, the commission paid is passed up the first qualified affiliate in their upline.

Joining Digital Altitude

Affiliate membership with Digital Altitude is tied to one of the following subscriptions:

  • Walker – $37 a month
  • Hiker – $67 a month
  • Climber – $127 a month

The primary difference between these subscription levels is income potential through the Digital Altitude compensation plan.


Call my cynical, but Digital Altitude is pretty much a rehash of the same “marketing training + events” formula Michael Force and other Wealth Masters affiliates have been promoting for years.

Perusal of the Digital Altitude “team” page reveals a number of former Wealth Masters International and Automatic Millionaire affiliates are involved.

The company name has changed and no doubt the marketing material has been updated, but otherwise the formula is mostly the same.

The Digital Altitude compensation plan is a combination of chain-recruitment and blatant pay to play.

Digital Altitude affiliates are directly compensated for recruiting new affiliates, with how much they pay increasing their income potential.

This continues on with the various products and services offered in the affiliate backoffice, with a purchase a required requisite for commission on sales.

Both chain recruitment and pay to play are frowned on by regulators of the MLM industry.

In MLM commission potential should always be tied to personal sales performance, not how much an affiliate spends.

As with all recruitment schemes, once recruitment of new Digital Altitude affiliates dries up, the company will collapse in much the same manner Wealth Masters International and Automatic Millionaire did.

It begins with those at the bottom of the company-wide affiliate base being unable to recruit new affiliates. Eventually they stop paying their monthly fees, which means those above them stop getting paid.

If those affiliates can’t recruit new affiliates, they too stop paying their fees.

As this effect slowly trickles up the Digital Altitude company-wide affiliate genealogy, eventually a tipping point is reached and an irreversible collapse is triggered.

On their website, Digital Altitude claim they

teach digital entrepreneurs how to start and grow a profitable online business with our unique coaching products and world class live events.

If I may be so bold as to save yourself thousands of dollars in fees, it goes something like

  1. create a bunch of marketing materials
  2. design some rahrah personal development events
  3. earn money by convincing people to purchase the materials and tickets to the event and
  4. create a business opportunity around these people recruiting even more people who do the same

Wasn’t a legitimate business model in WMI, wasn’t a legitimate business model in Automatic Millionaire and still isn’t a legitimate business model in Digital Altitude.