wealth-masters-international-logoSix years ago Wealth Masters International was launched and over that period of time WMI has been putting ‘the keys to true personal and financial freedom in (their member’s) hands‘.

Wealth Masters claims to have ‘the most innovative and lucrative compensation plan in the industry’, and that the

Wealth Masters business opportunity empowers you to help others transform their lives, as you build your own foundation of financial freedom.

Members of the Wealth Masters International community are creating lives of greater wealth, health and wisdom by simply applying our proven formula.

Yes, for six long years members of Wealth Masters International have been applying WMI’s proven success formula and as such, you’d think after all this time there’d be some vibrant success stories for the Wealth Masters community to share with us all.

If you look at the latest spate of external promotions WMI has made over the last few weeks though, you’d be forgiven for thinking that nobody within the WMI community was successful.

Over the last few weeks WMI has brought in no less then seven outside marketers to its community whilst completely neglecting those that have been with WMI (and presumably found success) for years.

With some recognition bestowed on marketers from other opportunities, one can’t help but ask – where are all the home grown success stories of Wealth Masters International?

Back in early April five marketers from various other MLM opportunities were recruited to Wealth Masters International. You had Jeremy Miner from LifePath Unlimited, Jashin Howell from Global Resorts Network, Ty Coughlin from the Reverse Funnel System and Global Resorts Network and Tony Rush and Gene Braxton who came from Liberty League International, Polaris Media Group, Numis Network and most recently, Avant.

Jashin Howell was grandfathered into WMI with the title of ‘Director of Marketing’ whilst the other marketers were given a much hyped welcome in WMI’s official press release, stating that

an extraordinary group of seasoned and top-producing entrepreneurs has joined the WMI worldwide marketing team as Master Consultants.

More recently, it was announced yesterday that prominent GiveOpp marketers John and Shannon Lavenia had also decided to join Wealth Masters.

To sweeten the deal, John Lavenia was given the corporate position of ‘Director of Consultant Development’ while his wife Shannon was automatically grandfathered into WMI’s ‘senior leadership team‘.

Seven external marketers in mere weeks and at least two publicly known corporate promotions, and you’re telling me that after six years there was nobody in the existing Wealth Masters pool of consultants successful enough to be promoted?

If I was being headhunted for a corporate position in a MLM opportunity the first thing I’d be looking for is examples of the company’s own internal success. Moreso if that company was promoting independent financial freedom through wealth education.

After six years of training and educating their members I’d be asking Wealth Masters why they don’t have anyone internally qualified enough to fill these positions. If the Wealth Masters program was successful and proven in its own right, shouldn’t I, as a successful MLM marketer be knocking on their door wanting to promote the WMI opportunity?

I can only hope that the lack of showcased internal talent and success stories is something that each of the recently recruited seven marketers has duly noted.

For me personally, when considering the effectiveness of the Wealth Masters education program in creating success and wealth, the fact that after they’ve got nobody internally to promote would be ringing alarm bells.