crowd-funding-united-revolution-logoThere is no information on the Crowd Funding United Revolution website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The Crowd Funding United Revolution website domain (“”) was registered on the 16th of October 2014.

norbert-wachter-owner-crowd-funding-united-revolutionListed as the domain owner is a “Norbert Wachter” (right) of “Dr.Now Corp.”, an address in British Columbia, Canada is also provided.

On a Facebook profile for Dr. Now, Wachter has been heavily promoting “TAN” (The Advertising Net) over the last two months.

Prior to that Watcher was promoting Rocket Cash Cycler ($315 pyramid scheme) and YouGetPaidFast ($28 cash gifting):


Going back even further, in 2012 Wachter was busy promoting the OneX recruitment-driven scheme on Facebook:


Read on for a full review of the Crowd Funding United Revolution MLM business opportunity.

The Crowd Funding United Revolution Product Line

Crowd Funding United Revolution has no retailable products or services. Affiliates join the company and then purchase $15 matrix positions.

As these positions make their way through the Crowd Funding United Revolution compensation plan, various marketing tools, a “hotel card” and “condo card” are made available.

The Crowd Funding United Revolution Compensation Plan

The Crows Funding United Revolution compensation plan revolves around affiliates purchasing $15 matrix positions, and recruiting others who do the same.

Matrix Commissions

Crowd Funding United Revolution use a 3×3 matrix compensation structure.

A 3×3 matrix compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of a 3×3 matrix, with three positions directly under them (level 1):


In turn, these three positions branch out into another three positions (level 2), and again to make up level 3.

Each 3×3 matrix has 39 positions to fill, with positions filled via affiliates purchasing $15 positions.

A $71 commission is paid out once all 39 positions in the matrix are filled, along with entry into the second-tier matrix.

Subsequent matrix tiers operate in the same manner as the first, paying out as follows:

  • second-tier matrix – $2000
  • third-tier matrix – $23,000
  • fourth-tier matrix – $220,000
  • fifth-tier matrix – $2,300,000
  • sixth-tier matrix – $30,300,000

Crowdfunding Pool

With each $15 matrix purchase comes a crowdfunding position.

Every time an affiliate cycles out of a first-tier matrix and earns a $71 commission, $60 is put towards a crowdfunding pool.

Subsequent matrix levels also contribute payments to the crowdfunding pool as follows:

  • second-tier matrix – $870
  • third-tier matrix – $5300
  • fourth-tier matrix – $40,000
  • fifth-tier matrix – $591,000
  • sixth-tier matrix – $5,991,000

How exactly these amounts are allocated to affiliate crowdfunding positions is not specified in the Crowd Funding United Revolution compensation plan.

The Advertising Net (TAN) Feeder position

Each initial $15 Crowd Funding United Revolution matrix position has an attached The Advertising Net affiliate position attached to it.

This position is paid for when an affiliate cycles out of a first-tier 3×3 matrix.

Cycling out of a second-tier 3×3 matrix pays a $99 monthly autoship fee (for one month).

The idea here is that recruitment in Crowd Funding United Revolution will build an affiliate’s downline in The Advertising Net on the side.

Joining Crowd Funding United Revolution

Affiliate membership with Crowd Funding United Revolution is tied to the initial purchase of a $15 matrix position.

Subsequent matrix positions purchased will add to this initial cost.


Calling a Ponzi scheme “crowdfunding” doesn’t make it any less of a Ponzi scheme, yet that is exactly what is happening in Crowd Funding United Revolution.

Ignoring the matrix component for now, all that’s happening is $10 payments made by new and existing affiliates are being recycled to positions held by existing affiliate investors.

The more affiliate investors are roped into the scheme (corresponding with more matrix positions being purchased), the larger these recycled fund amounts become.

Crowdfunding takes place with no direct monetary benefit to those funding, and certainly the Ponzi mechanic of receiving a portion of the funds of those who join after you is absent.

Thus Crowd Funding United Revolution differs from actual crowdfunding, and presents itself as a Ponzi scheme in disguise.

As far as the matrices go, these add a pyramid scheme layer to the scheme, making Crowd Funding United Revolution a Ponzi/pyramid hybrid.

Affiliates buy matrix positions and are then directly compensated on their recruiting efforts and that of their up and downlines.

The feeding of Crowd Funding United Revolution into Norbert Wachter’s personal The Advertising Net downline is likely what drove the concept behind the scheme. Wachter wanted to build his TAN downline, so he’s launching a matrix scheme that offers pie in the sky payouts on extremely unlikely recruitment targets.

With 39 position purchases required to fill first-tier matrices, even with overlap by the time you get into the sixth-tier, the amount of positions that need to be purchased to cover the filling of even one position out of the 39 required is astronomical.

Those million dollar cycle commissions don’t come out of thin air, and they, along with every other tier’s commission, are funded by initial $15 first-tier matrix payments – no other funds enter the system.


Forget about the accompanying crowdfunding pool Ponzi share, the matrix commission of $30,300,000 alone requires the purchase of at least two million $15 positions – and that’s in addition to the position purchases required to get to the sixth-tier.

In any event, regardless of the feasibility of the scheme, the fact remains that Wachter is offering affiliates participation in a Ponzi/pyramid hybrid.

Once existing and recruited affiliates stop purchasing new $15 positions, the matrices stall and the system collapses.