onex-logoI’ve had a few people contact me now requesting a review on OneX so today I thought I’d take a look at the opportunity for them.

OneX is the feeder program for parent MLM company QLXchange and operates around a MLM matrix style setup offering digital downloads as products.

Read on for a full review of the OneX MLM business opportunity.

The Company

As I mentioned earlier, OneX is the feeder program for parent MLM company QLXchange. QLXchange claim that OneX is akin to a ‘Fast Start Bonus’ for the greater QLXchange compensation plan.

QLXchange themselves are a matrix based company that trade in silver as their primary product and you can read BehindMLM’s QLXchange review here.

B0th OneX and QLXchange seem to be run by some company called ‘New Horizons Network’. Both the OneX and QLXchange domain whois are set to private and both company websites make no mention of who is running things or ‘New Horizons Network’.

A MLM company hiding their ownership is usually a red flag and I always warn people to be weary of joining any opportunity if a company is not upfront about who is running things.

The OneX founder calls feature a primary speaker who goes by ‘JC’ – no actual name is revealed which is another red flag.

You can hear below ‘JC’ mention three other ‘administrators’ (David, Jim and Cindy) of OneX and how the business is like the movie ‘StarGate’.

Oh and just because you’re paying him money to join his company, don’t think JC owes you anything either – he doesn’t and explains how the other two owners and himself ‘love‘ their solitude (moreso it seems than business accountability).

I’m sure you’ll agree it sounds as if these four have been involved in running a very well-known past scam and are hiding their identity’s because of the backlash.

What this scam was and who they are as far as I can tell, remains at large.

Finally QLXchange lists its company address at

New Horizons Network, Inc.
Calle 50 y Calle Santo Domingo, Edificio Global Bank, Piso 18, Oficina 1806
Panamá City, Panamá 0832

If I’m reading that right, this appears to be some sort of PO Box of a bank based in Panama.

I don’t know about you, but founders hiding their names because of their reputations and the company listing some sort of PO Box address in Panama, doesn’t exactly leave me with an air of confidence about OneX or the company’s legitimacy.


Update August 16th, 2012 – “JC” has been identified by public prosecutors involved in the Ad Surf Daily Ponzi scheme case as a one Mr. James C. Hill. /end update


The Product Line

The OneX product line contains no retail products but rather bundle generic throwaway digital download products as you progress within the company.

These ‘products’ appear to be of an educational nature and are listed on the OneX website as

  • Exploding Your Business
  • Desparate Market Domination
  • The Millionaires Financial Breakthrough Revolution
  • Solved SEO Mysteries
  • Local Business SEO Demystified
  • Viral Marketing Frenzy
  • Millionaire Mindset-Affirmation Expansion
  • Online Profits Armory

None of these products are available retail from OneX and are only purchasable if you join the company and then pay to participate in their compensation plan.

The OneX Compensation Plan

The OneX compensation plan revolves around a series of matrices that the company calls tiers. These tiers are tied up into two separate stages, each consisting of four tiers.

Each of these tiers is a self-contained 4×4 matrix. With you at the top, the matrix branches off into four separate legs with each of these branching off into four separate legs 4 levels deep from the top.

As you begin to fill a OneX 4×4 matrix, it’ll start to look something like this;

After paying your $5 fee to participate in the OneX compensation plan, you are placed in your own ‘Stage 1 Tier 1’ matrix. You then need to fill this matrix with 340 new members to cycle into ‘Stage 1 Tier 2’.

Upon cycling out of your ‘Stage 1 Tier 1’ matrix, $10 is set aside as your entry fee into your ‘Stage 1 Tier 2’ matrix and you make a commission of $20.

The commission paid out varies from tier to tier and is as follows (note that each tier requires 340 members to fill it);

Stage 1

  • Tier 1 = $20 ($15 after $5 tier 2 cost)
  • Tier 2 = $80 ($70 after $10 tier 3 cost)
  • Tier 3 = $640 ($620 after $20 tier 4 cost)
  • Tier 4 = $5120 ($5080 after $40 Stage 2 Tier 1 cost)

Stage 1 matrix positions to fill = 1360

Stage 2

  • Tier 1 = $160 ($80 after $80 tier 2 cost)
  • Tier 2 = $1280 ($1020 after $160 tier 3 cost)
  • Tier 3 = $10,240 ($9920 after $320 tier 4 cost)
  • Tier 4 = $81,920

Stage 2 matrix positions to fill = 1360

After subtracting the tier joining fees, the total member payout is $98,725.

Matching Bonus

OneX offers a 100% matching bonus to a member’s direct upline, excluding Stage 1 Tier 1 commissions.

This means that if you recruit someone to OneX, from Stage 1 Tier 2 onwards, at the end of each cycle you will receive a 100% match on what they earn.

Joining OneX

Billed as part of the QLXchange compensation plan, the cost for joining OneX is listed as free (there is no cost to join QLXchange).

However to participate in the OneX compensation plan you need to pay $5 so effectively OneX has a $5 joining fee.


First of all the owners of OneX should be ashamed of themselves. Running from the reputations your past ventures have given you (assumedly a lot of angry investors/participants didn’t make any money in these ventures and let the world know about it) and your love of solitude is not an excuse to hide your identity.

After listening to the OneX leadership call in ‘The Company’ section of this review, hearing JC crap on about not wanting to deal with members of the program and how all three founders are just the victims of propaganda campaigns (by who??) against them, should be enough to send anyone thinking of joining OneX running for the hills.

If it’s not, then there’s always the compensation plan.

On the surface the OneX compensation plan looks ludicrous. Pay $5 and walk away with nearly a hundred grand. Mathematically though, not so much.

The fact of the matter is that we’re talking 8 matrices with 340 positions to fill in each.

Legality wise, we’re talking products that aren’t available on a retail level which leaves us with 100% of the commissions paid out by OneX being sourced from membership fees.

OneX and QLXchange try to mask this by claiming OneX is merely a drawn out ‘fast start bonus’ of the QLXchange compensation plan, but that still doesn’t negate what’s going on here.

If anything, it only raises the question of the legality of the QLXchange compensation plan, which co-incidentally is also matrix based.

Founders who hide from their members and aren’t interested in bogging themselves down directly communicating with them, a compensation plan that simple packages membership fees up and re-distributes them as commissions…

…total scam and once the new memberships stop, everything will grind to a halt.

Sure it’s only $5 to join, but remember we’re talking thousands of people just to keep those matrices rolling.

Recruit, recruit, recruit – that pretty much sums up the OneX business opportunity.