There is no information on the Rocket Cash Cycler website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The Rocket Cash Cycler website domain (“”) was registered on the 12th of October 2012, however the domain registration is set to private. It’s additionally noted that the Rocket Cash Cycler website is hosted in Belize, a known tax haven.

Marketing videos on the Rocket Cash Cycler website were uploaded to a YouTube account owned by a “Daniel Butts”:


Butts isn’t credited as the owner of Rocket Cash Cycler anywhere on the company website, however another YouTube video names him as co-founder of the company:


Previously uploaded videos on Butts’ YouTube channel market another opportunity called “EZ Wealth Formula”. EZ Wealth Formula launched in mid 2012, costs $84 to join and pays affiliates to recruit new affiliates.

Butts’ videos appear on the official EZ Wealth Formula website, with the company’s domain (“”) listing Daniel Butts as the domain owner. The EZ Wealth Formula domain registration also indicates Butts is operating out of British Columbia in Canada.

Read on for a full review of the Rocket Cash Cycler MLM opportunity.

The Rocket Cash Cycler Product Line

Rocket Cash Cycler has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market affiliate membership to the company itself.

Affiliate membership is $315 and provides the affiliate with a position in the Rocket Cash Cycler compensation plan.

Bundled with Rocket Cash Cycler affiliate membership is xSky (contact list manager), Skype (Traffic) Ninja (list builder) and access to the “RCC Success Libary” (ebooks).

The Rocket Cash Cycler Compensation Plan

The Rocket Cash Cycler compensation plan primarily revolves around the recruitment of new affiliates to fill two matrices.

Note that before an affiliate can qualify for commissions they must recruit two new affiliates into the scheme.

After that they are entered into a 2×3 matrix. A 2×3 matrix places an affiliate at the top of structure with two legs directly under them (level 1). In turn two legs sprout out from each level 1 leg (level 2) and then two more again (level 3):


Each leg represents an affiliate position that is filled either by direct or indirect recruitment, or an existing Rocket Cash Cycler affiliate “cycling” out of another matrix.

“Cycling out” of a matrix occurs when the matrix is full and pays out the affiliate at the top of the matrix $300. An affiliate is then also provided with free re-entry into another 2×3 matrix as well as entry into a 2×2 matrix.

This 2×2 matrix is one less level than the 2×3 (containing only six affiliate positions), but the idea is the same. The matrix is filled via recruitment into the 2×3 matrix which cycles new members into the 2×2 matrices.

When an affiliate cycles out of a 2×2 matrix they earn $5000 and free re-entry into another 2×2 matrix.

Joining Rocket Cash Cycler

Affiliate membership to Rocket Cash Cycler is $315.


With Rocket Cash Cycler’s compensation plan relying on a constant stream of new affiliate recruits being fed into the company’s 2×2 matrices, at $315 a pop the company fits the definition of a pyramid scheme.

An interesting line in the Rocket Cash Cycler compensation plan reveals that

This compensation plan pays out an amazing 94.5% to the members!

On the surface this might sound wonderful but the reality is that it simultaneously destroys the argument that affiliates are buying products (just 5.5% of the money affiliates pump into the scheme is diverted out of the comp plan), and reveals that 94.5% of every $315 new affiliates bring into the scheme is simply distributed amongst existing affiliates already in the scheme.

Putting two and two together it would appear that Daniel Butts’ previous EZ Wealth Formula opportunity never really took off and he’s now trying a slightly different approach with a two tier matrix compensation plan.

As with all pyramid schemes, once newly recruited affiliates dry up and stop bringing $315 payments into the scheme the matrices start to stall and nobody gets paid.

With “free” accounts created everytime an affiliate cycles out of either matrix for the first time, typically the time it takes for a matrix-based pyramid scheme to collapse decreases exponentially over time.

EZ Wealth Formula appears to have had a shelf life of around 6 months before Butts got sick of it. I imagine Rocket Cash Cycler will have a similar lifespan.