the-advertising-net-logoThe last year or so has seen the world’s largest search-engine Google wage an all-out war against content farms. Believing the bulk of them are chock-a-block full of shallow low-quality content that exists solely for the purpose of SEO, through their “panda” updates, Google hit content farms and hit them hard.

eHow, one of the largest article directories on the internet experienced a 53% drop in search visibility, with its UK variant slugged with a 72% drop alone.

Following the Panda aftermath, eHow’s parent company Demand Media announced a 6.4 million dollar loss in the 4th quarter of 2011 – largely accredited to Panda’s search algorithm changes.

What does any of this have to do with MLM? Well when the largest websites of the article-directory niche are taking heavy losses due to their perceived low value they deliver readers, you’d think one would step up and take notice.

Not The Advertising Net. Combining an article directory with an MLM compensation plan, the Advertising Net are still heralding article marketing as the cornerstone of SEO marketing and online revenue generation.

Read on for a full review.

The Company

The Advertising Net lists its CEO as Jim Perkins.

Jim was first Introduced to Network Marketing through NSA. He became one of the top three earners with Symetics and then went on to become a Platinum Distributor for Nutrition For Life.

Having retired from running two successful businesses in plant hire and haulage and spending quite a few years working with the management of Networking companies, Jim decided to return to Network marketing, and for the last two years has worked closely with Dave Coxon developing a project he first created 15 years ago.

He had huge success with the concept back then, and felt the time was right to revisit the idea again but this time using the Internet to create a Company that would be here in 30 years from today.

The company also lists David Coxon as its Techincal Director and Paul and Cynthia Gregory and Paul and Fiona Smith as its Directors.

The Advertising Net Product Line

The Advertising Net has no product or service to sell. Instead, existing members market membership to the company to prospective new members, earning commissions each time someone signs up.

Membership to the Advertising Net includes the ability to create an article that the Advertising Net host in their online article directory.

The company also provides members with ‘access to online training and online videos for marketing advice‘, although no further information is provided as to what this training is or by who.

The Advertising Net Compensation Plan

The Advertising Net compensation plan revolves around a series of matrices that once full, pay out a cycle commission. These cycle commissions differ slightly from your traditional once-off payment in that they are paid out each month as long as a matrix is full.

If a member drops out they are eventually replaced by a new member, and at the end of the month if a matrix you’ve already completed is full, you receive another cycle payment for completing it.

New members are fed into the first matrix and once they cycle out they are in turn fed into progressive matrices (ten in total).

The first matrix (Bronze) is a 2×3 matrix (14 positions to fill) with the other matrices all being 2x4s (30 positions to fill).

Here are the various cycle payouts for each of the Advertising Net’s various matrices:

  • Bronze – $150
  • Silver – $300
  • Gold – $600
  • Platinum – $1,200
  • Diamond – $2,400
  • 1 Star – $4,800
  • 2 Star – $9,600
  • 3 Star – $19,200
  • 4 Star – $38,400
  • Royal Diamond – $76,800

Total = $153,450.

In order to receive cycle commissions members must be qualified. If on the Single Pack membership (explained below), members must recruit 2 paid Advertising Net members.

If on the Tri Pack membership, members are automatically qualified as they themselves purchase the two required membership positions below them (effectively recruiting themselves to qualify).

The Advertising Net also offers what are called ‘Lifestyle Rewards’ upon completion of certain matrices. These Rewards include car and mortgage payments, money towards holidays and a cash bonus.

Qualification for the Lifestyle Rewards bonuses is the recruitment of 3 new members. These members must maintain their monthly membership for at least 3 rolling months (the company advises you recruit more than three in the event one member cancels their subscription and temporarily disqualifies you).

Joining The Advertising Net

The Advertising Net membership comes in two varieties:

  1. Single Pack Membership is as the name implies a single matrix position (starting off in the Bronze matrix) at a cost of $55.
  2. Tri Pack Membership is three membership positions at a cost of $160. Your first position is the same as the Single Pack membership, with the two additional membership positions purchased sitting directly under you (forming the 2nd level of your initial Bronze matrix).

Both membership fees are recurring monthly charges ($55 and $160 respectively).


The first thing that struck me about the Advertising Net was the high monthly ongoing membership costs.

Competing in a niche where their competitors usually pay per article or run a revenue share based off the advertising revenue generated by the articles written, expecting members to pay in excess of $100 a month seemed steep.

Then when you realise that the matrix commissions are paid out monthly and are not simple once-off cycle bonuses, it all starts to make sense.

For example, the Silver matrix pays out just $300 yet requires a staggering 240 new members each time existing member cycles out of it. By the time we start talking the higher end matrices, the recruitment numbers required to fill the matrices are staggering (Gold for example is 7,200 new members a cycle).

The Advertising Net do try to negate some of these recruitment numbers by allowing members to recruit themselves (the Tri Pack), however this doesn’t change the fact that 100% of the commissions are driven by recruitment and paid out of membership fees.

There is nothing to retail with the Advertising Net and with their competitors offering free article directory services it’s pretty clear the only people who are going to be using the Advertising Net, will be doing so solely to participate in the compensation plan.

In an age where search engines are heavily penalizing free article directories for serving up wafer thin and useless content, it’s pretty much a guarantee that most Adverising Net members are going to be uploading advertisements to other MLM opportunities they might be in.

And that’s if they even bother to use the article service at all.

Hundreds if not thousands of replicated advertisement “articles” is ultimately only going to spell disaster for the Advertising Net’s directory and will deliver little to no SEO value. SEO being something the company apparently seems to be trading its online directory’s credibility on.

Article marketing is largely seen as dead these days, and once the new recruits stop signing up – I imagine so too will the Advertising Net MLM opportunity.


Update 21st May 2015 – The Advertising Net relaunched itself with a new compensation plan earlier this month.

For an up to date review of the opportunity, check out our The Advertising Net v2.0 Review.