If you visit Club Cash Fund’s website without an affiliate referral link, you’re blocked from actually accessing the site.

If you visit through a referral link, you’re presented with a capture page that asks for your name and email address.

Club Cash Fund’s website reveals nothing about its business model or owner.

Club Cash Fund’s website domain (“clubcashfund.com”) was privately registered on October 26th, 2018.

Club Cash Fund itself however doesn’t appear to have launched until early last month.

Further research reveals a flyer hosted on Club Cash Fund’s website domain, identifying John (Chad) Stalvey as founder of the company.

John Stalvey, who also goes by Chad Stalvey, has appeared on BehindMLM in conjunction with a number of suspect schemes.

Stalvey (right) first popped up on our radar in conjunction with GiveOpp and Numis Network in 2010.

In 2014 Stalvey resurfaced with Infinite Leverage System, which he ran through Streamlined Marketing Systems.

By 2015 Infinite Leverage Systems had collapsed, prompting a reboot launch with Traffic Authority.

Traffic Authority lasted longer then its predecessor but by 2017 was in decline.

In 2018 Traffic Authority was abandoned and rebooted as Finish Line Network.

Finish Line Network collapsed in late December 2018.

That brings us to the recent launch of Club Cash Fund, which for some reason Stalvey doesn’t want to publicly put his name on.

Read on for a full review of the Club Cash Fund MLM opportunity.

Club Cash Fund Products

Club Cash Fund has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market Club Cash Fund affiliate membership itself.

The Club Cash Fund Compensation Plan

New Club Cash Fund affiliates gift $100 to existing Club Cash Fund affiliates.

John Stalvey coordinates payments from new Club Cash Fund affiliates to existing ones through the website.

I’m going to place you in our main website rotator and your name is rotated in position number 1 on starter kits just like this one that I mail for you for free!!!

Stalvey’s rotator tracks assigned gifting payments across multiple levels, with affiliates on the upper levels splitting new $100 payments.

As admin of Club Cash Fund, Stalvey is also able to insert himself for payment whenever he wants.

Joining Club Cash Fund

Club Cash Fund affiliate membership is tied to a $100 gifting payment.


Club Cash Fund is one of the mail fraud gifting schemes that have been doing the rounds in 2019.

Stalvey spams out prospects through the mail, asking potential gifters to sign up and send him or whoever his rotator assigned to the top of the list $100.

Those affiliates then receive gifting payments from subsequently recruited affiliates.

Bundled with $100 payments is access to a ‘suite of marketing courses’.

The course is neither here nor there, as you can’t legitimize cash gifting by bundling a product or service to gifting payments.

As with all gifting schemes, once recruitment dies down so too will gifting payments.

There’s literally nothing happening here except Stalvey and friends stealing money from those who join after them (gifting is mail fraud, which is illegal in the US), so that’s the end of Club Cash Fund when the collapse hits.

In order for Stalvey and friends to make money, the majority of Cash Club Fund affiliates have to lose it.