traffic-authority-logoAs per a marketing video on the Traffic Authority website, the “brain trust” behind the company are Chad Stalvey (full name John C. Stalvey), Greg Chambers, and Doug Wellens.


Stalvey, Chambers and Wellens run Traffic authority through Streamlined Marketing Systems, which is based out of the US state of Florida.

Streamlined Marketing Systems first popped up on BehindMLM’s radar as the company behind Infinite Leverage System.

Infinite Leverage System launched in late 2014 and saw affiliates and customers pay over $4000 for traffic packages.

Retail was possible but unlikely, with Infinite Leverage System affiliates also paid to recruit new affiliates.

Despite being launched as a fully fledged MLM business opportunity, Infinite Leverage System is now being referred to as a “beta launch” that took place last year.

A marketing video on the Traffic Authority claims the beta was a “total success”, begging the question then of what happened to it?

Today the Infinite Leverage System MLM opportunity website redirects to that of Traffic Authority.

Read on for a full review of the Traffic Authority MLM business opportunity.

The Traffic Authority Product Line

Traffic Authority sell a variety of traffic packages as follows:

  • Basic – $220
  • Bronze – $440
  • Silver – $660
  • Gold – $1097
  • Platinum – $2197
  • Titanium – $4297

Note that these are the exact same packages and pricepoints initially offered in Infinite Leverage System.

Other products mentioned in Traffic Authority marketing videos include Traffic Optimizer tool for $27 a month and Traffic Academy training for $97 a month.

The Traffic Authority Compensation Plan

The Traffic Authority Compensation plan sees the following commissions paid out:

  • Traffic Optimizer tools = $20 a month
  • Traffic Academy training = $50 a month
  • Basic traffic package = $100
  • Bronze traffic package = $200
  • Silver traffic package = $300
  • Gold traffic package = $500
  • Platinum traffic package = $1000
  • Titanium traffic package = $2000

Commission Qualification

In order to qualify for commissions on the sale of any Traffic Authority products, an affiliate must either purchase the product themselves or sell the product three times.

Until an affiliate is qualified to earn a commission on a product, any sales made will see commissions paid out to the affiliate who recruited them.

Note that for the traffic packages, the purchase of a more expensive package qualifies an affiliate to earn on the lower levels.


Once an affiliate is qualified to earn commissions on Traffic Authority products (remembering that each individual product must be qualified for separately), commissions on the sale of products are paid out as follows:

An affiliate’s first six sales of any of these products, splits the corresponding commission paid out between themselves and the affiliate who recruited them.

This initial split is 50/50 across all of Traffic Authority’s product lines.

After six sales (each product level is counted individually of the others), the split then changes to 80% to the affiliate making the sale and 20% to the affiliate who recruited them.

In turn, recruited affiliates must then pass up the same percentages to the affiliate who recruited them. This includes any passed up sales commissions due to recruited affiliates being unqualified to earn commissions.

Joining Traffic Academy

Traffic Academy affiliate membership is free, however free affiliates cannot immediately earn commissions.

They must either sell three of every Traffic Academy product tier (of which there are eight), or purchase all eight tiers themselves ($11,108 sequentially or $4421, and then $124 a month).


As per a marketing video on the Traffic Authority website;

Experts predict the (Traffic Authority) business to grow into a one hundred million dollar company in the first two years alone.

The bottom line?

If Infinite Leverage System was as much of a success as marketing videos on the Traffic Academy website would have you believe, there’d be no reason to relaunch the opportunity.

As per our October 2014 BehindMLM review of Infinite Leverage System:

Due to the layout of the compensation plan, realistically an affiliate will join by paying their $29 a month fee and then a traffic package to qualify to receive commissions when recruited affiliate do the same.

What happened in Infinite Leverage System is recruitment died down, which in turn saw passups stop and the scheme collapse.

What you’ve got with Traffic Authority is pretty the same business, preloaded with Infinite Leverage System top earners and a slightly modified compensation plan.

The core problem with Infinite Leverage System however, that being a complete lack of retail viability, persists.

And Traffic Authority themselves wholly acknowledge this. An official corporate marketing video stating it’s “obviously” easier to purchase products as an affiliate to qualify for commissions, then it is to sell those products to other affiliates.


Infact while it was possible to make retail sales in Infinite Leverage System, I’m not even sure it exists in Traffic Authority. The only thing mentioned in the company’s compensation plan video is sales to a downline (recruited affiliates).

The lack of retail is problematic for obvious reasons, but having affiliates purchase products to qualify for commissions goes a step further in introducing a “pay to play” element to the business model.


And that it’s optional pay to play is irrelevant. Traffic Authority themselves admit it’s the “easier” option, with it then following on that practically no affiliates are going to qualify via passing up three sales across all eight product tiers.

In effect, Traffic Authorities products exists solely to push new affiliate funds into the bank accounts of existing affiliates. With no retail sales, it is impossible to claim otherwise.

So once again Traffic Authority relies on the constant recruitment of new affiliates buying in, solely to qualify to earn commissions from other recruited affiliates who do the same.

Once that recruitment dies down, the scheme will again collapse.

If we look at Infinite Leverage System it’d be fair to say that happened within the first six months. Reboot schemes are rarely as successful as their initial launches, meaning we’re probably going to see it happen sooner the second time around.

Of note is that much of the literature on the Traffic Authority website has been copy and pasted from other companies.

One particular example is the “Do’s and Don’ts” the company provides to affiliates, which are ripped verbatim from Empower Network with only slight changes:



One link between the two companies is Mack Zidan, who just happened to be the top earner in Infinite Leverage System.


What you’re looking at there is a marketing video from Zidan, with him using a purported $196,200 in Infinite Leverage System commissions to market Traffic Authority. Oh, and this was without an income disclosure either.

Zidan departed Empower Network in 2013, after accusing the company and management of fraud.

Despite changes to the compensation plan, if Streamlined Marketing Systems can’t come up with an MLM business model that sees their affiliates selling to retail customers, Traffic Authority and whatever comes after it is going to fail.

And at over $11,000 or $4421 to fully qualify for commissions in Traffic Authority, that failure doesn’t come cheap.