At the time of publication Finish Line Network doesn’t appear to exist outside of an email capture page.

Finish Line Network affiliates are redirecting recruits to “”, a domain privately registered on May 14th, 2018.

Visitors to the Lock In Your Profits domain are presented with a standard “hand over your details for more info” capture page.

Upon signing up, a confirmation email from “team(at)” is received:

At the time of publication the “” domain redirects to Traffic Authority.

BehindMLM reviewed Traffic Authority in 2015.

Owned by Greg Chambers, Doug Wellens and Chad Stalvey, Traffic Authority was a reboot of the collapsed Infinite Leverage System pyramid scheme.

Alexa traffic estimates for the Traffic Authority website show a flatline for most of 2017. There was a spike around late April this year, followed by another decline.

Finish Line Network appears to be yet another reboot of the Traffic Authority business.

Read on for a full review of the Finish Line Network MLM opportunity.

Finish Line Network Products

Finish Line Network has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market Finish Line Network affiliate membership itself.

Finish Line Network affiliate membership provides access to four products:

  • Silver package – lead management platform and sales conversion app ($47 a month)
  • Gold package – a monthly “virtual live event” and access to a digital marketing content library ($130 a month or $2997 for a three-year subscription)
  • Email Profits on Demand – email marketing digital course ($1997)
  • high-ticket live event – access to a “Digital Domination” webinar ($997)

The Finish Line Network Compensation Plan

Finish Line Network affiliates pay $20 a month and optionally a combination of upfront and monthly product fees.

Commissions are paid when they recruit other affiliates who pay upfront and residual product subscription fees.

Commission Qualification

To qualify for commissions at each of the four product tiers, a Finish Line Network affiliate must either purchase the product themselves or sell six of each.

Finish Line Network Affiliate Ranks

There are four ranks within the Finish Line Network compensation plan.

Along with their respective qualification criteria they are as follows:

  • Rising Star – sign up as a Finish Line Network affiliate for $20 and continue to pay $20 a month
  • 1 Star – sell six Silver packages
  • 2 Star – sell six Gold packages
  • 3 Star – sell six digital products
  • 4 Star – sell six event tickets

Each rank serves as a commission tier. Commissions are paid when recruited downline affiliates purchase a Silver and/or Gold package, digital products or event tickets.

At each tier a Finish Line Network affiliate has an initial commission share ratio of 50% with the affiliate who recruited them.

This increased to an 80%/20% ratio once six products at each rank tier have been sold (e.g. seventh sale at each tier onward).

Note that ranks must be qualified for in order.

Direct and Residual Commissions

As detailed above, commission ratios in Finish Line Network are either a 50/50 or 80/20 split between the recruiting affiliate and their immediate upline (the affiliate who recruited them).

Here are the specific commission payouts for each of Finish Line Network’s product tiers:

  • Silver package – $20 a month
  • Gold package – $52 a month
  • Gold package (3-year subscription) – $1000 every three years
  • Email Profits on Demand – $800 one-time
  • high-ticket live event – $320

Again, these commission amounts are split either 50/50 or 80/20, based on the recruiting affiliate’s rank.

Commissions are tracked via a unilevel compensation structure:

Commissions earned by unqualified affiliates at any of the four product tiers are passed up to the first qualified affiliate.

In this manner it is possible for a Finish Line Network affiliate to earn residual commissions beyond the first level of their unilevel team.

Bonus Pool

Finish Line Network take 20% of company-wide revenue and place it into a Bonus Pool.

Affiliates earn shares in the Bonus Pool by

  • selling a new Silver & Gold package (1 share)
  • selling a “high ticket” digital product (1 share)
  • selling a 3-year Gold package subscription (1 share)
  • having a downline affiliate “upgrade” to an “all-in” monthly subscription (1 share)
  • selling a 3-year Gold subscription package, Digital Domination event ticket and Email Profits on Demand course (3 shares)
  • qualifying at 1 Star (1 share)
  • qualifying at 2 Star (2 shares)
  • qualifying at 3 Star (3 shares)
  • qualifying at 4 Star (4 shares)

Note that affiliates do not initially receive 100% of each share allocation.

The percentage of a share a Finish Line Network affiliate is paid is determined by rank:

  • Rising Stars receive 60% of each share value
  • 1 Stars receive 70% of each share value
  • 2 Stars receive 80% of each share value
  • 3 Stars receive 90% of each share value
  • 4 Stars receive 100% of each share value

Finish Line Network take 50% of unpaid share value of Rising Star to 3 Star affiliates and pay it to 4 Star affiliates in a separate pool.

The Bonus Pool is paid monthly, with shares appearing to expire each month following bonus calculation and payment.

Joining Finish Line Network

Finish Line Network affiliate membership is $20 a month.

Self-qualification at each of Finish Line Network’s product tiers is

  1. $3171 and then $177 a month separately (monthly Gold subscription)
  2. $6038, $47 a month and $2997 every three years (three-year Gold subscription)
  3. paying an undisclosed amount for “all-in” membership

Note that while Finish Line Network makes multiple references to “all-in membership” in their marketing material, the specific cost is not provided.


Finish Line Network is essentially a continuation of Traffic Authority with a new name.

Once again affiliates are paid to recruit new affiliates, with “pay to play” a prominent component of the business model.

So much so that I can simply reuse Traffic Authority’s marketing to illustrate why.

For pseudo-compliance, Finish Line Network offers an alternative commission qualification route of six sales at each product tier.

That is you recruit six affiliates who buy in at each tier.

As above, the reality is that next to nobody qualifies this way because it’s far easier to just pay your way in.

Nothing has changed with Finish Line Network, with prospective affiliates heavily pressured to buy-in at each tier.

Here’s one example of how prospective Finish Line Network affiliates are pitched in an official marketing video;

How you choose to get started makes a big difference in this business.

You deserve maximum compensation!

When your MLM opportunity is a combination of “pay to play” and pyramid recruitment, what you bundle at each tier doesn’t matter.

Offered products and services are just fluff, serving as cover for recruited affiliates paying fees and those who recruited them profiting.

That’s not to say that there isn’t any merit to Finish Line Network’s products, just that within the context of the company’s business model, any such merit is irrelevant.

As with Infinity Leverage System and Traffic Authority before it, Finish Line Network will collapse once affiliate recruitment dies down.

It is mathematically impossible for the majority of participants in a pyramid scheme to earn money. Meaning that once again, the majority of Finish Line Network affiliates will take a loss.