infinite-leverage-system-logoInfinite Leverage System is operated by co-founders Chad Stalvey, Greg Chambers, and Doug Wellens.

Based out of the US state of Florida, the company is run under the Streamlined Marketing Systems, Inc. brand, which Stalvey, Chambers and Wellens launched in 2009.

The earliest record I could find of Stalvey’s involvement in the industry dates back to Liberty League International (personal development and recruitment).

A “Bill Marler”, posting over at the forums, claims that Greg Chambers and Doug Wellens were involved in the Reverse Funnel System (used by Wealth Masters International in 2010).

According to Marler, prior to Reverse Funnel System Chambers and Wellens were responsible for Quicklister, a marketing platform used by Global Resorts Network (travel niche). This was in 2007 and marked the beginning of Stalvey, Chambers and Wellens working together.

In 2010 Stalvey, Chambers and Wellens were operating an earlier incarnation of Infinite Leverage System, which was attached to Bon Voyage 1000 (recruitment-based travel opportunity).

Bon Voyage 1000 (now Bon Voyage Elite) collapsed years ago, but I wasn’t able to find any MLM related activity by the trio since Marler’s 2010 forum posting.

Sometime recently they’ve relaunched Infinite Leverage System as a standalone company, which is what this review is based on.

Read on for a full review of the Infinite Leverage System MLM business opportunity.

The Infinite Leverage System Product Line

Two products are listed on the Infinite Leverage System website, Click Brilliance and traffic generation packages.

Inside Click Brilliance you’ll find eight modules that contain specific tools that have been designed to work in combination with each other.

Click Brilliance modules listed on the Infinite Leverage System website include

  • advanced link tracking
  • mobile tracking and redirection
  • website monitoring with optional redirection
  • pop-ups and countdown timers
  • website rotator
  • split tester
  • duplicate click redirection and
  • geo targeting

Access to Click Brilliance is $27 a month, and is required in order to participate in the Infinite Leverage System income opportunity.

The Infinite Leverage System compensation plan video does make mention of a training sale, indicating that it might be possible to sell Click Brilliance to qualify for commissions as an affiliate.

The traffic packages the company offers are cost per click, priced as follows:

  • Basic – 170 to 190 clicks ($220)
  • Bronze – 340 to 380 clicks ($440)
  • Silver – 510 to 570 clicks ($660)
  • Gold – 850 to 950 clicks ($1097)
  • Platinum – 1700 to 1900 clicks ($2197)
  • Titanium – 3400 to 3800 clicks ($4297)

Traffic packages can be purchased by affiliates or retail customers.

The Infinite Leverage System Compensation Plan

The Infinite Leverage System compensation plan revolves around the recruitment of affiliates and purchase of traffic packages.

Recruitment Commissions

Affiliate membership with Infinite Leverage System costs $27 a month (access to Click Brilliance).

$20 of this fee is paid to the affiliate who did the recruiting.

Pass-up Commissions

Infinite Leverage System use a perpetual 1-up compensation structure to pay commissions on the purchase of traffic packages by recruited affiliates and retail customers.

This 1-up compensation structure sees an affiliate pass-up commissions on their second, fourth, sixth and every fifth sale thereafter made.

Note that affiliates are pass up, not individual sales.

Commissions are paid out when recruited affiliates purchase traffic packages. There are six packages available, with a purchase required at any given level in order to qualify to receive commissions at that level.

  • Basic – $220
  • Bronze – $440
  • Silver – $660
  • Gold – $1097
  • Platinum – $2197
  • Titanium – $4297

An Infinite Leverage System affiliate earns a commission when someone “coded” to them purchases a package. Every affiliate personally recruited, except the second, fourth, sixth and every fifth thereafter, is personally coded to the affiliate who recruited them.

The affiliates not coded are passed up to their upline.

Note that if the affiliate being passed up purchases a traffic package higher than the upline affiliate has purchased, the affiliates is passed up higher until an affiliate who is qualified at that level is found. The passed up affiliate is then coded to that affiliate at that level irrespective of whether the affiliate who made the sale upgrades at a later date.

Note that only the level passed up remains so, any lower package levels the affiliate who made the sale is qualified for remain with them.

In turn, affiliates recruited must also pass up their second, fourth, sixth and every fifth affiliate thereafter to their upline. An affiliate can also gain coded affiliates if their downlines are not qualified at a certain package level and those below them upgrade to this level.

When these passed up affiliates recruit affiliates of their own, again they must pass up their second, fourth, sixth and every fifth thereafter recruited affiliates.

Note that retail sales follow the same rules as affiliate sales, but obviously do not generate any affiliate pass-ups.

Commissions paid out on the six traffic packages available are as follows:

  • Basic – $100
  • Bronze – $200
  • Silver – $300
  • Gold – $500
  • Platinum – $1000
  • Titanium – $2000

Joining Infinite Leverage System

Basic Infinite Leverage affiliate membership costs $29 a month.

Traffic package qualification is also required to receive commissions on traffic package purchases ($220-$4297).

Training sales are mentioned in the compensation plan video but are not further elaborated on in the video or anywhere on the Infinite Leverage System website.


Retail is possible within the Infinite Leverage System but extremely unlikely.

Due to the layout of the compensation plan, realistically an affiliate will join by paying their $29 a month fee and then a traffic package to qualify to receive commissions when recruited affiliates do the same.

The Infinite Leverage System compensation plan repeatedly urges affiliates to buy in at the Titanium package level ($4297), using commission eligibility and potential loss of commissions due to pass-ups as marketing tools:

All you did to qualify at the Titanium level, was purchase your Titanium package.

This is critically important.

Purchasing your Titanium package makes you eligible to access commissions on all levels of traffic packages.


By purchasing the largest traffic possible … you’ll be putting yourself in the best position to be receiving the highest commission for your efforts.

How you choose to get started does make a difference in this business. You deserve the maximum compensation.

In the compensation plan video, those who decide to purchase the Titanium package are lauded as “big thinkers” who “see the big picture”. At no time are the merits of the traffic they are purchasing used to market the $4297 package.

In any event, what usually happens in lead generation MLM opportunities is that the lead generation platform is simply used to generate leads for the attached income opportunity itself.

Training sales are briefly mentioned in the compensation plan video but not elaborated on. I believe this is due to the fact that realistically retail in Infinite Leverage System is not viable.

Instead, you’re going to find that affiliates themselves are qualifying via a $29 a month participation fee and package purchase.

If the majority of package purchases are made by affiliates, effectively Infinite Leverage System operates as a pyramid scheme.

Affiliates buy in for $29 a month, which is directly tied to a $20 commission paid to the affiliate who recruited them.

Then, as long as this $29 a month fee is paid, an affiliate can purchase a package at one of six offered levels, which qualifies them to earn commissions when recruited affiliates below them purchase packages at the same or lower levels.

This is entirely possible with no sales to retail customers taking place. And let’s face it, is in all probability what is going to take place inside the opportunity.

The compensation plan completely ignoring retail sales and commissions is evidence enough of that.

Further evidence of a lack of retail viability is the fact that the traffic packages hover at around a 45% markup, for no other reason then to pay commissions participants in the income opportunity.

Surely as a retail customer I can get better bang for my buck?

Not unlike BurnLounge, which offered multi-tiered music packages in place of traffic packages, affiliates will buy into Infinite Leverage System and then set about recruiting affiliates under them.

Once recruitment dies down, those at the bottom of the scheme will complain about having spent potentially thousands of dollars for no gain and then stop paying their monthly membership fees.

If those above them cannot recruit new participants into the scheme, they too will eventually stop paying their monthly $29 a month fee. Eventually this will trickle up far enough the company-wide genealogy and trigger a collapse.

Oh, and forget about refunds:

There is a strict no refund / return policy, which begins at the time of purchase.

BurnLounge, operating along the same lines as Infinite Leverage System was shut down in 2007 for being a pyramid scheme.

Affiliates joined BurnLounge and paid an additional fee to become a mogul. In Infinite Leverage System this is the equivalent of signing up for $29 and purchasing a Titanium or lower package.

This qualified said affiliates to earn commissions by recruiting other Mogul package purchasing affiliates. In Infinite Leverage System this is the equivalent of recruiting traffic package purchasing affiliates (which they purchase to qualify on the recruitment of subsequent traffic package purchasing affiliates).

Mogul package sales drove 92.6% of BurnLounge’s revenue in 2006, its one full year of operation, while music sales during the same year only amounted to 4.9% of revenue.

Replace “music sales” with “retail traffic package sales” in Infinite Leverage System… and well, you can see where this is likely to wind up if it takes off.