Cloud Horizon operates in the MLM cryptocurrency niche and claims it is incorporated in the Cayman Islands.

On the management side of things Cloud Horizon discloses it is ‘wholly owned (by) Mr. Frank Ricketts who is the actual CEO of the company‘.

Rickett’s MLM claim to fame is Unaico and SiteTalk, a combination of investment and pyramid fraud. When those scams collapsed, Ricketts rebooted the business as The Opportunity Network.

In early 2016 Ricketts sold off The Opportunity Network’s list of investors to OneCoin.

In addition to an undisclosed sum of money, Ricketts was also gifted a OneCoin Black Diamond investment position.

Behind the scenes Ricketts is believed to have been instrumental in setting up OneCoin’s shell company money laundering network.

When OneCoin collapsed in 2017 Ricketts disappeared. He resurfaced in mid 2018 as CEO of the AuLives Ponzi scheme.

AuLives flopped, prompting Ricketts to register the Cloud Horizon website domain on November 30th, 2018.

Despite only existing as an MLM opportunity as of a few months ago, on its website Cloud Horizon claims it ‘was incorporated in June 2013 in the Cayman Islands‘.

As previously stated, Ricketts was instrumental in setting up OneCoin’s money laundering network. This involved dozens upon dozens of shell companies.

While it feasible that Cloud Horizon is just one of the many companies Ricketts set up to launder money through, it was launched as a standalone MLM opportunity on or around late January, 2019.

Naturally beyond possible being incorporated in the Cayman Islands, Cloud Horizon has no actual physical operations there.

Since OneCoin collapsed Ricketts is believed to primarily hide out in south-east Asia and Dubai.

At the time of publication Ricketts is busy promoting Cloud Horizon in Vietnam.

As above, Ricketts is working with former OneCoin scammers Nattchaphan Sornsirenan and Staffan Liback.

Nattchaphan Sornsirenan launched her own OneCoin Ponzi clone late last year.

Orientum, like AuLives and pretty much every other OneCoin clone, went nowhere and flopped.

The Orientum website currently has an Alexa ranking of 2.7 million, up recently from 3.9 million (the higher the number the less visitors a site has)

Either figure is as good as dead for an MLM Ponzi scheme.

Staffan Liback’s MLM history is mostly unremarkable. But if you want you read about his recent exploits we did feature Liback in our OneCoin Ponzi Wall of Shame.

Alternatively, read on for our review of the Cloud Horizon MLM opportunity.

Cloud Horizon Products

Cloud Horizon has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market Cloud Horizon affiliate membership itself.

The Cloud Horizon Compensation Plan

Cloud Horizon affiliates invest in tokens, which are in turn converted into Orientum+ (ORTP) tokens.

Affiliate investors can exchange ORTP tokens for subsequently invested funds, at whatever internal exchange rate Cloud Horizon sets.

In total Cloud Horizon offers five investment tiers:

  • Starter Package – invest €165 EUR and receive 8500 tokens
  • Bronze Package – invest €500 EUR and receive 26,250 tokens
  • Silver Package – invest €1000 EUR and receive 55,000 tokens
  • Gold Package – invest €2500 EUR and receive 143,750 tokens
  • Platinum Package – invest €5000 EUR and receive 332,500 tokens

Note that these are tokens that are to be converted into ORTP, through the internal EltronX exchange.

MLM commissions are paid when existing Cloud Horizon affiliates recruit new affiliate investors.

Cloud Horizon Affiliate Ranks

There are eight affiliate ranks within the Cloud Horizon compensation plan.

Along with their respective qualification criteria, they are as follows:

  • Affiliate – sign up and invest in a Cloud Horizon package
  • 1 Star – recruit at least two investing Cloud Horizon affiliates and generate at least €10,000 EUR in accumulated downline investment\ volume
  • 2 Star – recruit and maintain at least two 1 Star affiliates and generate at least €50,000 EUR in accumulated downline investment volume
  • 3 Star – recruit and maintain at least three 2 Star affiliates and generate at least €250,000 EUR in accumulated downline investment volume
  • 4 Star – recruit and maintain at least three 3 Star affiliates and generate at least €1,000,000 EUR in accumulated downline investment volume
  • 5 Star – recruit and maintain at least three 4 Star affiliates and generate at least €2,000,000 EUR in accumulated downline investment volume
  • 6 Star – recruit and maintain at least three 5 Star affiliates and generate at least €10,000,000 EUR in accumulated downline investment volume
  • 7 Star – recruit and maintain at least three 6 Star affiliates and generate at least €50,000,000 in downline investment volume

Note that only 50% of required investment volume can be sourced from any one recruitment leg.

Residual Commissions

Cloud Horizon pays residual commissions down three levels of recruitment (unilevel).

Note that residual commission qualification must be met every 28 days.

  • generate €0 to €2499 EUR in PGV and get paid residual commissions on level 1 (personally recruited affiliates)
  • generate €2500 to €4999 EUR in PGV and get paid residual commissions on levels 1 and 2
  • generate €5000 EUR or more in PGV and get paid residual commissions across all three available levels

Specific residual commission rates paid out on the three unilevel team levels are as follows:

  • level 1 – 12% of generated investment volume in cash and 12% in ORTP tokens
  • levels 2 and 3 – 8% of generated investment volume in cash and 8% in ORTP

Note that of the cash balance, 30% must be reinvested into ORT Coin.

ORT Coin is a pointless altcoin attached to Orientum. Like ORTP its internal value is set by Cloud Horizon and/or Orientum.

Matching Bonus

Cloud Horizon pays a Matching Bonus using the same unilevel team structure residual commissions are paid with.

Whereas residual commissions are capped at three levels however, the Matching Bonus is paid down ten unilevel team levels.

How many unilevel team levels a Cloud Horizon affiliate is paid the Matching Bonus on is determined by rank:

  • 1 Star affiliates receive a 10% match on levels 1 and 2
  • 2 Star affiliates receive a 10% match on levels 1 to 4
  • 3 Star affiliates receive a 10% match on levels 1 to 4 and 6% on levels 5 and 6
  • 4 Star affiliates receive a 10% match on levels 1 to 4 and 6% on levels 5 to 7
  • 5 Star affiliates receive a 10% match on levels 1 to 4, 6% on levels 5 to 7 and 4% on level 8
  • 6 Star affiliates receive a 10% match on levels 1 to 4, 6% on levels 5 to 7 and 4% on levels 8 and 9
  • 7 Star affiliates receive a 10% match on levels 1 to 4, 6% on levels 5 to 7 and 4% on levels 8 to 10

Note that 50% of the Matching Bonus is paid out in cash and the rest in ORTP tokens.

E.g. the level 1 Matching Bonus is 10%. 5% is paid out in cash and 5% in ORTP tokens.

Rank Achievement Bonus

Cloud Horizon rewards affiliates who qualify at the 2 Star rank and higher ranks with the following Rank Achievement Bonuses:

  • qualify as a 2 Star and receive 500 ORTP tokens
  • qualify as a 3 Star and receive a “special all-inclusive team building trip” (4 days, 3 nights and valued at €1500 EUR)
  • qualify as a 4 Star and receive an “Apple Workset” valued at €5000 EUR
  • qualify as a 5 Star and receive a “luxury watch” valued at €20,000 EUR
  • qualify as a 6 Star and receive a “luxury watch or a car” valued at €100,000 EUR
  • qualify as a 7 Star and receive a “luxury 3 bedroom marina villa on the tropical island of Koh Chang, Thailand” valued at €900,000 EUR

Joining Cloud Horizon

Cloud Horizon affiliate membership is tied to a €165 to €5000 EUR investment.

  • Starter Package – €165 EUR
  • Bronze Package – €500 EUR
  • Silver Package – €1000 EUR
  • Gold Package – €2500 EUR
  • Platinum Package – €5000 EUR

The more a Cloud Horizon affiliate invests the more ORTP tokens they receive.


Cloud Horizon is a desperate bid to inject some life into the otherwise collapsed Orientum Ponzi scheme.

In true Frank Ricketts style, the marriage brings with it a boatload of confusion and unanswerable questions.

First off while Cloud Horizon is presented as a standalone company, clearly there’s a tie in with Orientum.

No where is this better underscored than in a Cloud Horizion marketing presentation, in which Ricketts reveals his company has more Orientum tokens than Orientum itself.

Orientum originally flogged its tokens through a company going by Bergman and Gold.

Bergman and Gold was a shady shell company that existed solely to create the illusion of layering within Orientum.

Tellingly, the website the company used doesn’t exist anymore.

This was around the third quarter of 2018. To what extent Ricketts was hitched to Orientum at that stage I can’t say, but I’d be willing to bet he had a hand in Bergman and Gold.

Maybe Ricketts was in from the beginning as a silent partner (reprising his OneCoin money man role, or maybe not. Who knows.

What we do know is Ricketts has resurrected his SiteTalk assets, and attached them to Cloud Horizon.

SiteTalk as an MLM company was rebooted as The Opportunity Network in 2013.

SiteTalk, a pyramid scheme in its own right, was already on the ropes in 2013.

The OPN reboot stretched the scam out till 2016, at which point Ricketts gave up and sold the affiliate database to OneCoin.

While there are undoubtedly elements of SiteTalk and OPN’s social marketing assets in OneCoin projects like DealShaker, it seems Ricketts retained ownership.

If you visit the SiteTalk website domain today, you’ll find it redirected to something called Crypto Community World.

In essence, Crypto Community World is SiteTalk with an updated website theme. A new coat of paint if you will.

The marketing pitch is that Crypto Community World will bring useability to ORTP tokens.

Not only is that smoke and mirrors, it’s also unfeasible.

The only component of SiteTalk and OPN that was every successful was the pyramid recruitment. All the marketing nonsense attached to that never took off.

Attaching ORTP to the same failed offerings isn’t going to make them any more viable. Even if you force Cloud Horizon affiliates to use them.

Outside of the affiliate network there’s still zero interest.

On top of Crypto Community World you also have Orientum’s original pitch – something something our bullshit token (insert a whole lotta explaining here) hay guys we can turn plastic into fuel.

To be precise, Cloud Horizon’s marketing material claims 20 tons of plastic waste can be converted into 15,000 liters of fuel.

This is supposedly through Sepco Industries, a company nobody has ever heard of because it didn’t exist until around the time Orientum was launched in mid 2018.

Orientum’s Sepco Industries is nothing more than a shell company, that borrowed the name of an existing company bearing the same name.

Another Frank Ricketts shell company? Who knows.

What we do know is it’s been almost a year and there’s been not an independent peep about Sepco’s magic plastic recycling machines.

I imagine over time Cloud Horizon affiliates will hear less about Sepco in favor of Crypto Community World.

From a legal standpoint, Cloud Horizon has the same regulatory issues as Orientum.

First and foremost it’s a Ponzi scheme.

Cloud Horizon affiliates sign up and invest in ORTP tokens. These tokens have no value outside of Cloud Horizon.

Inside the scheme they have whatever value Frank Ricketts decides to assign them.

The idea being that affiliates invest, wait for the token price to arbitrarily rise and then cash out.

ORTP cashing out is supposed to take place through EltronX, an internal exchange that surfaced around the time Orientum launched.

As I write this the EltronX website domain isn’t attached to hosting, so maybe it’s already been abandoned.

I’m sure Ricketts will be along with another exchange shell company nobody’s ever heard of soon enough.

To give you an idea of just how far down the garden path Orientum already was before Cloud Horizon was thought up, here’s Ricketts pitching Orientum tokens in September 2018.

Strategic partnership with prominent property developer Siam Royal View that is in possession of a land bank with over a million square meters of premium island property on the pristine resort island of Koh Chang, Thailand, brings genuine value backing to Orientum.

Sales are offered exclusively through the Bergman & Gold Brokerage Agency, and Orientum is available by private sale for a limited time only, until 15th of September.

Orientum will be listed on public exchanges the 1st of October, 2018.

Neither of those deadlines were kept.

As it stands the only verifiable source of revenue entering Cloud Horizon is new investment.

Using new investment to pay existing investors a return on their ORTP makes Cloud Horizon a Ponzi scheme.

And, taken from an official marketing video, here’s Rickett’s personally describing Cloud Horizon’s pyramid layer;

You can be earning the biggest check every week without every having to purchase a product of any kind.

Not only do you not have to purchase anything (other than your initial investment in tokens), nor do you have to sell anything either.

Pointless MLM shitcoin tokens are as good as any vehicle for tracking Ponzi investment and payable returns.

Like any Ponzi scheme though, Cloud Horizon can only pay out for as long as there’s new investors dumping new money into the scheme.

This is true irrespective of whether new investors are buying tokens off existing investors or through the company itself (which then uses some of that money to satisfy withdrawal requests).

Also true of Ponzi schemes is that the majority of investors ultimately lose money.

Orientum investors have likely already had to come to terms with this reality. Cloud Horizon is more of the same and won’t play out any different.

Frank Ricketts will probably make a packet though. He always does.


Update 2nd March 2021 – In 2021 Cloud Horizon is going by Corsair Group.

BehindMLM published its Corsair Group review on March 2nd, 2021.