Be Infinity operates in the education and trading MLM niches.

Be Infinity operates as a Hong Kong shell company, headed up by founder Christian Nickel, who also goes by the alias “Chriz Nickel”.

Nickel, who also goes by “Chriz Nickel”, found moderate success in Eaconomy circa 2019:

Eaconomy collapsed in March 2020. After which Nickel launched a PR spam campaign:

In one of the spam articles Nickel reveals his MLM history;

Today he is a global sales director at his company and is associated with many other MLM companies like Wealth Generators, Imarketslive, Economy and Auvoria Prime.

Long story short, Nickel was a nobody in MLM till around 2017 – when he got involved in MLM forex scams.

  • Wealth Generators, rebooted as Kuvera and now iGenius, was fined by the CFTC for commodities fraud in 2018
  • iMarkets Live, rebooted as IM Mastery Academy, was also sued by the CFTC for commodities fraud in 2018 (see link above)
  • I believe “Economy” refers to Eaconomy, a reboot of the collapsed Silverstar Live scam (also sued by the CFTC)
  • Auvoria Prime launched in 2020 as a reboot of Eaconomy, fronted by former OneCoin Ponzi promoter Sal Leto

You’ve probably noticed commodities fraud being a recurring theme in the MLM companies Nickel has promoted. We’ll get more into that in the conclusion of the review.

At some point during his promotion of MLM companies committing commodities fraud, Nickel relocated from Germany to Dubai.

Dubai is the MLM crime capital of the world.

BehindMLM’s guidelines for Dubai are:

  1. If someone lives in Dubai and approaches you about an MLM opportunity, they’re trying to scam you.
  2. If an MLM company is based out of or represents it has ties to Dubai, it’s a scam.

If you want to know exactly how this applies to Be Infinity, read on for a full review.

Be Infinity’s Products

Be Infinity markets subscriptions to Infinity Academy:

The academy provides you with all the important skills in the areas: money, forex, taxes, shares, crypto.

Be Infinity customers also have access to crypto, forex and stock live trading sessions, as well as an auto trading bot and various signal tools.

Infinity Academy subscriptions range from monthly to annual:

  • Basic Bronze – $129 a month (access to “basic content”)
  • Basic Silver – $314.97 and then $299.97 a month (same as Bronze but get a 10% discount on Be Infinity events)
  • Basic Gold – $614.94 and then $599.94 a month (25% discount on Be Infinity events plus crypto price analyzer)
  • Basic Platinum – $1214.88 and then $1199.88 annually (same as Basic Gold but “stage seat 2nd row at events”)
  • Basic Small Business – $2414.76 and then $2399.76 every three years (same as Basic Gold but “stage seat 1st row at events”)
  • Basic Big Business – $9014.10 and then $8999.10 every ten years (description is same as Basic Small Business)
  • Basic Infinity – $20,013 and then $19,998 every twenty-five years (description is same as Basic Small Business)

Be Infinity’s auto trading bot is $29.99 a month – but you have to buy and maintain one of the subscriptions above to access it.

Be Infinity’s Compensation Plan

Be Infinity’s compensation plan pays on subscription sales to retail customers and recruited affiliates.

Be Infinity Affiliate Ranks

There are thirteen affiliate ranks within Be Infinity’s compensation plan.

Along with their respective qualification criteria, they are as follows:

  • Affiliate – sign up as a Be Infinity affiliate and stay up to date with fees
  • Visionary – generate and maintain 2000 GV in monthly unilevel team volume
  • Influencer – generate and maintain 5000 GV in monthly unilevel team volume
  • Ambassador – generate and maintain 10,000 GV in monthly unilevel team volume
  • Sapphire – generate and maintain 20,000 GV in monthly unilevel team volume (capped 80% from any one recruitment leg)
  • Ruby – generate and maintain 50,000 GV in monthly unilevel team volume (capped 80% from any one recruitment leg)
  • Emerald – generate and maintain 100,000 GV in monthly unilevel team volume (capped 80% from any one recruitment leg)
  • Diamond – generate and maintain 200,000 GV in monthly unilevel team volume (capped 70% from any one recruitment leg)
  • Blue Diamond – generate and maintain 500,000 GV in monthly unilevel team volume (capped 70% from any one recruitment leg)
  • Red Diamond – generate and maintain 1,000,000 GV in monthly unilevel team volume (capped 70% from any one recruitment leg)
  • Black Diamond – generate and maintain 5,000,000 GV in monthly unilevel team volume (capped 70% from any one recruitment leg)
  • Double Black Diamond – generate and maintain 10,000,000 GV in monthly unilevel team volume (capped 70% from any one recruitment leg)
  • Infinity Diamond – generate and maintain 20,000,000 GV in monthly unilevel team volume (capped 60% from any one recruitment leg)

GV stands for “Group Volume”. Group volume is sales volume derived by subscription purchases by an affiliate, their retail customers and downline affiliates (directly and indirectly recruited).

Residual Commissions (unilevel)

A unilevel compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of a unilevel team, with every personally recruited affiliate placed directly under them (level 1):

If any level 1 affiliates recruit new affiliates, they are placed on level 2 of the original affiliate’s unilevel team.

If any level 2 affiliates recruit new affiliates, they are placed on level 3 and so on and so forth down a theoretical infinite number of levels.

Each Be Infinity subscription generates a certain amount of unilevel team GV.

Be Infinity pays residual commissions as a rank differential, ranging from 4% at Affiliate to 25% at Double Black Diamond and higher.

  • Affiliates earn a 4% residual commission rate
  • Visionarys earn a 6% residual commission rate
  • Influencers earn an 8% residual commission rate
  • Ambassadors earn a 10% residual commission rate
  • Sapphires earn a 12% residual commission rate
  • Rubys earn a 14% residual commission rate
  • Emeralds earn a 16% residual commission rate
  • Diamonds earn an 18% residual commission rate
  • Blue Diamonds earn a 20% residual commission rate
  • Red Diamonds earn a 22% residual commission rate
  • Black Diamonds earn a 24% residual commission rate
  • Double Black Diamonds and higher earn a 25% residual commission rate

25% is paid out out on all unilevel team volume, with higher ranked affiliates collecting the difference paid across lower ranks.

E.g. a Sapphire in your downline generates 100 GV. They earn 12% out of the 25% paid out on that volume as a residual commission.

This leaves 13% still to be paid out (25% minus 12%).

The system searches upline across the unilevel team for a Ruby or higher ranked affiliate. When one is found, they receive their rank residual commission rate.

If there’s any leftover still to be paid out, the system continues to search further upline. This continues until the maximum 25% differential is paid out to a Double Black Diamond or higher.

Using the example above, if the next highest ranked affiliate found upline was a Red Diamond, they’d receive 10% (22% minus the 12% already paid out).

This still leaves 3%, which would go to upline Black Diamond and higher ranked affiliates.

Note that anytime a Double Black Diamond or higher ranked affiliate generates or is found upline across the unilevel team, they either receive the full 25% residual commission rate or whatever is left to be paid out. Nothing is passed up.

Matching Bonus

Be Infinity pays a Matching Bonus on residual unilevel commissions earned by downline affiliates.

The Matching Bonus is paid out on residual commissions earned down two unilevel team levels (two levels of recruitment):

  • level 1 (personally recruited affiliates) – 9%
  • level 2 – 3%

All Be Infinity affiliates qualify for the Matching Bonus.

Residual Commissions (binary)

A binary compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of a binary team, split into two sides (left and right):

The first level of the binary team houses two positions. The second level of the binary team is generated by splitting these first two positions into another two positions each (4 positions).

Subsequent levels of the binary team are generated as required, with each new level housing twice as many positions as the previous level.

Positions in the binary team are filled via direct and indirect recruitment of affiliates. Note there is no limit to how deep a binary team can grow.

Be Infinity pays residual binary commissions according to cycles.

A cycle is generated when 200 GV is matched on both sides of the binary team.

Residual binary commissions are calculated monthly. How much a Be Infinity affiliate earns per cycle generated across the binary team is determined by rank:

  • Affiliates to Influencers earn $15 per cycle
  • Ambassadors to Diamonds earn $20 per cycle
  • Blue Diamonds and higher earn $25 per cycle

Note that unmatched binary team GV can be rolled over for up to two years.

Faststart Bonus

Be Infinity affiliates who rank qualify within thirty days of signing up qualify for a Faststart Bonus:

  • qualify at Visionary and receive one additional High Performance Pool share
  • qualify at Influencer and receive two additional High Performance Pool shares
  • qualify at Ambassador and receive three additional High Performance Pool shares
  • qualify as Sapphire and receive $1000

The High Performance Pool is a weekly bonus. Awarded shares expire once paid out on.

High Performance Pool

Be Infinity takes 5% of weekly company-wide generated PV and places it into the High Performance Pool.

In addition to the Faststart Bonus (see above), Be Infinity affiliates qualify for shares in the High Performance Pool via units.

Units are generated when a Be Infinity affiliate sells subscriptions to retail customers or personally recruited affiliates:

  • Basic Bronze and Silver subscriptions = 1 unit
  • Basic Gold subscription = 2 units
  • Basic Platinum subscription = 3 units
  • Basic Small Business subscription = 6 units
  • Basic Large Business subscription = 6 units (for 4 weeks)
  • Basic Infinity subscription = 12 units (for 4 weeks)

Units are converted to shares as follows:

  • 3 to 5 units generated in a month = 1 High Performance Pool share
  • 6 or 7 units generated in a month = 2 High Performance Pool shares
  • 8 units generated in a month = 3 High Performance Pool shares
  • 9 units generated in a month = 4 High Performance Pool shares
  • 10 to 12 units generated in a month = 5 High Performance Pool shares
  • 13 to 15 units generated in a month = 6 High Performance Pool shares
  • 16 or 17 units generated in a month = 7 High Performance Pool shares
  • 18 units generated in a month = 8 High Performance Pool shares
  • 19 units generated in a month = 9 High Performance Pool shares
  • 20 units generated in a month = 10 High Performance Pool shares

Once paid out on, High Performance Pool shares expire.

Be Infinity’s compensation plan states that “certain products” can generate double High Performance Pool share allocation.

Two examples are provided but it’s unclear whether these products always generate double shares so I’ve omitted them here.

Joining Be Infinity

Be Infinity affiliate membership is priced across five subscription tiers:

  • Affiliate Bronze – $10 a month
  • Affiliate Silver – $30 every three months
  • Affiliate Gold – $60 every six months
  • Affiliate Platinum – $130 every 13 months
  • Affiliate Small Business – $270 every 27 months

The cost is the same per month, with the only differentiator appearing to be convenience.

Be Infinity Conclusion

Be Infinity is a continuation of trading schemes Christian Nickel has been promoting since 2017.

Nickel appears to have come to the inevitable conclusion that running the schemes is far more profitable than promoting them.

At the core of Be Infinity is a passive trading bot. Everything else around that is fluff, existing only to funnel subscribers towards the trading bot.

Be Infinity’s trading bot is your typical “lulz can’t touch our money!” scheme.

A software developed by Infinity that is lent to the customer as a pure service for a monthly fee.

The service includes a software which the customer can customize individually. The customer has 100% control over the settings of the software.

The managed money is invested here with an independent broker, without connection to Infinity.

Despite attempts to pretend Be Infinity isn’t control of funds placed under control of the bot, as provider of the bot, Be Infinity exercises complete control over allocated funds.

As I like to remind defenders of “lulz can’t touch our money!” schemes, not your bot, not your trades.

From a regulatory standpoint, the pooling of money under control of a single entity, Be Infinity and its trading bot in this instance, for the purpose of generating a passive return, constitutes a securities offering.

It should be obvious Nickel didn’t wake up one day and find a trading bot under his bed. The source of Be Infinity’s trading bot is not disclosed to consumers, this is another regulatory red flag.

Despite promoting trading schemes for four years, that Nickel knows nothing about trading is obvious.

The first iteration of Be Infinity (Nickel’s downline from previously promoted scams), saw him funnel investors into Anthony Norman’s LIQ token Ponzis.

LIQ tokens ended in financial disaster for all involved. But by then Nickel had obtained a trading bot from somewhere and rebooted Be Infinity.

Be Infinity doesn’t disclose  what their trading bot actually trades. Assuming it’s crypto and/or forex, this requires Be Infinity to register with financial regulators.

SimilarWeb currently tracks 84% of Be Infinity website traffic from Germany. This is in line with Nickel promoting scams to a mostly German audience over the years.

Other sources of traffic, as of August 2022, are France (7%), Switzerland (5%) and Austria (3%, down 66% month on month).

Be Infinity makes no representation it has registered with financial regulators in any of these countries.

This means that, at a minimum, Be Infinity is committing securities fraud.

Upon consideration Nickel made money promoting similar illegal schemes since 2017, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why he’s fled to Dubai.

On the MLM side of things Be Infinity deploys retail pseudo-compliance, undercut by the fact there’s no differentiation between recruited affiliate subscribers.

A customer is any person in the system who has purchased only customer products and not an “affiliate package”.

If a distributor purchases a customer product, he/she will still be referred to as a distributor but counts as customer towards the end customer ratio.

There’s also a 55% “customer ratio” in place, again undercut by including recruited affiliates as customers:

Every active person within the structure counts as a “product user”, and every inactive distributor with an ongoing affiliate package counts as a “distributor”.

The system checks whether a person is active or a distributor has a running affiliate package at 11:59 PM EST on the last day of the corresponding qualification period.

Within the Unilevel structure, there must be more than 55% “product user” to be eligible for payout.

The above classes only affiliates without an Academy subscription as inactive. Which is interesting because that’s the only time in the compensation plan that definition applies.

It’s also interesting in that if a Be Infinity’s downline is mostly affiliates without an Academy subscription, they supposedly aren’t getting paid.

This just further sets up Be Infinity operating as a pyramid scheme.

“Lulz can’t touch our money!” schemes typically end with the bot blowing up, or admins pulling an “insert excuse here” exit-scam.

That’s on top of math guaranteeing the majority of participants in MLM pyramid schemes lose money.

To sum up Be Infinity;

We have an owner with a track record of promoting scams, Dubai, a Hong Kong shell company, securities fraud, commodities fraud and pyramid fraud.

You know how this ends.