4QLife provides no information on its website about who owns or runs the company.

4QLife’s website domain (“4qlife.com”) was privately registered on June 23rd, 2021.

Further research reveals marketing videos on 4QLife’s website are hosted on Daniel Butt’s Vimeo channel:

The videos, at least one of which is embedded on 4QLife’s website, are narrated by Butts.

In the video Butts (right) identifies himself as being part of “the team” behind 4QLife.

Butts cites the other three 4QLife team members as “Bob Byrun, Joel Broughton and our programmer”.

The programmer’s name isn’t disclosed.

Daniel Butts is a serial scammer behind numerous Ponzi cyclers over the years.

Butts first appeared on BehindMLM as the co-founder of Rocket Cash Cycler, a Ponzi scheme launched in 2013.

Rocket Cash Cycler saw investors deposit $315 and get paid a $5300 ROI once enough subsequent positions had been invested in.

Prior to RocketCashCycler Butts launched EZ Wealth Formula, which saw affiliates charged $84 to join and paid to recruit new affiliates.

In 2018 Butts returns with The Travel Party, the third reboot of the twice failed iTravel Party scheme.

Up until about eight months ago Butts was promoting the “magic app” Limbic Arc scheme. In August Butts he signed up for SDK Meta.

Bob Byrum is also a former Limbic Arc affiliate.

Byrum’s MLM claim to fame is being a top US net-winner in the notorious OneCoin Ponzi scheme.

Joel Broughton appears to be be keeping a low profile. I wasn’t able to find anything concrete on him with respect to 4QLife.

Read on for a full review of 4QLife’s MLM opportunity.

4QLife’s Products

4QLife has no retailable products or services.

4QLife affiliates are provided access to trading videos:

Butts claims he teaches a trading strategy called “candle surfing”.

Butts states he came up with the strategy four years ago.

It’s a way to make one to two percent on your account, uh in about ten to fifteen minutes of trading.

4QLife’s Compensation Plan

4QLife affiliates purchase positions in a three-tier matrix cycler.

Matrix sizes used in 4QLife’s cycler include 2×2 and 2×3.

A 2×2 matrix places an affiliate at the top of a matrix, with two positions directly under them:

These two positions form the first level of the matrix. The second level of the matrix is generated by splitting these first two positions into another two positions each (4 positions).

A 2×3 matrix adds a third level, created by splitting positions in the second level into another two positions each (8 positions):

4QLife’s cycler tiers and costs are provided below:

  • Q1 Pay Center (2×2 matrix) – $300
  • Q2 Pay Center (2×3 matrix) – $800
  • Q3 Pay Center (2×2 matrix) – $3500

Positions in a matrix are filled via subsequent purchases by directly and indirectly recruited affiliates.

As positions in the bottom level of the matrix are filled, commissions are paid out:

  • Q1 Pay Center pays $300 per position filled on the first three positions, $300 from the fourth position is used to fund a new Q1 Pay Center position
  • Q2 Pay Center pays $750 on the first and fourth position filled, $800 on the second, third, fifth, sixth and seventh position filled, and $1180 from the fourth position is used to fund a new Q2 Pay Center position
  • Q3 Pay Center pays $3000 on the first position filled, $3500 on the second and third positions filled, and $3500 from the fourth position is used to fund a new Q3 Pay Center position

Note that these payments change slightly based on how a 4QLife affiliate signs up.

The above payments are based on an affiliate signing up and paying for all Q1, Q2 and Q3 Pay Centers.

If an affiliate signs up for only a Q1 Pay Center

  • the first commission run on the Q1 Pay Center is reduced to $100, but also funds a new Q1 and Q2 Pay Center position
  • the first commission run on the Q2 Pay Center is reduced to $2000, but also funds a new Q2 and Q3 Pay Center Position

If an affiliate signs up for only a Q1 and Q2 Pay Center

  • commissions on Q1 Pay Center are earned as normal
  • the first commission run on the Q2 Pay Center is reduced to $2000, but also funds a new Q2 and Q3 Pay Center position

Joining 4QLife

4QLife affiliate membership is tied to the purchase of at least one cycler position:

  • Q1 Pay Center – $352
  • Q1 and Q2 Pay Centers – $1180
  • Q1, Q2 and Q3 Pay Centers – $4805

In addition to the cycler position costs, 4QLife adds an admin and processor fee.

These additional fees are factored into the costs above.

Note that all payments in 4QLife are made in tether (USDT) or USDC.

4QLife’s Conclusion

4QLife promises to teach people to “become a Millionaire in less than 1 year in one simple business”.

There are two problems with this marketing claim:

  1. 4QLife only launched a few months ago; and
  2. 4QLife is a Ponzi cycler.

The Ponzi aspect of 4QLife is simple enough:

  • Q1 Pay Center is $300 in, $900 out
  • Q2 Pay Center is $800 in and $5500 out
  • Q3 Pay Center is $3500 in and $10,000 out

Returns are paid from subsequent position investment. Reliance on new recruits to keep the matrices cycling adds a pyramid layer.

Daniel Butts, Bob Byrun and Joel Broughton skim off the top, in addition to their own admin cycler positions.

Given 4QLife’s fraudulent business model, what is attached to it is irrelevant.

Notwithstanding anyone able to actually generate a legitimate 2% ROI “in a few minutes” daily, isn’t wasting their time launching Ponzi schemes.

At time of publication Alexa ranks top sources of traffic to 4QLife’s website as South Korea (81%) and Canada (10%).

Canada is explained by Daniel Butts being a Canadian resident.

A search for South Korea 4QLife turns up this guy:

But there’s obviously more organized recruitment going on too.

In any event, like all MLM Ponzi schemes when recruitment drops so too will new investment.

Being a cycler Ponzi, this will see matrices within 4QLife begin to stall.

Once enough matrices have stalled, an irreversible collapse is triggered.


The math behind Ponzi schemes guarantees that when they collapse, the majority of participants lose money.